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Writer of sorts, player of games. Former scribe at ‎@leviathyn, and editor at ‎@BagoGames. Words at ‎@Filmoria, ‎@Gameranx, & ‎@Gamesradar. @UW student. Observer of life & its oddities.
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Describe something that made you happy today. 🍂‎  ï½¥ï¾Ÿâ˜½ leigh ☾ ゚・
I petted my family's cat and ate pre-Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. Life is good.
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What do you think can/should be done to stop men from harassing women online? For reference, see Mia Matsumiya's instagram collection of messages from men over the last 10 years (‎@perv_magnet) http://nymag.com/thecut/2015/10/10-years-of-creepy-dudes-online.html?mid=fb-share-thecut‎  Martin J. Clemens
Given the length of time it's taken me to answer this question, I suppose I'm not quite sure what answer there is to such heinous behavior. Misogyny is about as old as any other form of bigotry and just as difficult to solve. Given the very nature of the human race, I would doubt there's a cure for it –we can only treat like any other disease, preferably with an outstanding counter culture of much better men than these.
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How would you describe a non-consensual consent and why?‎  Estetica
Consent is consent, as I've come to understand it. By extension, I'm not sure what "non-consensual" consent could mean except for coerced consent, in which case it is no longer such.
What is your definition of above average pizza?‎  Witty Rabbit
A thick, doughy crust; olives, chicken, mushrooms, at least three cheeses, and that it should emit a warm, mouth-watering aroma before entering my mouth.
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What's the last movie you watched?
Monsters University, as a matter of fact. It's the sole Pixar movie that I had not yet watched whose existence I also choose to acknowledge (sorry Cars 2). It's hardly the best or worst Pixar's ever done, but I enjoyed it in spite of its predictability. As a college senior, I feel like I can appreciate the topic matter even more now than when it originally released.
Do you think plastic surgeons should make sure that their potential patients don't have a body dysmorphic disorder before operating on them? Why?‎  Estetica
I believe that every doctor should be as educated as possible on any preexisting conditions their patients may possess. Body dysmorphic disorder would, of course, be a very relevant one. Willfully and knowingly contributing to such a disorder would be malpractice.
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Have you ever been in a position of significant authority over another person? If so, was it something you were comfortable with? Did you handle it well?‎  Martin J. Clemens
I have rarely possessed any real authority over anyone, but I recall my Sunday school teachers placing me "in charge" of a class while one of them attended to a work-related call despite my objections. It didn't go well to say the least. The incident certainly taught me something about how shirking responsibility onto an eight-year-old child can end badly.
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What is worth living for?
Friends, family, justice, and above average pizza.
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What is worth dying for?
Friends, family, justice, and above average pizza.
Would you ever pick up a hitchhiker?
Only if they had a guide to the galaxy on hand.
Do you close your eyes or turn away when you encounter visually gruesome things? Or do you prefer to watch? Why?‎  Estetica
If I have to view something unpleasant in order to better deal with and halt it, then I will.
Are you privy to the theory that Jar Jar Binks could, in fact, be a Sith collaborator? https://www.reddit.com/comments/3qvj6w/
I am, in spite of myself, desperate to believe this wholeheartedly, if not only to redeem who I believe was an unfortunate scapegoat for the prequel trilogy's larger problems. I cannot deny that some of these observations don't pique my curiosity, but I don't know if it would help or hinder the hate that's been surrounding the character for nearly twenty years. Everyone but eagle-eyed viewers could simply not believe, much less applaud it as a plot twist from the creator of Lost.
To say Jar Jar is now behind everything bad in the universe: the Clone Wars, the fall of the Republic, the Jedi Purge, spam emails, that guy that stole your parking space last week, is to once again place the Star Wars saga's plot in the hands of another puppet master who decided everything in advance and fooled a galaxy in which nothing mattered.
Regardless, I doubt George Lucas ever had the foresight to envision such an elaborate conspiracy theory himself and theories like these just speak to overactive imaginations. And I assume that the Gungan community would appreciate any more vicious generalizations.
I will, of course, faint dead away if all of this is true; dead away and shake my fist at Jar Jar Abrams in hell.
What is one thing you will never do again?
I would never turn left at a red light again. I would never eat a jalapeño pepper with a philly cheesesteak and a cappuccino for breakfast again. I would never again leave so many friendships wither and die out of indifference. And I would never watch the last four season of Dexter again for anything less than a four figure salary.
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If you witness or become involved in a discussion about rape culture among your social group (whether online or in person), and one or more people express a dismissive attitude, should you engage in argument because of the seriousness of the issue? Or let it go?‎  Martin J. Clemens
There are few instances in which I could imagine anyone in my social circles would engage in a public discussion of rape or rape culture, but if it was being held at the cost of a victim or their significant other, I certainly would say my piece. Silence never helps progress the discussion of any subject and dismantling rape culture in particular at large should require everyone's participation.
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Is this an impassioned statement of courage, solidarity, and defiance? Or is it grandstanding on an international stage, with the goal of further dividing us into factions? http://www.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=750192&playlistId=1.2658555&binId=1.810401&playlistPageNum=1&binPageNum=1‎  Martin J. Clemens
I am reluctant to judge any and all motivations that are otherwise unstated by their person, but I can see no fault with this man's actions. One cannot help but gain exposure when doing something that matters to the world and I don't know of many that could slam such a beautiful piano piece. I'm familiar with the explicit meaning behind the original John Lennon song, of course, which I find no real qualm with in theory despite its origination from a wealthy celebrity such as himself. In a society inundated in entertainment, I still believe there is merit to taking people's minds off their busy days, especially through such beautiful moments.
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If, by some miracle, Donald Trump actually becomes President of the United States, would you condone an assassination attempt?
I cannot fathom how I could ever endorse what would be not only a heinous act against any human being, but something infinitely lower than what even the man himself says or does on a daily basis. If by some chance the American public should be so foolish as to willingly and knowingly elect one of the most unprincipled and outrageous candidates I've seen in my short time on this earth, then we are in far more trouble than merely having to contend with a Trump administration.
I've come to doubt the executive branch holds half as much power as it's alleged to have by conspiracy theorists or political pundits. Looking at countries like Germany or France, the United States President has far lower political capital, neither being able to bypass Congress or call for popular elections with regards to pending legislation.
I would more than condone a collective character assassination of the man's ridiculous statements, but I feel that anyone that would appreciate one has already engaged in such.
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Thank you for the birthday wishes from the other day! I'm trying to thank everyone individually. ♡ Hope you're having a lovely day/night.‎  ï½¥ï¾Ÿâ˜½ leigh ☾ ゚・
I am, though I'm at the end of quite a busy one now. Hunkering down for a binge marathon of Netflix and Jessica Jones. :)
(please delete if this annoys you.) so i got bored tonight and made a new twitter account, so if anyone wants to follow my new account, please do so !! ♡ http://twitter.com/poetalunam‎  ï½¥ï¾Ÿâ˜½ leigh ☾ ゚・
How do you stay positive when someone you love doesn't have time for you anymore..? Is it needy to miss them?
It would be only human to miss someone you love. And it's only human to reach out to them and come to some sort of compromise in finding more time together.
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What is one joke or riddle that always makes you laugh?‎  Witty Rabbit
(Photo credit: Political Humor.com)
What is one joke or riddle that always makes you laugh?
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Are there any TV shows that you are completely obsessed with? If so, which shows are they?‎  Witty Rabbit
I probably spent months humming the Dexter theme song and nearly as long lying awake at night thinking about Breaking Bad. Sense8 was my ultimate procrastination excuse and Daredevil cost me many a weekend of doing anything else. I will say that Netflix's Master of None is a spot-on five hours too.
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Is there a documentary or book that really changed the way you thought about something?
The Search for General Tso reaffirmed my belief in just how delicious orange chicken is and Blackfish probably encouraged me never to go back to Sea World again.
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How do you motivate a non-ambitious person?
Fear will keep them in line, fear of this battle station.
How do you motivate a non-ambitious person?
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How do you relax at the end of the day?
(Photo Credit: Fanboy Gaming)
How do you relax at the end of the day?
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Do you think Kermit and Miss Piggy will ever get back together?‎  Witty Rabbit
Good god, I hope not. They deserve better.
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