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Writer of sorts, player of games. Former scribe at ‎@leviathyn, and editor ‎@BagoGames. Words at ‎@Filmoria, ‎@Gameranx, & ‎@Gamesradar. @UW student. Observer of life & its oddities.
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🌸 Q#1: Most people wonder about other's morning routines. However, do you have a nightly routine? What things must you do before you fall asleep?‎  leigh. ☯
Honestly, it doesn't entail much. I probably surf the web, watch some Netflix, read, play some games 'til my eyes tell me it's time for a bed and I change into some comfies, catch a shower if I haven't already and clock out for the night.
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How did a photography book inspire Sam Martin 23 years ago? What topic does he write about in his debut work of fiction? What cultural events have brought more visibility to the movement for transgender equality? What seems to be the next frontier for authors writing about transgender people?‎  Lucas
I wouldn't know. You'd have to ask Sam Martin. I'm not familiar with Sam Martin's work by any stretch of the imagination, but I have no doubts that photography played its part in the LGBT rights movement for the better, as has the Internet to enormous effect.
Actions speak louder than words as it's said and pictures tell a thousand of them, I hear. The information age has shaped culture as much as culture's shaped it and it's a wonderful technological symbiosis that's led to its advancement as well as its abuse.
I wouldn't have the faintest idea where transgender arts and studies are headed next, but I suspect it's headed into as many mediums as it'll be allowed, literary or otherwise.
Imagine that someone kept walking instead of stopping at the first star on their left. What would the second or third star on their left be like?‎  Toronto Lydia
The opposite of Neverland –a land where everyone was old and never had fun. Ever. Like Fox News in the stars.
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Share something you're grateful for today.
Share something you're grateful for today.
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Imagine that the region you live in is uncharacteristically cool this summer, and you hear people saying that that must mean global warming is not happening. How would you explain the difference between weather and climate? Explain. :)‎  Lucas
Global warming, if I understand the definition correctly, involves the globe as a whole and I'm guessing their neighborhood isn't the entire globe.
What was your favourite toy as a child?‎  Martin J. Clemens
If I dismissed easy targets like video games or Legos as a whole as "toys," I'll admit that I did have quite the affinity for action figures – most of them Star Wars. I'm told that, long before I can remember, I fancied a red beach shovel I'd carry everywhere with me for all occasions. My favorite that I can imagine now under the given criteria was a stuffed teddy bear with clothes sewn by my older sisters. He sported happen'in blue jeans and a black t-shirt like nobody's business. If I recall, he was the strong, silent type.
What do you think makes a person beautiful?
Their smile, their laughter, their brains, their energy, their openness. I find a person's beauty is more often reflected in how they find beauty in others. If you have in you the capacity to love all types of people, who's to say that I shouldn't love some part of them?
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I reallllly dislike those Pixar minion things. Just seeing them makes me mentally roll my eyes and people who wear shirts and stuff with them strike me as unintelligent. It's obviously a very unpopular opinion. Do you have any similar feelings about any specific part of our pop culture?
To be clear, Minions are Dreamworks, not Pixar. And I generally like them for what they are. It's not hard to see why they've become the studio's practical mascots after Shrek. They're more memorable than Steve Carell's character with all due respect and I enjoy that they have their own quirky personalities, though I think a spin-off movie for them alone is a bit much.
As far as pop culture goes, it's a rather broad phenomenon to pick apart any single aspect. I dislike celebrities' perpetuation of fame for fame's sake than for the merits of their work. I find it disenchanting that individuals like the Justin Biebers and Shia Lebeoufs of the world can make headlines just as easily for bad behavior than those who've spent an equal amount of time making quality music or films. Though the world might thank Shia for some of the best memes of the past year.
Which activities or hobbies make you lose track of time?
Video games. The Internet. Netflix. If it requires an outlet, I'm almost dead to the world.
💜 Q#3: Do you believe astrological/natal charts provide accurate descriptions of individual personalities? Click the following link and read your own astrological readings (safe link). Is it an accurate representation of you? : http://astro.cafeastrology.com/cgi-bin/astro/natal‎  leigh. ☯
Eh, more or less. I'd call it luck than fate if nothing else. On a similar note, a fortune cookie told me I'd find treasure last month. I found a dime and a button. Fate's in the eye of the beholder.
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💜 Q#2: What are you genuinely passionate about? What do you feel gives you meaning in life? What steps are you taking to include your passions in your future?‎  leigh. ☯
I'm passionate about my writing. I'm passionate about history, philosophy, culture. I enjoy mass media and I hope to be a participant in some professional capacity it sooner than later. I'm looking to finish me journalism major sometime next spring and hope write for some news outlet someday.
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Have you ever got very lost trying to get somewhere?‎  Lucas
All the time, but usually because I intend to. Sometimes I'm out driving and just enjoy driving down a road I've never gone down before just to look at somewhere new.
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What is your favorite meme? Show us!
What is your favorite meme? Show us!
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💜 Q#1: Would you ever adopt a different religion if you were romantically involved with someone (on a serious level) and they asked you to convert for them? Why/why not? Would that hinder your relationship?‎  leigh. ☯
Can't think of many types of religious people that'd be able to persuade me into any serious romantic relationship with them in the first place. So I'd say...no?
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If you could talk with only one person for the rest of your life, who would it be?
That guy who sits behind that desk at Google and answers all of my inane trivia questions.
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If Star Trek style space exploration were real (i.e. luxury liner accommodations) would you venture into deep-space, knowing that relativity means everyone you know on Earth would be dead by the time you returned?‎  Martin J. Clemens
If I had access to Matthew McConaughey's Interstellar bookcase, then yes.
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Who is your personal hero?‎  Lucas
Who is your personal hero?
Lately, I've seen a lot of controversy concerning the stigma of body hair. What is your opinion on women with body hair (specifically armpit or leg hair)? Do you agree or disagree with society's expectation of women to shave? What is your personal preference (if you're comfortable sharing)?‎  leigh. ☯
Odds are I'm not looking there in person very often myself, but regardless, it ain't none of my business. I'm usually an advocate of equal opportunity – either we all go shaved or none of us do. Think we can at least agree on a middle ground of keep'in it trim, I reckon.
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Have you ever been in a position of authority?‎  Lucas
I was once given charge of my neighbor's adorable dachshund while they and their family were away on summer vacation for a week. I (with some limited parental supervision) watered, fed, and kept her company all those seven days and got a big, fat $5 for it. My first experience living the American dream –pet watching on the cheap.
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Why do you think so many people aren't willing to live and let live?‎  Toronto Lydia
I imagine they don't like the lives they're living themselves.
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How do you use social media? Do you cater to different audiences on different platforms? Do you keep your interactions within a more private group on some more than others?
I use social media via a wifi signal on a laptop to post stupid pictures and retweet funny/insightful/weird things I find engaging to whoever will look at it. I probably share some things via private message that others might not appreciate it as much.
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What was your first concert? No matter how embarrassing - let's hear it.
Now that I think about it, I can't remembering having eve been to one – unless church choirs count. No, wait – I think I do remember seeing some "Dean-o and the Dynamos" group when I was seven. I'm sure I was entertained at the time.
What's something that everyone should do every day?
Live and let live.
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How can individuals and communities play a role in slowing climate change? Or, do you think it is too late? Explain. What, if any, sacrifices would you be willing to make on behalf of the environment in regard to addressing climate change? Why?‎  Lucas
Drive less. Carpool. Recycle. Go green. Or we're just screwed anyway. Grab your Y2K buckets of beans and a shotgun and hang tight. The walkers are com'in.
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What is something that is "uncool" that you do anyway?
Using stoplights as an opportunity for unorthodox nasal hygiene by decidedly unhygienic means. I know, I'm gross and I've meant to stop. I (mostly) have.
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