Which worries you more – doing things right or doing the right things?

No good deed goes unpunished and for every person who does right there is wrong done to them. A job well done is a rare thing, but it is rarer for someone to do the right thing expecting nothing in return. Whether I always have the capacity to the latter is an uncertainty that sometimes worries me.

What song lyrics do you love most? Share them here!

old macdonald had a farm eieio

What are your religious beliefs? (Feel free to ignore if you are uncomfortable in answering.)

I was raised an evangelical Christian, a Messianic Jew, and an agnostic and I can honestly say that I've enjoyed the third of those the most.

Do you have a thirst for intensity in interpersonal relationships? Or do you consider intensity overwhelming? Why?

All too much and often to my disappointment when the results are less than what I expected.

Did you go on a trip anywhere this summer? If so, how was your vacation? Witty Rabbit

In the past three months, I've just been working for a local paper on my home turf running up and down Seattle playing reporter. With all the miles I've logged in and the street food I've eaten, I've probably not even lost any weight, lol

What gif or picture best describes your current mood? Witty Rabbit

What is the most interesting thing you have in your purse/wallet?

A fortune cookie fortune, telling me that I will soon be invited to many parties and gatherings. *snort*

What do you have to lose if you just go for it?

Your friends, your family, your livelihood, your pride, even your life in some circumstances. Whether just going for something would be worth it would depend on what you have to lose and gain. Sometimes we can't afford that. But sometimes we can.

Why do you think some people consider the idea of death comforting?

Because a state in which you can no longer make any more mistakes is comforting. Death is a rather final solution to anyone's problems, however. Personally, I wouldn't want to be anything that didn't allow any more do-overs.

Are you attracted to individuals with an air of mystery around them or do you feel wary and guarded in their presence? Why?

If they were a mystery to me, I wouldn't have a reason to be wary, now would I?

Have you ever accidentally been caught naked by someone?

Not. Yet.

When does the so-called "unconditional love" turn into lack of self-respect? Where is the line between loving someone unconditionally and becoming a doormat for that person?

Only when such love is no longer shared between both parties involved and taken for granted by one or both of them.

What effect do you think silent treatment has on interpersonal relationships and what does it help to achieve, if anything? Why?

At best, the parties involved hope to recollect themselves for a better, more constructive conversation. At worst, the silent treatment alone can turn to permanent silence.

When, if ever, is it impolite to appear knowledgeable? Should a person ever apologize for their knowledge? Why?

Only if imparting our knowledge comes at the expense of dismissing someone else's or should otherwise prove incorrect. People ought to not apologize for their knowledge so much as their manners more often than not.

In what situations do you think it's necessary to desensitize oneself and why?

It's rarely a choice on our part to desensitize ourselves –life will do that for us.

Who is someone you envy?

The Devil. He gets to have all the fun.

What is your most bizarre talent?

I do third-rate character impressions. My Mario is second to none.

Do you look down upon those who choose to undergo plastic surgery? Why?

There are a variety of reasons people undergo plastic surgery beyond just appearances. I myself have a cleft palate that took over two decades to fix and I can breath and eat properly because of it.

For those who do so just for achieve some sort of social status? More power to 'em. I wish I had their money.

A friend of mine recently spotted an elaborate Halloween display in a store. I thought it was kind of extreme to advertise a (fairly) minor holiday over two months before it happened. How far in advance do stores in your areas decorate for Halloween? Witty Rabbit

About a month or so in advance, basically right before school starts, a time that most people could only dream about a holiday break anyway.

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Don't do drugs. Stay in school.

How would you describe a mentally healthy individual (e.g. your own, subjective guidelines to determine whether a person is mentally healthy or not)? Would you say that 100% mentally healthy people are a rarity and nearly everyone has unresolved issues? Why?

A person who is equally in control of their actions and aware of the difference between right and wrong generally represents both the legal and popular definitions of sanity. A mentally healthy person, however, is not only happy. They are in a position to always desire more from their life such as it is.

Life, meanwhile, is merely the sum of unresolved issues. And our own standards for health is simply dependent on our own needs.

What is your idea of hell?

In all the time that I was religious, I've never truly believed in either salvation or eternal damnation. Should there be an afterlife like our world, I imagine reliving your entire life exactly as you lived it again and again, including all your past mistakes, would be the most grounded hell I could imagine.

Are you interested in post-mortem changes of human body or would you rather not learn the morbid details of decomposition your body will experience? Why?

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust" is a saying I place great value in. Given the choice between letting my body decompose into a rather unappealing state or just becoming dirt, I would rather rejoin the earth in the most organic form possible.

I won't likely know what happens with my body either way post-mortem either way, though.

What should sheep count when they go to sleep?


1) Should pharmaceutical companies be allowed to advertise drugs' unapproved uses? 2) What is the one thing that can most readily ruin your day? 3) What was a holiday you had to spend alone? 4) Can we have world peace? Lucas

1) Only so long as pharmaceutical companies listed said uses as unapproved – which means that, of course, they never would.

2) Any number of things could ruin my day: a ticket, a fight, an injury, and death, by definition.

3) I live with my family, so I've rarely ever had to spend a holiday alone, though we haven't celebrated one i a long time.

4) Yes. Will the world work to achieve world peace? Not anytime soon.


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