What bands (or solo artists) did you love listening to when you were younger? Witty Rabbit

I didn't have much in the way of my own musical selection growing up, but indie rock, alternative, and punk rock were my jam in my late teens and more or less as an adult. Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Florence and the Machine, Imagine Dragons, and Poets of the Fall make up some of my musical highlights.

Would you want to bike the Tour de France?


What have you watched on Netflix lately that was really good? Witty Rabbit

I've been more of an Amazon aficionado lately, but as for great Netflix shows in general?

• Jessica Jones
•House of Cards
•Dexter (seasons 1-4)
• Breaking Bad
• Master of None
• Stranger Things
• The Flash

When you are super bored, how many times you open the refridgerator?

None. Food does little to entertain me – not the food in my refrigerator, anyway. Boredom is what Netflix is for.

Is there something you think your country should apologise for doing? What? By the way, I greatly miss your questions. Lucas

Actions are louder than words, or so I hear. As cheap as words have become in American politics, action must be taken sooner than later: action against racism, against sexism, against corporatism, against institutional classism –whatever bigoted "ism" we've made into such a thriving society of hate.

Do you ever think about the money you don't have?

Time is money, as they say, and I don't have much of either at present. I'm beginning to learn living a life built on wishes isn't a life at all. Fortune favors the bold.

I was grossed out by ice cream sandwiches when I was a kid because I thought they were made with vanilla ice cream that was smeared between two thick slices of dense, whole wheat bread. Did you completely misunderstand anything as a child? If so, what was it? Witty Rabbit

I once thought that "Toys R Us" didn't make any sense whatsoever and instead called it "Toys R For Us." I was a marketer in the making.

What is the most interesting thing in (or about) the room that you're in right now? Witty Rabbit

The two double doors that adorn its entrance as it was originally intended to be an office and the Lego Legend of Zelda sword in the corner.

What are some things that other people can learn from your life experiences? (In case you have answered a similar question before, could you please link me to it?)

I'm likely one of the last people to teach from personal experience, for the few that I've learned myself. I can only say don't wait to experience the life you want to live. Good things don't always come to those who wait.

1) Compared to others, do you spend more or less time in the sun? 2) Are defects always bad? 3) Which do you like best: air or train or car travel? 4) What political, social, or moral cause would you like to be more involved in? 5) What teacher had the greatest impact on you and why? Thank you! Lucas

The Pacific Northwest doesn't afford me much time in the minimal sunlight we receive here, but I certainly enjoy the fresh air whenever time and weather permit.

As someone with a cleft palate that took 21 years to fix, I can't say that defects are always good or bad, but merely are. Defects, of course, are in the eye of their beholder and anything that impedes your standard of living is liable to exist in a negative context.

As a journalist, I've become far more politically active than I once imagined I'd be. This is the first year that I'll be voting in a presidential election and for whom is something I'm already certain of.

There are an innumerable number of causes, political, social, and moral that I would be compelled to be a part of if time permitted, but I believe economic justice is the binding cause that should unite all of the former. Bigotry is an commercial institution in the U.S. as much as it is a sociopolitical one that should garner greater awareness than it has in the form of private prisons and arms sales.

As a sheltered homeschooler who had little idea of what higher education was, I considered my first English teachers at my community college inspired me to continue to pursue academia and brought me to the place where I am today as a journalist.

Why do you or don't you smile back at strangers?

To give is better than to receive, I hear. Should a stranger smile at me benignly, I'm liable to smile back on occasion. To do so or not largely fails to matter if the interaction isn't much more than a passing glance, though.

1) What birthday party with friends do you remember vividly? 2) What one thing most frightens you about growing old? 3) Is it insane for a person to risk their life for something that they believe in? 4) Are you careful or careless with money? Are you what we commonly call a cheapskate? Thank you! Lucas

I had few friends growing up and attended even fewer birthday parties other than my own. My family's ever-evolving string of religious beliefs gradually discouraged holidays celebrations of any kind, birthdays included. I can't say I remember attending any parties at all from childhood, nor have I attended many as an adult.

I have yet to grow old or have developed any real fear about doing so, but I already know that having regrets are among them, like anyone else. There is much I've realized I have yet to do.

Fighting, striving, and even dying for what someone believes is the most natural human desire I believe exists in any of us. I cannot think of something more so.

I cannot say that I have ever held much money in my possession, but I would like to think that I'm reasonably responsible with however much I typically receive. I've always saved a little here and there and have some (modest) fun with the rest.

What was the last big mistake you made?

Taco. Bell.

Chicago just passed a law that raised the minimum age for buying tobacco to 21. Hawaii and California have passed similar laws recently, and Illinois is apparently thinking about doing the same thing. What do you think of this trend? Do you agree with it? Witty Rabbit

As someone who has yet to smoke anything at 23, I find little concern about delaying access to lung cancer to 20-year-olds.

If you had unlimited funds for the project, how would you decorate your home/room? What colors would you use? Allison Campbell

What has been on your mind recently? Witty Rabbit

More than I once thought possible.

If you were shopping for a new home, what features would be most important to you? Allison Campbell

Should I ever afford a home of my own, I would love to have an office looking out into a forest.

What artist would you call a "sellout"?

Even artists need to eat and most make their work to be sold. That they're all subject to making a living is no concern of mine. Some are simply better artists, more or less.

What is the most exciting thing you plan to do this summer?

Probably hit the pavement as a bonafide freelance journalist for the first time in my life and telling stories I've always meant to tell.

Do you consider yourself to be a messy or a tidy person? Have you always been messy/tidy? If not, how did you change your habits? Witty Rabbit

I've always endeavored to be tidy and ended up less than that. I mostly clean up my act when I have enough time on my hands to notice my habits.

How are unicorns made?


What always sounds like a good idea but never actually is?

Staying silent when something needs to be said.

Is it insensitive to be hurting over your own problems when someone else with greater problems is hurting too?

No. We're no more than the sum of our own thoughts and whatever going on in your head is as real as whatever is going through anyone else's. Misery loves company and it would be more insensitive to spread it around. A self-imposed quarantine can be a necessity, but pay in mind it can't last forever. Fix you, help another, pay it forward.

Would you say your parents are overprotective?

I think they felt that they did what they had to when I was growing up. The result was a sheltered existence that's left me processing feelings I never knew I would have. But I've come to believe the intent was noble. Nothing comes without a price.

What diseases do most of us not know about, but we should probably worry about? Lucas

Mental illness is arguably more infectious in our modern world than any microbial – it's a side effect of living and one of the most undiagnosed. I can say, with all due experience, that its harm on your quality of life is not to be underestimated.


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