If the city you live in was being evacuated due to some kind of natural disaster or other catastrophic event, where would you go? Have you ever thought of this before now? Martin J. Clemens

I have no idea and the thought of my apparent unpreparedness is just slightly disturbing, to say the least. Depending on the disaster, my only forethought would be to safer, higher ground.

What types of sites did you spend a lot of time on when you first started using the Internet? Witty Rabbit

Geek sites, primarily. Video game news, comic book superhero sites and whatever form YouTube existed as at the time. My internet diet hasn't changed much in that time beyond perusing many more local and world news sites and podcasts as a journalism major.

Can you dab?

I know not this "dab" that you speak of. It is the Devil's work.

Do you play games? Board, computer or otherwise. What are your favourites? MonkeyMagicEden

Life is a game and if I've not played it all,I endeavor to. Stratego, Othello, and Chinese checkers are all non-electrical favorites. I have a strong affinity for Assassin's Creed, Ratchet & Clank, Alan Wake, Uncharted, The Batman Arkham games, Legend of Zelda, Pikmin, and nearly anything Mario.

What are you looking for?

The perfect pizza.

Best job you ever had?

I have yet to work full-time in any particular field, much less for a living. But if I could deem any paying job I've had as "best," it would probably be the job I have now as a reporter for my student newspaper. I get to meet a lot of interesting people, write with some great personalities, and learn a thing or two about my school and collect some extra lunch money on the side.

When did you first go online and why? MonkeyMagicEden

It was well into my final year in high school that I "owned" a computer of my own (it was really a birthday gift from my parents), but I can remember surfing ye olde worldwide web for the very first time on my sister's ancient Macintosh computer for everything Spider-man 3 about a year prior to its release. I came for all things childish and nerdy and stayed for everything else.

What's your favourite aspect of the culture you come from? MonkeyMagicEden

There are likely more things that I detest and adore about American culture then I can list here, but if I could choose only one positive, it would be my country's rugged individualism. Patriotic cliché aside, I can think of few countries besides my own that enjoy more religious, racial, and cultural diversity all within the same borders. We've done quite a poor job recognizing it for more than half our history, but there must be a reason that people still come here anyway. I would like to think it's because this petulant brat of a nation is quickly growing up.

What makes you feel like a boss?

Killing it at school, killing another entry in my gaming backlog, getting a killer story published, or enjoying a killer day binging Netflix.

Anonymity online seems, to me, to be one of the biggest reasons people are so nasty to one another. If we could start over again with internet culture, and it were up to you, would you make it so people can't use fake names or pseudonyms? Martin J. Clemens

I would certainly agree that anonymity is more effective of a shield than it ever has been for online trolls and the like, but I am reluctant to believe that anonymity itself as a causation. Human beings, as most of us should know, have been nasty to one another long before the Internet. The immediacy and seething toxicity that anonymity grants is something relatively new, however.

The Information Age – or the Misinformation Age as I have heard it called all too often –has left us much more reliant on crowd-sourced opinions that we readily reinforce and resent as cells in an increasingly interconnected, virtual organism. This phenomenon, of course, enlightens as much as it does stifle the value of thinking people. I would rather take the freedom of the internet as opposed to the sole use of passive mediums like print of television if I were force to choose the lesser of two evils –an impasse which I do not believe we have or ever should come to.

In answering the second part of the question, I doubt that any one person should be in charge of moderating such a complex thing as culture. That no one is ever truly anonymous on the internet is a notion only true for the authorities that govern it. Thus, I would think that fake names and pseudonyms would only be eliminated if social media sites were granted direct access to all of our records in the manner that you register to vote or drive. Such a process would make the internet a bureaucracy that would turn plenty of already disenfranchised minorities away with all the fees and paperwork that it would imply.

As internet culture continues to evolve and regulate itself –if not only out of popular demand – I believe that anonymity will eventually be a privilege that some parts of the world will no longer tolerate. Given that a certain percent of the populace will always use information, public or private, to shame and blackmail itself, I am not sure it would create an automatically better culture.

No question, just impetus to listen to the podcast I produce. This one's about social media. As you're clearly using it, I reckon you might find it interesting. Skip to 20 minutes in if films don't appeal, http://poppedculture.libsyn.com MonkeyMagicEden

Quite a rollicking good listen, I reckon. Now I realize that life was never more of a video game then I ever imagined.

Which fictional character are you most like? Allison Campbell

The best friend in your average romantic comedy who disappears for long periods of time but shows up to listen to the protagonist's problems and offer unreciprocated advice.

Most humans only have 3 opsins (light-sensitive proteins in the eye) that allow to absorb 3 colors while dragonflies have 4-5 opsins that allow them to perceive a wider color spectrum, including UV light. Would you like to possess more than 3 opsins or are you happy with your vision as it is? Why? Diāna

If it were at no charge and with no significant physical or mental side-effects, I would think it would grow rather annoying seeing the world as a permanent drug trip. I'm quite fine seeing it like the majority does.

How do you deal with people that you find unbearably annoying? What tricks do you use to keep your interactions with them as pleasant as possible? How would you like to be treated by people who are irritated by you? Witty Rabbit

1. Choose neutral talking points
2. Avoid 'em
3. Block 'em
4. Report 'em
5. (Me) As listed in the order above

Matzo ball or kugel?


What do you think of Earth Day? Witty Rabbit

Earth's been good enough to me. Only seems right that I return the favor.

Do you think that there is an objective definition of intelligence? Or is the idea always dependent on interpretation one way or another? Martin J. Clemens

Such a question would depend on who quantifies intelligence and by what measurement, which would then depend on that individual's intelligence. Thinking through that conundrum would likely require someone more intelligent than I.

Why do you think people idealize others? Would you rather idealize or be idealized? Why? Diāna

I imagine that it has a lot to do with low self-esteem and the thrill of living one's life through others.

I think it would be more demanding being idealized than having the luxury of being on the opposite end. The expectations of being someone's ideal is certainly a lot to handle.

How much faith do you place in news media? Do you take stories at face value or do you look further? How so? MonkeyMagicEden

I have little faith in news media as a whole, to be frank. Faith would imply unconditional trust and I trust news based on fact first and foremost. The commercial and social demand for entertainment in my side of the world is far too high for me to see news media as it exists now as anything altruistic, if it ever was.

Every story is subject to the narrative of its teller, though. I can say that for more complex stories, I compare it to as many perspectives as possible before judging it for myself. I cannot say the same for most.

Do you prefer very spicy or non-spicy food?

As spicy as my digestive tract can take, which is considerable, so long as I have enough liquids on hand. I've reacquainted myself with kimchi recently and have developed a fondness for it.

What do you look for in an apology? Do you believe in the notion of forgive and forget?

I have rarely had anyone apologize to me. Rather, I've had to apologize quite a bit myself. I can only say that remorse is the definition of having a debt you feel you cannot repay, in reality or otherwise. I believe I'll find out what that feels like again this week.

How long is Snake riding that plane? And is he riding it to Bespin?

About 3 years and yup, his flight got delayed


Not likely

Is there a difference between training and education? If so, what is it? Martin J. Clemens

Homework and tuition

What is the secret of tootsie roll pops?



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