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7 how much 8

Already answered 7 but yes 4. and 8 no x

are you jealous of any tom Daley fans?? And why?

Jamal (@laugherbreakers), He has met Tom and has 5/5 janoskians!

Is your name Megan becausei think I follow you on Instagram



A birthmark on my shoulder

Is that you?


Do you have a Tom Daley Instagram :) x

Nope just my personal

We've spoke a few times and you seem like a really nice girl, would love to speak more :) x

Awww dm me :) x

hello ilysm bye <3


Hello ilysm too Simona <3

I saw you on Sunday eating an ice lolly haha

Oh god

Would u date someone younger than you?

Yes only about a year younger though

Which divers have u met before?

Tonia Sarah jack Brooke :)

Is there any twitter accounts that you would like to talk to but rarely do?

Sophie and Sam etc x

Tophie or Tikita?

Hmmmm hard but tophie

What do you think about this lemon girl?

Idk her

What are you busy with today?

Art exam

Where are you at the moment?


Is there a dish you always wanted to try?


What countries would you travel to if you were to do a world trip?

Australia, America, Italy

Where are you sitting in Edinburgh at the worlds? :D I'm in block C

Block D prelims Block F final

You have nice eyes x x

Thanks :)

Why do you always tweet those janoskians -.-

Bc I love them ok

Is Tom gay?


I live in Plymouth and I saw Tom leaving the club with a girl

It was me ;) hahaha joke


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About Megan:

Somehow Tom Daley crept into my life and I forgot how to function

The UK