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you look very kind and pretty hihi
Look lang.. Jk hehe thank you po! :-)
sino-sino kilala mo sa seniors?
Batchmates ko. =))
how do you read?
I read with my eyes.. =))
If you asked someone to open up to you, in what way do you like him to tell you about his feelings for you? (I badly need an answer coming from a girl so please help me?) IT WOULD BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED :(
Idk. :-( pero maybe dapat sabihin in person para mas makita ng girl kung sincere ka talaga or pinagttripan mo lang siya. :-) pero dapat wag awkward kahit ano mangyari. :)
Tinatadtad na ba kita ng questions? :)))
Hindi..hindi nga halata eh. =)) jk HAHA
Flower or garden?
Garden na lang pwede pa kahit ilan itanim mo.
Tatsulok o bilog?
Pwede ba heart??
Makapal na libro pero maliit o manipis pero malapad?
Hmm it depends on the story eh. =))
soundcloud or fb voice recorder =)))))?
SOUNDCLOUD jusko. :((
ig or tumblr?
IG! I don't use my tumblr na eh so..
fb or twitter?
Of all the flows, what catches your attention?
Overflowing of water.. Jk labo . :((
Of all the animals, what is the most cutest?
What is your say about the treaty of versailles?
I think it's kinda ok kasi para magkaroon sila ng peace but at the same time no bc baka ma-misuse nila yung power na pwedeng macause ng downfall nila. Yan lang naalala ko diyan. =))
Who's the vainest of all the princesses?
Me! Jk idk. :(( huhu maybe Cinderella.
Pogi ka ba?
Pwede rin.. Haha jk. =))
Maganda ba ako?
Yes! ;)
Will you apply for ateneo?
Nawpp hehe. Chill lang ako. No recomendation letters + essays awyizz!
what university will you go to?
UST or FEU. :)
what's your course?
Medtech! :-)
wew 1598 answers since when did you start ba?
Idk. :--( last year?
Ano daw..
May conceptual physics ka ba? :((
Waley pa. :-(
ahh das why you don't know the lyrics of amnesia haha =)) (btw that was a line from amnesia search it up if you have time it's really deep) :)
Sorry! By 5sos? Oki will do. :-)