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Ano bigay ni anton sayo for your grad?
Ano gusto mong grad gift?
anything will do! gusto ko po ng mac book or mac lipstick pls or ca$$$h haha
kelangan parin ba black, blue or white panali sa buhok for grad
Mapua Intramuros?
yes po hehe
Dlsu taft?
Ano na school mo?
Mapua but hopefully dlsu!
Kelan perio?
ours is already done
do you have a little sister in mind?
uhm yes why
i like your new voice baby hehehehehe -g
when puberty strikes jk hehehe thank u b :*
First two likers gets 30 + follow rest 5? please
hindi pa sure ate treasure if magmamarch ka?
idk i don't have offenses and failures naman..sana makamarch :-(
Saan ka po mag cocollege?
dlsu (if nakapaginquire) or mapua po :-)
Pumasa si anton sa mga waitlisted sa UST ah. San siya mag cocollege?
weh?? di ko alam yan baka di niya din alam HAHA shet lakas :((( dlsu!!
mama tre i have a confession to make may crush ako na dalawa na busmate mo :-)
omg sino hehehe
tre ano maganda app pang collage? ng pics?
I want to be your friend
hello go lang hehe
I really like the way you smile! You're perfectly gorgeous and i bet you had a good and indeed personality! Stay what you are ate! :) Takecare! xx
aww that's so sweet :( thank you! you are also beautiful. stay safe! :-)
mama tre how do you know if you love someone
it depends on the situation. minsan kasi aakalain mong love lang pero infatuation lang pala
pano mag move on
Cut all connections, delete all memories (like pictures sa phone, number), return all the things she/he gave you (gifts) and lastly, be selfish. Just go with the flow and spend more of your time wt your friends and family instead of just thinking about your ex :) live life to the fullest!
mama tre help
go lang bby
nagalit po ba yung kada mo nung maraming gumamit ng 1 over ganyan or 1/16?
depends maybe bc dati naiinis kami pag may ibang gumaganun bc kami since 2nd year pa namin napauso yun lol
shes 14 ata,yes shes nice&pretty cool
ohh really? =)) naks haha
She's lying sayo,di sya 18 and di csa dropped out,di sya nag csa pero she's nice nmn and pretty cool
so how old is she? lol she's nice naman ehh :-)
si b?di din sya csa dropped out
okay so..what are you talking about lol
ung friend mo,nag lie lang siya