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Naglalaro kba ng pool?
8ball? Yup
Tusukin mo mata
Yung nanunusok ng mata or yung prof...both?? HAHA
Sige birthday mo eh HAHAHA jk kaw na maganda
Sa Casa ka nagdo'dorm?
yup! whyy
Baby ko hehe whyy
Saw you awhile ago!! Who's with you? ang pogi please😭😭
Haha where? 😊
No magiging awkward na kami sa isat isa huhu
Pero syempre you cannt keep that forever. Masasabi mo din yan kahit hindi ngayon!
I saw you awhile ago omg
In UP? :)
Hey i was thinking if am i going to tell her my feelings even tho our friendship is at risk
Why not? Your friendship won't be at risk if di niyo hahayaang mawala yun
you look so good you make me s-stutter (see what i did there? hehe)
Haha nice! Thank you!!
I dunno..
Start with the basics. Talk to her (make sure you have lots of courage). Ask her how's her day (but don't do it they creepy way β€” iykwim). Talk about good stuffs and make sure you won't get attached that easy!
What is the first step? depends on her attitude eh. What is she like ba?
How to court a girl when you are shy
It's simple. Don't let your shy-ness eat you up. Just build up your confidence and the first thing you have to look for is the assurance. There may or may not have one but you always have to think that your goal is to own her heart. Minsan lang magkaroon ng babaeng ganyan, ligawan mo na before it's too late. :)
Aww why did you break up? Cute niyo pa naman
Some people just aren't meant to be.. If I hadn't broken up with him edi hindi ko makikilala si Mikang hehe.
What is your favorite bird?
Si big bird sa sesame street
May kilala ka bang pogi sa Mapua?
Ikaw haha jk hmm meron naman!
Who do you think should be the next president?
What happened to you and pancitentown
We broke up haha
i wish u were mine. but u belong to someone else already.
I'm sorry but may I know who you are?
Ano topic niyo sa trigonometry at algebra?
Hmm dami eh basta di kami pweds gumamit ng calcu
what's your course? :)
Civil engineering!
Sa Twitter :------------)
Sino? πŸ˜‚ wala naman
Bakit parang may nilalandi ka?
Ha? Sino?
May like/crush ka ba ngayon?
Wala eh haha why po?