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What's your biggest phobia?
I don't think I have one.
What's your favorite drink?
Milk, water and coffee (not that much, tho)
What's the worst thing you have ever done?
"UMASA ako sa kanya..." oops.
City or countryside? What do you prefer?
Countryside, tbh.
What kind of dish can you make/cook?
Garlic Butter Shrimp, my style haha
Do you sleep in the dark or with some light on?
It really depends.
What do you believe happens to us after we die?
It's either we go to heaven, or to hell.
Do you prefer books or movies?
What was the last thing you ate?
Turon with langka. :P
What is something you have lost, that you wish you could get back?
Our little angel, cookie. :(
Which foreign country do you dislike the most?
China *PERIOD*
What's your favorite smell?
Smell of foodssss.
If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which two people would you put together?
Alden and Maine. Charaught :P
How are you feeling right now?
Sleepy af. Tired aff.
What is your favorite scent?
Anything sweet, especially vanilluh haha
What makes you nervous?
Doing something in front of a crowd.
If you could go back in time to talk to yourself, what would you say?
"You better not mess your life up..!"
Would you erase your most precious memories to become smarter?
What song makes you want to dance?
Animals by Martin Garrix and Where are you now by Skrillex & Diplo :D
What is something that is "uncool" that you do anyway?
Assuming :(
How did you make your first money?
I earned it :)
What sound drives you crazy?
Clashing of keys :(
How to find true love?
Let it find you. :)
Do you like to spend your free time alone or in company?
ALONE!! Hell yah
How often do you drink coffee?
Uhmm.. Hahaha don't ask nalang :P