☼ Cel Cel @uhmhiceline
☼ Cel Cel @uhmhiceline
I get A's with my eyes closed but then again, there is no difference when they are closed and when they are opened ♛ 8th gradeee C sideee ☺
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Did gabby and emile break up
no, why?
Celine Emile is my friend nothing more  Kenzi Kamei
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AHBAHBAHBAHBAH wtf ryan?  Christina
of course ;) the way you look at him in math I sense it
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What is your most unusual nighttime or morning ritual?
lol in the morning for like two weeks straight I ate croissants
Maile: Cesar
Kenzi: Emile
Christina: Ryan
Kayla: ETHAN
Clara: Robin
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are you better at singing, dancing or acting?
singing obviously ;)) duh ahahahah jk none
are you better at singing, dancing or acting?
tbh kayla
I ship her on a severe level with Ethan
tbh: u are literally the funniest person I know! musical was amazing with u! hot or not: HOT OMGE soooo HOT! friendship rate: 8/10. best feature: ur personality!! haha  Tessie
<333 ily tessie and ahhaa thank you bby
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do u have a boy frind
frind hhahaa
and yes of course I do ;)
I mean he might not know I exist but like were still dating ya know
do u have a boy frind
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give a TBH, Hot or not, rate on friendship, and Best feature for people who like it?
I should be doing science and social studies ahaha but who cares sureee!
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youre profile picture is so cute  Kayla
thaaaaank youuu ;)
What’s something you should throw away, but can’t?
everything hahaaa
oh my god are you wearing makeup in your picture
hahhaa hardly, just eyeliner and plus the snapchat filters make everything better :D
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best friends you've been with since 7th until now?
honey bunchez (aka maileh the wong)
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do you think that your friend, kayla looks good with ethan? do you think they should date?
yesss her and ethan would be so perfect duuuude
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likers get a - Dear_____, you have a cute_______,if we were in a room together alone I would _________, me and you should __________, if you hugged me ________ ,if you kissed me _________,you are__________________
hah that's funny I just got one of these ok anyway sureee
(just cuz I'm avoiding homework)
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likers get a - Dear celine, you have a cute way of making everything funny,if we were in a room together alone I would talk to you, me and you should go back to ISTA, if you hugged me I would hug you ,if you kissed me be confused,you are super nice and funny  Eli Haas
hahaa dis cute thank youuu
and I agree we should go back to ISTA :'(
Top couples in the grade
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attractiveness rate for becca k, becca b, hannah t, hannah b, Sarah C, sarah m
they are all gorgeous (:
attractiveness rate for Audrianna, Tess, Sarah C, Jane.
They are all so pretty tho
why does jared even get girlfriends? hes such a fat shit and ugly and disgusting and mean and annoying. He doesnt deserve friends.
Jared is an amazing friend and guy in general. So yes, he does deserve to get a lotta girls and have NO people like you in his fab life.
do you think apologizing deepens or ruins the friendship?
I think it makes friendship better
10 people you think should be popular but aren't
uh ahaha I don't exactly know the difference between the "popular" people and "non popular"
who do you ship jared with
totally not Caroline bell
What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
that's why
this girl is why
What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?