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What would u do if u were being challenged by a flasher and u had to fight? U were given 20 moves to start because u are a girl. What would u do?

I don't need 20 moves lol please

Are u a ballerina? Haha

No, I just used to learn ballet

do u have dandruff??


Why did u go overseas in the first place ):

My dads job and to go to uni early:)

hey Val! How are you?

I'm great how are you??

Are you coming back to Singapore!!

Probably next year! MAYBE end of this year but not likely...

Missed you so much

Awww who is this? I probably miss you too

Why you never reply Jacob on wa one

Lauzyyy I don't use WA anymoreee do you have my number!! I-msg!!

hello Val! Do you go for hair treatment? And can you take a picture of how your hair looks like from the back? :)

The last time I went for a treatment, it was 2013 hahaha. So my hair looks like crap. And I tried to find a picture of my hair from the back but I couldn't sorry!

Describe your first kiss?


A picture of you crossing your legs


What's the most embarssing situation You have ever seen a guy in before hahaha?

Probably a guy walking around thinking he's the shit when he's not. I find that really embarrassing to watch haha.

Pap of u


hey!! i'm really curious what do you do with the clothes that you don't wear anymore? since you have like so many clothes

Re-wear/give to my cousins/donate/sell

Do you have an eye candy here in sg

Hahah eye candy?!

Valerie you are back!?! Omg!

Yes heheh

when are you coming back sg permanently?


when would you be fully done with your studies ?

Depends on if I wanna do a phd or go to med school or not go for any of that

what games do u play in ur phone

I don't play games hahah

At a friend's house do you prefer to take off your: A) Shoes only B) Shoes & socks C) Neither

Depends! Usually just shoes

How long will you be in Singapore for ?

Till 7th Jan!

You're really gorgeous really a perfect model 😭💖

Thank you hahaha but... I'm not a model!!

are you going back to usa?

Yep!!! :)

what is ur snapchat

valeriedabomb 👻

Have you made food list on what you wanna eat ?

Jolyn Teng

Too many to make a list 😹


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