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I think Aakash is too handsome for your looks

honey are u just really ugly and jealous that my bf is very hot is okay girl your time will come

Which year are you born in?


How much did u pay for your trip to London?

I didn't pay for much stuff out of my own pocket, only some shopping and touristy stuff. I think my parents paid something like 15K for 4 of us for like 10 days? But we went to Paris for 3 days and didn't pay for accommodation in London. Worth nothing that we weren't on a budget so it was quite the lux trip.

Your bf

mine ok bye

Where do I find good looking Indians

Huh what constitutes as a good looking Indian?

Where to get brows done? Cheap & nice?

I do mine at Sophia Brow House at Parkway but I want to go to BBB at Toa Payoh cause my fav stylist from Sophia's opened BBB. Uh mine is like $10 for brows and upper lip maybe? I would spend a bit more on brows before you find one place that you really like, then you can sign package! (Pro tip: don't tell them you have a package before you do your brows cause some people will do a substandard job when they find out you pay less, so tell them only after you're done with your brows and it's payment time)

why are your tits so big?

I did a rain dance in the forest when I was 11, had to drink a cocktail of moonshine, blood of a virgin and tears of my ancestor's enemies and finally kill their newest born child, then my tits grew way huge.

Have you encountered any judgement or negativity from being in an interracial relationship?

I have, but mostly from family members that are like a lot older so their views on such things are much more traditional. It's not like I get weird stares from friends or strangers. I think dating across races nowadays is a lot more common, don't you think?

Do you think your make up obsession has something to do with your self esteem?

Hmm I guess so? But that's just me, like in the beginning of poly I used to wear make up everyday cause I was very concious of my looks and acne, but now I hardly wear make up to school, only if I have time or something important cause I feel more comfortable in my skin and all that jazz. That's not the only reason why though, I love playing with make up and honing my skills and shit, you can never have a useless skill can you?

Do you sleep at Aakash's house?

Well I don't live there or anything but yup sometimes. Other times I just leave really early in the morning.

Why did you and Marc break up?

Aiya don't need to know la, bottom line is that we are happy with what's going on in our lives now. Actually I can't speak for him cause I haven't spoken to him much but I'm sure the things and people around him make him happy :)

How much do you love Ju?

I mean it's like I really love her damn a lot one but every time I see her cb face I want to punch it.
Aside from that, in a nutshell,
More than she loves me :'( </3

SCENARIO: I am a guy and I challenge you to a physical fight. The winner gets to meet their favorite celebrity. How would you win? (You can hit anywhere you want, but no weapons!)

This is all very rough and probably very ambitious, but I think I'll prolly land a punch square in the neck, right after I'll (hook?) your chin upwards and then kick your chest. If that fails I'll go for the feet and then the groin and try those moves again. If that still fails then I give up la I fought a good fight. Not like I don't see Adam Brody, Andrew Garfield and Theo James at home everyday anyway.

How many sessions did you take?

Only one session was needed for mine! It took like 20 mins tops.

How pain was it?? :( they said ribs hurt a lot!!

Like I said previously, it wasn't that bad for me but also because I'm like quite fat la so it might be different if you're skinnier! The general consensus from my friends is that when you kena any bones it'll hurt more.

How pain was tattooing your ribs!

I've heard that it hurts then the needle actually strikes your bones and stuff, but I didn't experience that because I have more flesh covering my bones? If you're skinnier than me it would be more probable that it hits your bones. The pain rating is really quite low, it's like dragging a safety pin across your skin with moderate pressure for the outline. Shading was a bit tougher because my font is quite fat and thick so there was quite a bit of shading. It was a 'cringe and wish it was over' kinda pain but not a 'scream until you pass out' kinda pain.

Where has cheap and good tattoo?? Any places you recommend? Rise above seems expensive!

Rise above is damn ex but I really have to applaud how well my script is done. First Tattoo at Arab street seems to be not bad, Rishi got his leg piece done there! But tattoos in general aren't cheap la and if you get a cheap one there's a high possibility (but not totally possible) that it won't turn out well. So weigh your options!

honestly I think youve gotten a lot prettier since secondary school.

Thanks?? But I really looked damn ugly in secondary school la so obviously any improvement is a huge improvement .

Do you miss anyone right now?

I really miss @conzycho!!!! I miss tons of people la since I've been so busy I haven't really had the chance to hang out with my friends that aren't in my course :'(

What is your relationship status?

Dating someone.

Hello Vanessa! Random but do you believe in the use of condoms?

Well, what's not to believe? It's a legit contraception method and it helps prevent transmission of infections and diseases so I think condoms are great, practice safe sex.

I ruv u

I ruv u too ainsy ❤️

do u like potatoes

I lav a potato

Are you single?

Not really but kind of I guess?

What's your GPA?

Don't kaypoh la it's good enough.


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