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vania nessa @venusvanilla
surfing astral planes
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whch coachella weeknd you going to?
weekend 1~
Twitter?? lol
How do you deal with stress?
By methods of relaxation..
Playing video games,
or meditating outdoors,
smoking a bowl (Loll),
spending the day @ the spa :)
Napping, or crying Idk
What would animals say to us if they could talk?
they'd tell us to take care of our home!!!
Favorite past time?
mesozoic era~
renaissance era~
or the roaring 20's :)
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What do you refuse to pay for?
A big part of me says education should be free...but it's not like I refuse to pay for it
What do you like to talk about the most?
any of my hobbies :3
What are your thoughts on the new Halo?
Spartan abilities mark the most interesting feature of the new game despite new weapons being added in. Really excited to see how the thruster pack looks a lot smoother compared to the previous halo because I felt it was a good ability, but there were some bugs of cooldown and directional capacities. Other new abilities I can't wait to try would be ground pound, clamber, and smart scope!! Ground pounding would give a more desirable effect to melees, takedowns, and asassinations. And the Clamber ability would most definitely eliminate the frustration tons of players have of not being able to clear a ledge. >.< As for smart scope, I think it's really interesting how all weapons have zoom, but there's a weighted balance in which you lose that scope if you're terrible with your weapon hahaha. On another spec, I noticed that some of the cross hairs are a bit different with the dmr, and one of the new cannon weapons so those should take some getting used to when they come into play!! Thanks for asking this lmao, I enjoyed answering :-)
In the end, does it even matter?
What do you think about President Obama?
I'll stray away from controversial topics to my liking.
Are you ready for Summer?
not @ alll
Hi :D
hai thereeeee
Do yuo like kpop
Haven't really heard much Kpop to begin with.. But sure it's cool!
Will humans ever live on another planet?
Will pleaidians ever manifest into hard matter?
You're so pretty omg
Ty beautiful soul<3
Are you happy
Happy with what i have for now yes
How are spending your weekend?
Dedicated this weekend 2 some spiritual cleansing yessss
What are ur fav video games
halo :-)
What are ur plans for tonite
Just enjoying time @ home :-)
Anyone you're interested in at the moment
Cosmic events and secondary planets~
What do u like to do for fun
Be myself
Favorite food?
the kind that u eat?
what is your favorite song at the moment? #dubtrackFM
confused..does that hashtag mean it has to be dubstep?
Favorite sports team?
i'm not a big fan of sports...i'm sorry.
but usually whatever team i'm cheering for? >.<