Sarah Calkin @volleyballstar98
Sarah Calkin @volleyballstar98
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you're absolutely gorgeous!
Thank youu❤️
post a pic if you in a swimsuit
Fuck off
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of course babe  Ryan Vleeming
Perfect love you ❤️
9.5 :)  Ryan Vleeming
That better have been for me (Logan)
You're a babe ❤️❤️  Hannah Hahn
No you are ❤️
Post your dp pic please!! ❤️
Post your dp pic please!! ❤️
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What curling iron did you use in your dp pic??
My friend did it with her wand
Aweh thank you ❤️❤️
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tbh you're short AF because you are aha we haven't talked in a while I got a new phone so shoot me a text! and you're very chill and prett  Hassan heirali
Haha thanks Hassan, and okay... Still same number ?
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What are you doing right now
Driving home from rimbey ✌️
Thaanks :)
Hi are you single
No I am not ❤️
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I demand 2 questions :P  Brennan Helfrich (✔️)
Not happening! :p lol
first liker gets 2 questions?
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what are some other apps like chatous?
Never heard of it.
Goddess  Quinn Siebel
Thaanks :)
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My team AB jersey
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Btw the TBH was me I accidentally sent it anon  Brennan Helfrich (✔️)
Haha okay :p
TBH: Sarah ur really pretty and I love ur style ur practically guaranteed being in the Olympics for volleyball. Ur super chill and fun to talk to. We should talk more :P
Aweh thanks<3 and yea we should!
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Well my cat got shaved today and now looks like a fat lion...
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Tbh you're the chilliest of the 10s and I respect ya. Your outfits always catch my eye, and I enjoyed our 1 minute phone call when you were with the boys.  Jennifer Rumney ✔️
Haha awe thanks Jen! ❤️ we should talk again sometime lol for longer :') lol
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do you like hockey boys?
Doesn't everyone?
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Tbh you're cool  Ryely McKinstry
You're not...
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Oh sorry  Brady Pupp
Haha it's all good!