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Sarah Calkin @volleyballstar98
Sarah Calkin @volleyballstar98
volleyball <3 ask me stuff
Ask me a question
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Do you like anyone
date and kiss if we talked, message me or something :)  Kevin Wilson
thanks Kevin!!!!!! Means a lot :):):)
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blow me
Or nahhh
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top 5 cutest couples you know?
10 pretty girls?
Last pic in your camera roll?
Last pic in your camera roll?
best guy friends
Devin, Tanner, Calem, Basra, and sometimes Nick when he's not an asshole. ❤️
Do you smoke d?
Ew no.
Do u know Hilary Howe?
What position are u in volley ball?
Is Sara skoreyko mormon?
Lol no
you're absolutely gorgeous!
Thank youu❤️
post a pic if you in a swimsuit
Fuck off
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of course babe  Ryan Vleeming
Perfect love you ❤️
9.5 :)  Ryan Vleeming
That better have been for me (Logan)
You're a babe ❤️❤️  Hannah Hahn
No you are ❤️
Post your dp pic please!! ❤️
Post your dp pic please!! ❤️
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What curling iron did you use in your dp pic??
My friend did it with her wand
Aweh thank you ❤️❤️
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tbh you're short AF because you are aha we haven't talked in a while I got a new phone so shoot me a text! and you're very chill and prett  Hassan heirali
Haha thanks Hassan, and okay... Still same number ?
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What are you doing right now
Driving home from rimbey ✌️
Thaanks :)
Hi are you single
No I am not ❤️
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