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Who's the best sister in the world?

Debatable ? 😉😘

Best people in your classes?


How did u crash ur car?


Who's your snapchat Bestfriend?


Who would you sing a duet with?

Shae .... My homegirl

Are you single ?


Are your parents together?


Why were you so upset the other day?

holy fuck you're perfect

😘😘 thank you 🙈

you're so perfect wtf I want to be you omg 😻😻😻😭😭

Aweh thank you! But I'm far from perfect😘

Post a full body pic


You drive dumb

You are dumb.

How tall? For real

For real, like I said the last time you asked me, 6ft.

Tbh Sarah❤️❤️ I don't know where to begin you're a killer volleyball player and your absolutely stunning and I love playing with you and just love you we've had some pretty good times and we should hang out soon ☺️😘

Devin Corah

Aweh thanks Dev! Love you too!! ❤️ Yesss hang asap, miss you😘

Do u still talk to Lindsay schmunk ?


I like ur booty

Missie Renee

I like your face ❤️;)

do you still go to beave?

Unfortunately yea

Dat butt


blow me

Or nahhh

top 5 cutest couples you know?


What position are u in volley ball?



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