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When was the last time you screamed?
When my team won first in Best Of The West!!
When was the last time you screamed?
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Pap of your texts
Pap of your texts
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You're the only one that would care though.
Well it's not me, believe me or not I don't care. I have friends that care about my feelings too.
Stop asking Serena bitchy questions.
I'm not asking Serena any questions, yea we've had our differences but I'm not so low to go putting someone else down because of how I feel.
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Serena and Andy aren't dating nor do they have a thing. There just close friends. And nothing's wrong with that.
Hey Serena and Erika... Honestly I couldn't care less at this point. She knows how I feel so whatever I'm done.
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How's Andy?
Ask Serena.
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Do you like anyone?
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Why so you hate Serena so much
I don't hate her ?
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who do u like
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You and Serena were ALWAYS together and now you're not... What happened
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Who are you closest with?
Atm, probably Sarah frisk or Lindsay Schmunk
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9/10  Jonah Steinberg
Thanks :)
do u do drugs
Ya cocaine on the daily
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Hey gorgeous :*  Sarah Frisk
Heey babe ;) ❤️❤️
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TBH we used to talk at the beginning of the year you were really fun to talk to, your funny, nice, and really pretty we should talk more!  Andrew crompton-nicholas
Thaanks :) and yea!
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hey bb
Hey :*
9/10  Alii The Joker
Thaanks :)
You're gorgeous hun .  Dory the Fish
Aweh thanks Dory!! <3
Hey cutie you single?
Yeeah I am !
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Total bae :O you're gorgeous  Colton Klatt
Aweh thank you :)
Who's your closest guy and girl friend?
I don't even know who my real friends are anymore....
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Senior like damn girl  Erika Saigeon
Haha thaaanks babe ;)
Tbh ur such a good middle and I'm so happy I'm on ur team and not going against you! Haha ur super sweet and that's awesome umm ur really pretty! And yaaa!  Devin Corah
Aweeh<33 thaaanks bb ❤️
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Lemme see u wap wap wap wap ... wap wap wap  Abby Spratt
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Can I slay you?