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Do you decide quickly or do you think a long time?

Long time. I like calculated decisions. It also depends on the situations. There are some instances that you have to think quickly and do not have the luxury of time.

Would you rather live in the mountains or on the beach?


What do you like to cook?

I honestly try to cook something new whenever I get the chance. I try to make it healthy, otherwise I'm baking desserts and that's definitely not healthy..

What TV show has gone off the air that you wish would come back?

Well it hasn't gone off air, but I wish Lexa would come back in The 100! T___T

Sweet! No pressure to do it if u don't have time but I look forward to it :D had alot of fun

John Chad

Yasss! <3 :D

Are you planning to streaming again anytime soon? I really enjoyed the atmosphere of your stream from both you and the chat.

I think I will soon again. I've been talking about it with my friends. I just been working so much that I have to figure out a good time to do it. ^_^

What is your opinion of "on fleek"? Trying to hard to become viral, has it been co-opted by companies trying to be "cool" yet (ie IHOP)? Is it in your slang lexicon?


No. It's just no. No.

would love to sniff your steamy farts

and guess what I ate?

i bet you smell heavenly


what are your nicknames?

Steph, Stephy, Stella, Sada-chan

Are you winning?


Are you a loyal person?


You have a bubble butt?


Is it true that if you eat 5lbs of sour patch kids you become immortal?

Immortal to sour patches I'm sure.

Cute, cat is like "nope"

best movie you have seen lately?

I honestly don't remember.

Do you think you look more asian or more white?

I looked Asian because of my eyes. Asians think I'm white or something else. No one can really tell what I am.

Do you date people shorter than you?

I have. Height doesn't bother me.

What rank are you in League?

Haven't played any rank yet. I miss URF. Can we keep URF? damn.

Get a feeling it's either some white guy or a jilted Asian guy asking you the inane questions.



I think it's depends on cities probably. In some interracial dating is common in some places is not

That's very true sadly.

How many have you seen Asian Guy and White girl as a couple?

Quite a lot

I think bc of the media that portray asian guys in negative stereotype that influence many people minds in USA

I think ignorance only influences ignorance.

But most asian women go after white guys and thats a fact?

I think Asian women go after whatever they want and that's a fact

Were your family and friends accepting of you when you came out the closet?

They definitely were and I'm very glad for that.


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