Stellanox @von_karma
Stellanox @von_karma
Las Vegas, NV
Gamer, Artist, (Health, Fitness, Sports) enthusiast, Cat lady, Euro-Asian mix, Traveler, Foodie, Hipster, Geek, Nerd.
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Hot grills or cute grills?  Karaface
cute cats!
How is your new life going for you? Are you happy?
I am happy. Things always take an interesting turn in my life but I am finding ways to enjoy it.
Favorite film?
I have too many!
How's the Show? lolol (b^^)b
Not watching it!
Do you still want your copy of Bleach on PSP back? lolol #TBT
Nahhhh. You actually still have it?? Dang haha
blueberry pieeeeee or blueberrrrrry piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii biatch? guess me and u get a dolla!
Vanessa hahaha
what do you regret most in your life so far? but i guess that depends on if you believe in regret... ;)
I don't regret anything but I feel I should've done more by this age.
Pick one: Grape soda, ginger ale, orange soda, apple soda, root beer/sasparilla, cherry soda, chocolate phosphate, cream soda.  Karaface
Cream soda.
What's the worst thing an ex has ever done to you post break up
Nothing to my knowledge. I've never had bad breakups really. We just go our separate ways.
What's the worst date you have ever been on
I can't recall a bad date :T boring perhaps, but not necessarily enough to be considered the worst.
Describe your ideal woman.
Likes to play games, is nerdy/geeky, intelligent, reads, has a sense of humor, likes animals, likes to travel, can switch between going out or staying in, has ambitions, works hard, go-getter attitude, has respect, not trashy or slutty, is versatile.
When did you realize you were a lesbian? As a guy, I'm sad :(
Officially, High school.
Stella Stella mio bella, why are you not here anymore? :L
I get distracted :T
I think I fell in the like for 5 seconds. . .why are you taken? sigh *walks off w/ a sad song playing in the distant*
Cafe latte or chai?
Depends on the day!
How many ratchet bitches are in your bag?
Just one. hahaha.
So I heard some crazy girl stalked you and came all the way to Vegas. How do you handle your stalkers?
I just say Hi and act normal for the most part.
Whats the best candy in the world?!
Do you consider yourself a tomboy?
Not really. Maybe when I was little. I think I am pretty girly but I do like things that aren't typically super girly things to do. Like video games, shooting guns, paintballing, go karting... idk. I don't wear mens clothing or anything.. I wear make up and still take 2 hours to get ready.
Can you go on twitch more?
I'll work on that
George. Backflips.
Yes grasshopper!
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Do u own lingerie?
Of course!
when do you usually go on twitch?
Seems like never these days :T
on the stream and thought you would be koo to talk to
ooh okay