Stellanox @von_karma
Stellanox @von_karma
Las Vegas, NV
Gamer, Artist, (Health, Fitness, Sports) enthusiast, Cat lady, Euro-Asian mix, Traveler, Foodie, Hipster, Geek, Nerd.
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Describe your ideal first date
I don't have an ideal first date. I take it for what it is.
you have beautiful features
Thank you
How do you usually break up with someone?
Depends what is going on with that particular relationship.
Who is your current celebrity crush?
Emma Watson
This ex that cheated on you.. how could they do that?! You are so beautiful. Why did she cheat on you?
I have no idea why she did or if she really did. I heard from a third person.
Would you have sex with a man for 2 million dollars and world peace?
Why do you think people cheat in general?
because they will like/love what they want and they may not want or need to settle on anything.
Would it bother you if the person you were dating didn't tell you they had slept with 200 people
I think it would bother me if they DID tell me. haha I don't need to know.
What would you name your next/first pet?
It's already been decided Tesla. My Bengal kitty.
Why did you date someone if you knew it wasn't going anywhere?
I didn't know until I got into it of course.
If you were a millionaire would u ask for a prenup?
It depends.
Have you ever been cheated on?
I heard an ex cheated on me or claimed to. I wouldn't be surprised if that one did. Nor do I care. Definitely wasn't going anywhere with that one.
How tall are you?
Would you have sex with a man for 100,000 dollars
Can I be your best friend?
Why do you want to be?
Have you ever loan someone a good deal of money and they not pay you back?
Maybe, maybe not. Interesting question to ask. Why?
Have you ever committed a crime?
Yes. I ate all the cookies.
Did that person apologize for deceiving you?
What your reaction to this person that catfished you
Well. I already suspected it so it wasn't really all that shocking. It just confirmed what I already guessed.
Have you ever been punched/kicked in the vag?
Did you beat the shit out of that person that catfished you?
Who are these people writing you all these questions? Do they know u?
Probably not. I have no idea who these people are.
what happened when you met the person? did they turn out to be a hairy fat man?
Not hairy, but definitely a man.
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Have you ever been catfished?
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