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i can speak and read hokkien and khe but im like in the level 4 from 10 in mandarin :(
I can not speak any dialects at all LOL
i think zitao's the hardest for me to catch what he said. my prof geared us more towards 'standard' (aka Beijing (she said, not me)) chinese so i think that's why i find LH's the most normal(?). u should take ur meds and rest!!
Yup! Luhan has the most normal accent. Very accurate! My friends say I have the taiwan accent LOL
no problem.. its totally okay if you dont follow me hehe .. just wanted to thank you for the effort^^
Oh okay :)
哇~ 我也是新加坡人!可是我还在学习汉语所以我的汉语不太好。heheh am i wrong? chinese is so interesting but super hard! but it's all worth it when i understood LH, YX & ZT duirng TLPSG =) it motivates me to study harder!!
Aww~ 加油! 你做到的! They have the accent though hahaha
do you mind me asking where you're from?
Not at all~ I'm from Singapore
Hi! I love all your sub and pleaseeeeee put a lot of those top right screen words/opinion. Those were really funny and sometimes i look forward to those things rather than the sub itself lmao
LOL Hey~~ Please do read the subtitles too, everyone. Hahaha I put more effort on the subtitles okay!HAHAHAHA but thank you! I'll add as much as I can XD
Hi! Im an exo-l from India. I wanted to thank you for the amazing subs you do. truly apreciated :) would love to be friends.
Aww~ thank you ^^ I assume you want me to follow you? I don't mind but I actually only follow friends that I talk to often ^^
Can you write in word that chinese characters. Bcs I dont understand. >_<
Which one LOL
god luhan si soo HOOOOT!!!
wan an pengyou :)
晚安 :)
can you post some in ur twitter pleeease? also luhan hahaha thanks
I only have this one XD
can you post some in ur twitter pleeease? also luhan hahaha thanks
Hen gaoxing renshi ni. Is that correct? Haha
Yes ^^我也一样! 你在学华语吗?
Haha. Okay. Are you chinese?
Yup! I am :)
ummm can you give me some luhan and sehun's pre debut pic PLEEEEEEEASE? PRETTTY PLEEEEASE?
Because I can /not/ with predebut Luhan.. (also because they only allow one pic per ask LOL)
ummm can you give me some luhan and sehun's pre debut pic PLEEEEEEEASE? PRETTTY PLEEEEASE?
can i have and hd pic the "forth one you said? hahaha thanks
Uhm check best of luck ^^
Okay. Can we be friends here? XD
Of course~ Why not! :)
아아아아아아 난 이제 알고있어요! ssm은 이거였구나~~~~ 개임이예요, 언니...
저도 인제 알겠어요 그래도 감사해요^^
Ssm is superstar sm the press press game
Got it! Thanks! :)
would you still love him if he was called hanhan? hahahahaha lol
OF COURSE but I will never say who my bias is because "OHOHOH MY BIAS IS... hanhan /pukes/" "HEY ARE YOU ALRIGHT?"
Can i have the link for exo 90:2014 episode 3 eng sub ??
Here :)
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Hanhan lol HAHAHAAHAHAH LU HANHAN okaaay corny much hahahaa thanks :)
EXACTLY omg I think I'm gonna puke
I dont think there are hd for those pictures except for the fourth one.
WOW they call him LUHAN i mean complete name why not just HANHAN haha lol nevermind THANKS anyway
Seriously if his name was Han Han I would puke. Lol. But would Luhan even accept that in the first place. You know how MANLY he claims himself to be. "Hello everyone I am EXO's manliest Hanhan~"
what does ssm mean? (referring to chanyeol's tweet abt sehun growing up)
I have no idea LOL
hi umm can you tell me luhan's full name or real name or something cuz i'm a bit confused with his name hahaha
If you see Xi luhan or Luhan xi or whatever stuffs there are on the net, ignore them. It's Luhan and just Luhan. Lu is his last name and Han is his first name. Luhan. Nothing else.