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wangSEja @wangSEja412
Won't be able to reply immediately so please be patient ^^
RSS answers
hi unnie did you miss Luhan always? :/
Not always, but most of the time..
uri jibe wae wanni wae ?
I didn't go to your house haha
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good afternoon :)) how are you  ahoodo☆
Good evening :) haha
love you heheh
Love you too hehe
Hi hi~
Hi :) have u seen this before ? If you have, is alright if you give me the link of the full video? Thank you ^^
I can't open the link ><
can you help me. I don;t know who to ask so I thought that you can help me. I already have exo-l acc. but I didn't get to open the notice/fan board/staff diary. every time when I'm trying to open it, it said the board does not exist. omg I;m getting frustrated. please help me if you know how to fix
I'm so sorry but I have no idea how ><
Unni someone ask Anna wdyt? ><
Didn't she answer with a ss of my reply XD
There's a guy called Lu Han in my campus and i'll be meeting him later :)
Haha does he look like lu though XD
المعلمة بتصك عنا الاسك هههههههههههههههههههههه
morning :)
Good evening(?) Hehe
Arielle, can you tell me how to using meipai? I don't understand chinese language._. Thank you :)))
I don't use meipai, sorry! ><
take selca and show me? :3
So your bias in infinite is sunggyu? His small eyes ㅋㅋ
His tendency to get bully XD
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must believe in yourself! u're beautiful ^^
Lol I'm pretty sure you haven't seen me before though
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I'm from Indonesia. I want to deliver my biggest thanks to The Mongs for your hardwork on subbbing exo 902014. If you come to Indonesia, especially Surabaya, I'll treat you all with bebek goreng. There's the best one in here!  Adisya Prima N S
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How is the weather there? Here in Germany is it cold.
It's been raining heavily almost everyday in singapore. I hate rainy days :c
Have you seen the last episode of MIX & MATCH? :)  Minni
Not yet! I can't bring myself to watch the boys cry :c
Why give up? I think you will get chosen tho
Because they require selcas LOL
do you like infinite? ㅋㅋ
Yes! All of them! Hahaha and especially grandpa leader kyu XD
Do you believe in horoscopes?
Oh my god? I always refer to it XD
then what do you do for living?
Sorry ^_^;
unni are you a teacher? at high school?
Nope ^^
Did you get chosen for mcm worldwide message?
Not sure I gave up on the second day LOL