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what is the meaning of "urinara"?
Uri nara? Our country?
Hello~~ Do you know where I can watch the full episodes of Tao's Law of the Jungle with eng subs?
That I have no idea sorry! (_ _)
I already knew the alphabets and some words in hangul.. based on your preference, i should learn about the vocabulary, grammar n sentence formation or just listen to korean pronunciation / variety show so that it will make me familiar with korean language?
It's best to take proper lessons. If not you can try talktomeinkorean :)
how much time do you think need to learn Korean to understand what is written in Korean
If you're very fast, it'll probably only take a day? If not around a week? Actually a week is quite long though. It depends om how much time you'll give to learn that part. That is the easiest part. What's difficult is to understand and form a sentence.
Wangsejanim, english, korean and mandarin, please rank your fluency /sorry for being random/
Chinese, English, Korean lol
better as in more easier.
It still depends on individuals. I learned to speak first
What's better? to learn to talk in korean first or to write letters in korean first?
Better as in easier, or more preferred or the more popular way or..??
Unnie, do you know the link to stream Tao's LOTJ tonight? I need it and I cannot find it. :(
Check with the fanbases :)
"Is it true that Luhan should have another movie besides Back to 20 but he refuses it? Never heard of that though? " if u can read Chinese:
Oh~ I see I see~
do you happen to know lotj in solomon eng subs? :) been searching but couldn't find any or i think i'm just bad with searching. lol thanks in advance!
Full or tao's cut? It's tao right? You can check with ‎@xiusday :)
Is it true that Luhan should have another movie besides Back to 20 but he refuses it?
Never heard of that though?
Random similarity between you and Luhan?
We are both very shy
are you subbing luhans' mv behind the scene?
There is no bts for lu?
will The Mongs sub the episode later? :-))) respect for all the subbers! <3
Yeah we will :)
unnie can you give me the link of exo 90:2014 ep 7 ?
oh. we are just neighbourhood! :D i'm from malaysia. so.. you can speak malay? :) sorry if i ask too much >.<
Aww hi! Nope I can't XD if you have java issue you could use internet download manager or :D
Thanks! :)
unnie i miss yooou!!
Aww helloooo! ^^
unnie can you recommend me some video downloaders? pleeeeeeease help meeeeeeee
You can try keepvid?
unni.. are you from malaysia?
Nope I'm from singapore :)
good luck on finding your husband :D fighting!  Minni
Thank you XD
Did you guys start subbing ep 10 yet?
It's not even broadcasted yet hahaha
if u happen to find luhan, can u please hug him from me and tell him that evrytng's gonna be alright :") and tell him to eat a lot and dont to worry much that everyone still love him no matter what happen? :")
Aww I hope I'll be able to see him though
unni you seem to have a good day :D good night tho ^^
Yeah I guess so hahaha thank you good night :)