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i hope there will be a lot of problems so you can stay longerrrr
where can i find cool pic from exo?
Fansites or you can check tumblr :)
so do you really friends with Anna? like ...have u met each other?
She lives in indonesia, I live in Singapore. We haven't met each other yet ^^
so today is gonna their last episode? 안돼 TT 가자마!! please dont dissapear from my tl..........
Hahaha yes today is the last episode.. I'll be here for a few more days in case there are problems with the videos. :)
별말씀을요~ am i write it correctly? hahaha. im still learning it >.<
Yup! ^^ Oh~ fighting~
hahahha XD i mean the letter ㅡ?
OH It's 'eu' in Korean HAHAHHAHAHA
YAYYYY!!! i love you, unnie! you are so sporting! hahaha <3
Thank you~hahah ^^
how will you write yeyo in hangul?
what is this ㅡ?
ㅡㅡ <-- this is an emoticon hahaha the eyes
TGIF! TGIF!! hahahaha. *dance like baby baek in exo 902014 ep 6*
Hahahahahaha TGIF YAYYYYY \(^o^)/
seems like you are happy unnie hahahaha
Because it's friday! And im pretty free today haha
i know i know. you'll be like "oh my lu.. lets go date together" then you guys leave me alone HAHAHAHAHA but my sehun will be there too ㅋㅋㅋ
dont worry. lu will always by your side. so that we can go ride the rollercoaster! yeahh! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
If he was there it's impossible to take the rollercoaster HAHAHAHAHAH
oh. hahaha. now i know. unnie, i really want to meet you and then we can go to singapore universal studio together >.<
I cannot with rollercoasters hahahahahaha
Where can you get luhan's pictures in his movie back to 20's?
Weibo. But I found them on my tline. Haha.
What are the language people in Singapore always use? *sorry to ask you this stupid question* -.-
English ^^ some use Chinese, some use Malay, some use Tamil. It depends hahaha.
I'm sorry for this really random question. but I really want to know the price of onigiri in 7-11 in Singapore. Thank you before :)
HAGAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA how would I know I don't even know what that is
Does luhan's back to 20's movie had already realeased it's trailer?
I think they only released the pictures to count down to the press con
Omg is there any event or smt 2 days later? How we will se Luhan? I miss him so bad....
He will be attending the press con of Back To 20!
Unnie >< I am confuse about LOTJ Solomon island didn't Tao appear in episode 1 or did he join halfway dying in the confusion
I didn't watch it. I have no idea :c
Do you like Arizona Icetea? :D
Never heard of that before XD
Happy Halloween!^^
unni can you help vote to luhan pls ><
Of course~
How about meeting the mongs member in Seoul next year :)
See if we are free. Haha