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Won't be able to reply immediately so please be patient ^^
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What do you think people think of you?
Random? I don't know?
What is the least stressful job you can think of?
Your bias' makeup artist or hair stylist. Imagine staring and touching your bias' face/head without receiving weird looks! AND FREAKING APPLYING LIP BALMS ON THEIR LIPS OPPAR I WILL APPLY LIP BALM ON YOUR LIPS WITH MY LIPS COME HERE OPPAR
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Arielle ~ what major you take for univ? i'm still unsure what i want to ><
Just choose whatever you're interested in or benefits you :)
thank you for lubaek sub, unnie!! wangseja jjang!!
No problem~ ^^
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arielle! what do 'moksori' and 'hansang' mean?
Moksori means voice
Hansang? Do you mean hangsang as in 항상? It means always
but i thought aegisub is for softsub? how to make it hardsub?
By encoding using avidemux which was what I said ^_^;;
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unni, how do you make hardsub?
Aegisub and the avidemux to encode
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unnie, do you have '131102 luhan and baek at quiz that change the world' subbed?
Is it still not subbed yet hehehe glad to hear that, i asked Cara unni to tell you that i miss u once she meet you >o<
Aww~ hahaha thank you ^^
Unni have you meet Cara unni?
Yup! Twice. Gonna meet her soon!
is smtown not release the song ( december 2014 ) on youtube? D:
On 22nd i think ^^
do u know if luhan's movie will also be shown in other asian countries?tnx!:)
Not sure but I hope so too!
Glad you still into them even just a bit. I hope you still subbing and helping ppl with so much fun. I miss your subs and your dorky comments sometimes.
Even if I'm not into them anymore I think I will still sub their videos if it's with the mongs hahaha
Who are the members of the mongs?
‎@kyeongsew @103oclock ‎@exokiss88
Color 'loser' i think it's pretty literal ^_^; and 'please re-entering after existing'. Like if you wanna go for a second round you have to wait for your next life.
If exo have their own show again will you sub them in the future?
Yeah. Has been waiting, still waiting hahaha #foreverwaiting
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are u a fangirl or fanboy?  HappinessDelight
Girl :)
Some people think that this app doesn't relatable and lame anymore. Do you agree with this opinion?
Everyone has their own way of thinking. I still find it fun to read and answer questions though. One of the things I look forward to do everyday ^^ So I'm totally fine with whatever I get :)
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do you have instagram account? if yes, what's your account username?
whats your ig username?
Sorry.. ^_^;
what's wangseja means? it is your name?
Wangseja means crown prince in korean
Why Luhan? Why not meeee? - Minseok
Minseoie cuter than me me not happy so me choose Lulu sowwy minseokkie
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Who is your fav LuHan's fansite?
Han-i ^^
hi! um just to tell you the anon who asked you about the exo event thing, the event is actually the event that is held on the exo-l fanclub. the one where you get a chance to meet exo. and the results are already out (i guess they email the winners).
Thank you~
How many hours do you sleep at night?
12 hours on weekends, 5-6 on weekdays?