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i miss them...:( not much news about them...the last news is they prepare for second album..
They should be back soon. I'm looking forward! Kya~♡
who you like in winner....^^
Kangnam ♡ actuallyall but more towards the maknaes
wangseja-nim~ who's your bias in winner & ikon? have you decided it yet? i like namtae first in winner but now i'm immersed to jinuㅠㅠ and in ikon i can't decided who's my bias yet, i keep going back and forth from jinhwan to yunhyeong and also hanbinㅠㅠ
In winner, hmm.. all 5 hahaha okay maybe more to kangnam. And ikon, I'm not really into them but hanbin and bobby.
what does inner circle fandom means?
inner circle is the name for winner's fandom
waaah i have a friend here...since when you like them n which member do you like the most????
Since.. Hmm.. After I watched Mix & Match I went to re-watch WIN again and then I started watching WINNER TV and tadah! So basically iKON brought me into the Inner Circle fandom
Because u're different
Hahaha That's nice to hear :) you like winner???
Of course. A bunch of idiots hahaha
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Hey, just popping by to say THANK YOU! I took your advice from like half a year ago, but I haven't had the chance to say thanks! BTW, I miss your constant craziness on my tlist. But anyways, tysm! And please don't feel pressurized about subbing (people have are too expectant lol) MISS YOU :D  Misxing You
Aww I hope you're doing well :) And thank you! ♡
When u decided to stop some day, please stay in this fandom. So that we won't feel lost T_T
Why? lol This fandom has so many subbers, translators, fanbases so on. There is nothing we lack of. We have like more than enough subbers while the others only had one or two to depend on.
It's okay if u rest for a while from subbing. But don't leave us oppa~ T_T
I've rested for forever LOL How long has it been since I last announced my hiatus lol The thing is once I stop, it's hard to start again.
Arielle I'm studiying korean rn, I hope I could do this so I could help you for subbing hehe I don't want being burden to you and another subber >.<
Actually, you don't have to know korean to help a subber. You could learn how to typeset or time the subs. That is more helpful, imo. And faster too.
you said you want to move on TT
Yeah. I /have/ to move on some day right? It's just a matter of time and will.
5 accounts -O.O- How could you manage it ?
I basically don't manage them. I'm never there LOL
did you make another twitter account (other than wangSEja412) so you could separate your fangirl account and rl?
I have 5 other accounts.
smelly wank wank arielle  jermaine
For special reasons I'm gonna let you off this time (=_=)
nooooo don't leave TT
Leave who left what what happened (O_O)
i hope you find back the thing that motivate you to sub!! i love the mongs subbing team by the way~ fighting!
Thank you~♡ I hope so too. Why? :((( Are you feel pressured?
I don't know. Maybe it's time I move on.
what's motivate you to sub? :) have a nice day Arielle <(^.<)
I don't remember anymore. I used to sub because I have something to keep me going but now I drag to sub like it has become something I am expected to do and not something I enjoy doing anymore.
Wang Oppa *say your name like Ju-on*  아피
Don't make me eat you up
Then are Mr.slashMs. Wang Wang?
Yeah one can never satisfy me
Wang Wang oppa is back? Did you learn how to make your 'fire' with Chanyeol ㅋㅋㅋ XD
Wang Oppa was eaten up by me MUAHAHAHAHAHA
freestudio!! can i have the link to download it plz
Just google it
넌 필요해....
뭘 필요한데..?
주무세요 is a formal speech. It's weird to say 주무하자 instead, you can use 자자 (let's sleep) or 잘자 (sleep well) ^^