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Can i ask you to share your 'time' part for subtitle of ' KBS Return of Superman' for me?. I will indicate the source being carried away. I come from an EXO fanpage in Vietnam

dm me!

unnie will the mongs do the subbing for IC?

Are we? @babyxiumin @exokiss88 @chokyulate13 @hundredthreeoclock @hunseuls

Watch this to brighten up your night :)

Aww πŸ’• thank you! Now everyone who sees this will become happy too! 😊

Choose any company in the world you would like to run - what is the first thing you would do?


When you feel down and lost, what do you usually do to cheer up?

It depends on situation. If I feel upset about a certain action by someone I care about, I would rant it all out on social media or in my phone's notepad or something. Whether to publish it or not depends on yourself. If I feel lost, in terms of not knowing what to do after graduation or what I want to achieve in life, I would talk to someone about it. I would usually ask them what they are planning to do with their life and from there I think about what I actually want, and can achieve. But set the target a little higher than what you think you can achieve so you'll be more motivated to work harder.

Your bias are sick ..... Turns out he is transforming to a MONSTER !! will u still date him? Will u still be the lucky one?

I Love Exo-L

Alright, if this is a fanfic ad just link your fic i'll share it for you.

if u need to choose between become a monster or you want to be the lucky one ... WHT WILL U CHOOSE?

I Love Exo-L

Is this a fanfic ad or..?

why exo always got lots of hater?

I Love Exo-L

Like I always say with popularity comes hate. Hate doesn't always have to be a bad thing. If you can turn that hate into love, you'll get unwavering support. So yeah. We do what we do, as long as we don't intentionally offend or hurt others.

wang wang wang are you still bias with kai exo

I was, and then luhan happened. so nope lol

If I could say something to your bias right now what would it be?

If //I// could say something to my bias, I would probably tell them to always stay humble stay healthy and stay positive.

He tells the most beautiful experience of meeting you had with an idol

He who? hahaha never met any of them but if I do, i'll make sure to tell of it!

You have a photo with your ultimate bias ? If yes, you can post it ?

never met any of them, i did dream of nam joohyuk last night and i took a photo with him too bad it was all just a dream 😧

What was the most beautiful impression that an idol has given you?

the one i love the most is when i see how thoughtful and respectful an idol can be when it comes to interactions with fans.

Happy Day Guys ^^ may what you will went through doesn't stop you from keep going. pray for world peace. LOVE ; *

Thank you so much dear, same goes to you. πŸ™†

Hello! We're Chanyeol's Turkish fanpage-EXO Chanyeol Turkey. We thought that we should ask for your permission to translate your "140508 Roommate Unrevealed Footages - EXO Chanyeol" to Turkish in the first place.Can we translte to turkish and share it onour YouTube channel with your credit?Thank u<3


Apologies for the late reply! Please go ahead. And thanks for being so nice to ask me about this! πŸ’•

I gained weight :(

lose it hahaha

Arielle :((

why why why??? 😯

Hello! I read the webtoons you recommended last time, do you have any new ones to recommend? Your recommendations were very interesting!

glad to hear that! you can try reading Flow!

are you from sg? btw thanks for subbing all the videos of exo


how long have u been subbing the videos? and may i know how long does it takes for you to learn korean and fully understand it? hope u have a nice day

almost a year before I went into infinite hiatus if you count the hiatus then 2 years plus? I didn't really learn like go to sites or have proper lessons most of my vocab is from tv ^^;; almost four years to catch up with recent slangs

do you have like a private fanacc for you to rants

my only account is the account I use to rant LOL but usually afrer a day or two i clear away negative tweets πŸ˜…

When was your last timeyou ate chicken?

I always eat chicken LOL because I don't often eat any other meat πŸ–πŸ‚πŸ

I'm a ghost >< Are you scared of ghosts?

I'm the kind of person who doesn't believe in ghost but will still get scared LOL

hiii. can you suggest some beautiful kdrama or movie? i'm so bored and i feel like watching kdramas since i'm still waiting for DOTS new episode πŸ˜‚ thank yooou! πŸ’•

I kept telling myself to watch DOTS but I kept getting distracted by other videos! hahaha! I haven't been watching any dramas recently πŸ˜“ perhaps you can watch page turner

do u not longer subbing for exo now?

i still do join my mongs to sub if there's anything to sub but not on my own anymore ^^;;