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helloooo when is the Mega links coming? thank uuu so much wangSEja or wangLUja!!!!! hihihih
Oh yup. Will share it rn now hahaha
did you sub ep3 in hd???
Uhm yes! The hd is done processing already! :)
thank you for subbing. ily
Thank you ^_^
In 10 minutes? Wahhhh. Thank you thank you thank you for your great work.
Just estimately hahaha
hiii, do u know where i can find exo 902014 ep 2 eng subbed? thank you!
@.kyeongsew's did! Go to her dailymotion.
thank you guys for your great effort in subbing exo 90:2014!! please share my appreciation to ‎@kyeongsew as well \:D/
Cc: ‎@kyeongsew
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hi from ep 2 until ep 3 is there no baekhyun?? EXO:90
Baek will be on the 4th episode!
hi, regarding 90'14E03.. do you have softsub file? maybe sync for 720p vid
Sorry we dont.
That video will turn to hd? How long will it takes time to turn hd? Sorry for my english
It's still processing. At 91% now. Probably 10 minutes?
would u like upload the video on mediafire or vimeo?
Will try ^^
i wanna ask youuuuu what does 생각났대 means?is it 'he/she just remembered it'?
do you translate full caption? ^^
Nope, won't be able. We did some though. Most of them are just what they spoke.
when you're done subbing, will u upload it to mega uplaod? or will u just upload it to a streaming site? just asking! thank uuu for ur hardwork!!!!
Will upload it on Mega too!
Thank you for subbing . Fightinggg. I'm your new fan btw. Hhihi
Hahaha thank you ^^ FIghting!
hello, do you think you can finished sub ep 3 by the latest tomorrow? bcoz i cannot watch it on monday. sorry for asking
I suppose I can :)
Omg!! Im so sorry if you feel offended. I didnt mean it. for me it just part of formal sentence to show some respect to u. (as what ive learnt in my past time for writing formal letter. Lol) seriously, it doesnt mean anything to offence u. sorry T.T
I get it :) But I still can't guarantee it'll be out within today, but I'll try.
hi there.. i hope, i mean really-really-seriously hope you will upload the eng sub for exo 90:2014 today or maybe tonight or midnight because tomorrow i have to register my new semester which mean no-high-speed-wifi-to-download-exo-video-anymore.. ill appreciate your consideration. 제발~~~ ㅠㅠ
Uh... I would love to help, but I can't guarantee. About you asking for my/our consideration, I/we don't actually sub just for one person. (I hope this doesn't sound offensive. If it does, I'm really sorry.) So it kind of offended me when I read your last sentence. But I'm gonna assume you just phrase it the wrong way. If possible, we'll try to finish it within today. Do check our twitter from time to time :)
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you sub Ep3 w/ anna,how?
She subs one half and I sub the other? Lol
hope you will sub caption of EP3 too ^^
Only the important ones ^^
Good to hear nothing happen so i dont hv to catch up many things hahaha. And yes i'm about to watch my boy in ep 2 kyaaaa so excited!!  야니
I know right?hahahaha Stuck between wanting more updates and NO MORE UPDATES PLEASE XD
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Yo yo yo girl. Have you been well? Is there anything i miss? I've been away for almost 2 weeks i think lol and i'm lazy to open my twitter hahah  야니
Omg you've been away for so long! Nothing much actually, just 902014 episodes hahaha
hello~~ is 90:2014 2 subbed yet? i cant find it in ur channel :( or are u not subbing it? hehe thank you
Finishing soon! Because I'm not at home until later at night around 10? So it'll probably be up by 2am kst? Sorry for the wait!
wangseja, is there anyone subbing exo die jungs dvd ?
I saw a few going around but I can't find them back now I'm sorry