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내가 궁금합니다~ ㅋㅋㅋ 미안해~
죄송해요 셀카주는생각이없어요 마안합니다
Selca 주세요 ~
Yo Yo Yo i love u~ fr.luhan.hehe
do you remember that MNET WIDE has a section for EXO called EXO FILE..?? what happen to it.. does it ended just like that.. and you subbed it right..?? can you give me the link of the last episode that you subbed.. please.. pretty please.. :)
Check :) it just ended when they decided to use the name 'exo file' as teaser name for exo 902014
Are you hungry? :)
Uhm no hahaha
You can write korean right ? Can you speak in korean too ? I'm just curious no offend please .
I can write and speak basic korean. :)
where di you update about kpop?
I don't even update myself? People told me about them.
o.o then means u just memorize everything u know??
what's the difference between 이/가 and 은/는
I don't learn Korean that way sorry ><
Luhan has recovered well enough to be attending beijing tlp. So happy he is well !!!!
Can you link me the news please
Wangseja.. if you are in a situation where you can only safe either Luhan or Taeyong from drowning which one will you choose.. the answer cannot be both or neither.. hehe.. :)
Isn't this obvious hahahaha
unnie do you know jaehyun of sm rookies? whats his real name or full name pleaaaaaaaaseee
I am not a fanbase, I'm sorry. I only know taeyong. LOL
hahahahaha unnie it's impossible for meranda kerr and sehun to be together cuz i think miranda kerr is dating someone else and she has a child with orlando bloom who i think i still hung up with her i kept on laughing about your post on twitter hahahaha just sharing..
bok bok what is your favourite fruit? :)
do you have a real boyfriend? not Luhan, Sehun, Chanyeol, or any EXO members! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
No nope can you help what the difference between this two? How can one have the duration more longer than the other one?
Probably cut out the boring part xoxo doesn't really show much backstage of exo it's a documentary
hi, can i add you on LINE? :)
Of course :)
how old are you?
what did you usually do to spent your time? beside subbing of course :)
Ooh~ Finally a question different from the others. Thank you~ I don't have much time to myself tbh But when I do, I watch videos on YT.
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what is your line id
Go ahead, spam me. could you translate this please?? if its not too troublesome. thank you!
Almighty marjo translated it
Because it's Chanyeol
eonni.. do you know the message that lay posted on weibo today??
Nope I don't lol didnt have time to update myself. Neither am I diligent enough to scroll baek