Mika Watanabe @watanabemika
Mika Watanabe @watanabemika
I am responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.
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how do you get the instrumental music? like the one on suit and tie
Oh youtube
how do you record for your soundcloud?
Wala i just record with my phone
Have you ever thought of living with your dad?
Yes, for college haha
You dont have an eyelash curler but you just use mascara by itself?
Ur moms not a virgin. HA.
Oh no disaster
u just go out everyday
do u and sam live together lol
Do you have an eyeshadow palette? What? Then what brand of eyelash curler do ya use
I dont haha
how did you celebrate your 17th birthday?
Went camping with sam
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Does your dad live in Japan? How often do you get to see him?
My dad lives in vegas
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What happens when your mom has a liking for a guy as young as you, how would you play it out?
Wtf she wouldnt thats disturbing af hahah
Kinda curious of how its like to have a parent in a non marital relationship... How do you feel when you know they're making love or atleast making out? 😅
I don't know... HAHA
Hi how old r u
are you close to your mom? and her bf? :)
So they don't card you na if you look old enough? Like even sa hyve?
Oh hyve is really strict :)) i ask help from my tito na
Do u need a fake id for black market or valk? Cause im planning to go but im obvs underage :(
Idk hahaha i try to look old when i go out
Hahaha I can't even send you friend request din pala, message lang ang option hahaha p.s I'm no stalker pls believe me
Hahaha message me nlng
do you wax your legs?
Where are u guys going tom? :)
Maybe black market :)
R u matakaw
U guys should go out!! Fort adventures
We're going out tomorrow!!! Hehe stayin in tanaytt cause jamina is sick
So in short my would-be friend request have no chance of being accepted waaaah hahaha omg ang saket saket
Sino ba to hahaha tell me ur name nalang kasi
Where'd u get ur blue top in ur pic here?
magaling ba sumayaw si jamina?
Did you ever go to valk or black market since you live near
I dont rly go to clubs but recently the palace and hyve lang haha