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Mika Watanabe @watanabemika
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cute kaayo mo ni sam
Hehe salamat!!
why do you and Sam know bisaya? :))
Im cebuana and i teach him some words haha
Suya-a lagi sa inyo ni sam bai.Kamong duha ba kay sweet kaayo.Pildi pa ang amigas
Hahahaha salamat!
kagwapa ba nimo oy
Haha salamat kaayo!!
pwede kita kausapin ng bisaya? :)
The girl I have a "thing" with is mad at me bc I offended her in some way and we haven't talked for two weeks na
Oh man... What'd you say anyway
do you sing?
just a lil bit
Mika can you help me with something :(
What is it?
sa belleveu din js namin. is dance floor small?
Medj hahahaha
who danced with u in prom?
Drew A, Andrew P, Aljun M, and Juan A + my girl friends
pap of your signiture post mo nung prom?
Basically basta kita likod HAHAHAHAH kainis
pap of your signiture post mo nung prom?
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pap of your favorite picture sa prom. pls
Lav this photo
pap of your favorite picture sa prom. pls
do tou waxed your underarm?
huhu. its so hard
Its not haha dont overthink it! It's just prom :) just enjoy and chill
how? i mean how to start the conversation. im freaking out
Don't freak out! Chill ka lang hahaha just ask him "how's your life" then make kwento about anything funny ask him to make kwento also haha
mika please help me. hindi ko alam kung anong pag uusspan namin pag nasayaw kami ng slow dance for prom :(
Well, based from my experience, nung sinayaw ako ng mga friends ko, medj awkward nga pero we just talked about how our lives were ahahaha kwento kwento lang bout things.
what does butog mean? :)) haha
Idk that HAHAH
what about "saan tayo pupunta?" Hehe sorry im so curious :))
Asa ta muadto
what about "sobrang gusto kita"
Ganahan kaayo ko nimo
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cebu language translation of "sobrang nakakainis ka"
Makasaput kaayo ka
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Whats your snapchat? Hehe
You didn't go to school today?
Yep still sick haha but im feeling quite better
gusto ko kayo marinig ni sam nagbibisaya :)
Snapchat! Haha
bat ba ang cute nyo ni sam naiinggit tuloy ako
Hahahahhaahha salams ❤️
oh get well soon po, wheres sam hehe
He's in his house haha