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Mika Watanabe @watanabemika
I am responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.
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Can I take you out for dinner?  Leandro M
r u like asking me out on a d8
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Do i know you? :))
Well then, I better start earning money for dinner lol....
Who are u anyway :))
In particular, generally I'm really good with numbers; can I have yours?
Are you serious with the Japanese dinner thing?
As friends lang hahahah
Can I take you out on a Japanese dinner?
As friends, sure!
I bet you love sushi and tempura?
Depends if its good quality tempura :-)
Omg she's a poser she posted a pap with your mom
I know right pls help
The nica girl copied your bio too lol
Ya fml
Check Nica0813 here on ask. She's using your photo lol
Dis nigga needs to stop friends help me start a revolution
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My love for you is equivalent to my love for tempura and sushi, I am in no way a fan of anime. I'm not Japanese though. :(
This is adorable HAHAHAHHAH
what time is your volleyball training ba
3:45 - 7:30 everyday lol :(
how do you manage club/org responsibilities, social life, and school + other stuff you do?
Idek man... I'm already having such a hard time with volleyball everyday + school :((((
What type of guy do you like?
Funny and mabango
What's this dlsz crushes thing?
U message da account and shoutout ur love anonymously hahahahah so cute
If you could be a disney princess who would you be
Ariel or giselle
If youll go to a proncess party what would you wear
A gown
Not that I'm a stalker but you said something about walking to Resorts world do you live near Resorts world or you were in a hotel?
I live across resorts world
Why don't u talk to Mike anymore ba yan Miks
I LUV U MIKE ur the one not talking to me huhuhu college boy
Clue : a video snap of Break Free
Ahhhh hahaha hello
Well, haha. But yeah, I'm from chorale!
Who's this? :-)
Favorite Sport Team Attire in the Pep Rally?
Football hahaha heels
It wasn't obvious from the first question? Haha
Di masyado hahahah
What club are you na?
Volleyball :-) LOL
you goin to btfs?
Irdk hahaha maybe