ano souvenir mo nung nagdebut ka?


San magandang salon magpa hair and make up for prom? Suggest at least 3 pls :----(

I had my hair done at south salon last yr for prom

Hi. Can you help me? My ex left me because he said he was gonna study but then it turns out i got replaced. It hurts a lot knowing that i wasnt good enough. How do i idk...survive??? :((

Move on. He didn't see what was right in front of him and what he had, don't cry for guys like that. You'll be okay. Keep yourself busy!

when is ur prom?

I only have gradball this year hehe march 20 with my Sam love finally ❤️

How much mag patahi? HUHU we dont have budget for like 20K dress just for 1 night :(

I got mine last year for 10k! I heard thats pretty cheap na for a prom dress tho it still sounds like lotsa money for me

kay Ana Vitangcol ka pa rin ba nagpatahi?

Yes! :)

Mika where'd u get your make up done for prom?

My mom does my makeup for everything hehe

do you use Spotify? And if yes free or premium?


Whyy not!!? But trust me! Better to be thinner than fatter talaga... Are you genetically like that? Or do you not like food..

I love food more than anything

So im holding on to that "aayusin natin to" Im turning 18 this yr and he promised na he'll be there para sa 18 roses ko. What dya think is it ok and healthy for me to wait thank you!! Hehehe please delete all of these im afraid kasi he might see like ill tell u when i see it na hahahah thank youuu

I don't think you should keep waiting for someone like that...unless you think it's really worth it. Labo din kasi ng ganyan eh. On and off. It's like you already know how its gonna end anyway so bat uulit ulitin mo pa? Parang ganun... Kung gusto niyo ayusin yan, wag kayo mag hintay ng "someday", ayusin nyo na kaagad. If he needs time alone to do things that might "hurt" you, then thats just really stupid..... Things that will hurt you like what? Flirt with other girls and stuff?

Girl, kung bumabalik lang siya sayo if di nagworkout relationship nya sa ibang girl, wag nalang. Parang ginawa ka niya ring back up. If it doesn't workout with this girl, ok lang kasi nandyan ka naman. You don't deserve that. No girl does. You deserve to be the first and only choice. Don't settle for that kind of set up. Trust me, masasaktan ka lang. Well ganun naman talaga pagnagmamahal, nasasaktan. Pero sana alam mo rin kung hanggang saan. So ya yun lang masasabi ko... If you really wanna save what you have, do something about it now. Don't wait for that "someday" cause you never know you guys might drift apart before you even get to fix it. Sorry if my answer hurt you in anyway, real talk lang :( feel ko mas okay if you message me like on fb or something. You can vent to me and all!

Would you accept a person from your past? Despite of what the person did?

I guess, yeah. Siguro pag may pinagsamahan kami.

Mika do you shave ur legs or wax? At what age did you start? cause i'm almost 16 na and my mom wont allow me to shave or do anything :((

I shave my leg hair hehe i started at like 13? Why not daw?? Btw its not true when ppl say ur hair grows thicker, well at least it doesnt naman for me

where do u buy k palette? what's ur everyday makeup

Watsons or sm dept store :) just concealer, lip n cheek tint, mascara and eyebrow liquid pen

EH ME GAHHAAAD 94..?!??? How... Please please please teach me

Omg if i could be like a 110 or something i would like seriously 94 lbs is no fun :(

did u get your hair rebonded?

Yes po

how do you do your brows? like what products do u use and where do you get them waxed/threaded?

I shape them myself and shave the "excess" hair. Then i use k-palette liquid brow pen in shade 02 hehe

Pls how to be thin like you..??? You're 5'3" and 105lbs right!?

I'm only 94 lbs :(

and how do you selfie

Idk :-( im not so good at that

Where do u buy your clothes omg

Wherever there is sale hahaha

Where do u get ur eyebrows done? It's so on fleek

Omg thank u hehe i shave them myself

What if someone you love is hurting you but they don't even know?

Let them know

How do you forget something that keeps on hurting you?

Even i dont know how :( we're in this together gurl

wr'd u bought ur HW white shorts


Hey Mika we have d same top yung suot mo nung christmas ahaha it's from bershka diba

Cute!!! Matchy matchy HAHAH yup

may close friends ka ba in ateneo sino

Wala masyado pero may mga friends ako from there :)


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