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Mika Watanabe @watanabemika
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Are you a varsity or something sa CSA before?
Deins lol
Diba you're from CSA din?
Before haha
ano yung CSA?
Colegio san agustin
You and Sam are both 16?
Yup but he's turning 17 in 2 weeks and im turning 17 march pa lol
ilang taon kana and sam? :)
san nag aaral si Sam?
Csa makati
Hus your promdate?
Nobody lol
What's the style of your prom dress? Did you like sketch it out yourself or you used like an inspo? Hehe
I had a peg hehehe you'll see my prom dress soon lelz
How high will your shoes be?
3 and a half inches?
But do sams parents onow u? Omg sbeak peek palang sobrang ganda nuhh!! Hows your dad? What does your dad think of sam? Howd u meet diane mendoza?
Yeah, i met them na hahahah thank you im excited for the last fitting on thursday!! My dad is same old crazy jaye hahaha! Of course my dad scared sam with his guns but they havent really met and all he really cares about is if Sam makes me happy :)) diane's my batchmate, we got closer when I was in the volleyball team cos we were partners in everything haha
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whats your prom dress like?? :)
well, here's a really small preview :) hehehe it's not yet done tho
whats your prom dress like?? :)
You and sam should rlly make tumblr couple vidslike jared and savannah malay mo madiscover kayo magkakafandom pa kayo #samika
Maybe! Hahaha we'll see :)
Who is sa going to prom with? Who is your mom dating? Can u post pocs of your prom dress? Where are you getting your prom dress made? Any pos o u from 4th grade? Have u met sams parents? Sarry so many questions your ao kewl kasi
Sam's going to prom with Jamina Cruz :) my mom's dating her boyfriend lol i'll post pics of my prom dress after prom hehe i'm having it made by a family friend! I've met sam's parents haha
Is he like the sweetest/nicest guy to you?
Definitely :) not always the nicest, but i love him anyway
Have u ever kissed sam in the lips
Just a lil bit
what does Momol mean
Move on move on lang
how r ya doin? :))
Happy :-) you?
i remember those days when u made kwento wt me about u having a crush on sam during 4th grade! I knew you'd end up together haha i ship you both!! Stay strong to you both!
Who's this omg HAHAHAH thank you!!! ❤️ it was the best most unexpected thing ever
Pretty stupid that you can't bring outsiders to prom
It is, isnt it
ulol tangina he told his friends
Andrew told me that too, that he told his friends that i'm paying him and shit and being the gago guy he is, he really didn't mean that lol i'm talking to him rn about his promposal.
i want a boyfrind lol so sad
It'll come hahahah
Why are you forcing andrew to go to prom with you? Desperate much! you're even paying him damn
andrew's not asking me to prom? And i'm not paying him? Wtf he's taking someone else, in fact im even helping him. Get your shit straight
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why is it complicated?
It actually started in the summer but i turned him down (even if he was my forever crush since 4th grade lol) basta a lot of shit happened, amazing how we ended up together hahahahahah ❤️
Does ur mom like sam?
A lot haha
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how long did he court you before he legit asked you
2 months i think?? Lol its a rly long story n very complicated