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Mika Watanabe @watanabemika
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hi im a different anon but whaaaaaat ahaha jane and michael 4ever!!
sino sino ang mga kasama mo kahapon at ngayon?
Well i was in school yesterday so friends then later at night, sam and his family. Today i was with sam
waah i love that show too!! (jane the virgin) im done with season 1 but i watch it over and over again HAHAAH I love petra!!
duuude rafael and jane ❤️❤️❤️
what did you do yesterday?
Watched a movie w sam and his family
Madonna nalang! 57,000 Lang HAHAHAHAH
laslas na dud HAHAHHA sa parking lot nalang ako
nakakuha ka na ba ng tickets for Ariana grande???? 😭
WALA la akong pera fuq :((
pretty girls in your batch
Everyone's pretty but my woman crushes are patti c, reiner s, sydney e, pam r!
- the waiting will all be worth it, pls i need to hear it from someone with the experience of finding a new love because diba its much easier to feel better when the person you're talking to is experienced with the situation because she understands you :( THANK YOU
Don't worry so much about it!!!! There is so much more out there for you! Love can wait! Go be somebody! ❤️
hi, well im sad over my ex and it's not helping at all na he has a new girl and they're so happy so i just wanna hear from someone like you, someone who has an ex and found someone new to tell me that things are gonna get better and waiting for my new love will make me and happy and -
Hey! It's okay that you're hurt right now. I don't wanna say something really really long n stuff. But just feel the pain. Just let it be. Break ups suck, but always remember that some things fall apart so better things can fall together. I can't tell you that he's just a boy cause I'm sure he meant a lot to you. But I promise the pain will go away! Just be strong, gurl. I know you are!
What's haliparot and what's hou
Haliparot means like malandi hahaha
Just want to know how u guys text as a couple hahahah
Just want to know how u guys text as a couple hahahah
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Mika, how do you know if a guy likes you? :/
Idk hahaha i cant tell when a guy likes me either... Sorry
tips on how to have a healthy relationship??
Communication, COMPROMISE, and trust..
How's your iPhone? It has no dents right??
It does haha my phone is like slowly dying
can u post a pic of u and sam's convo? =)
Why haha
Hi mika!!
is jane the virgin nice? :) and is it like drama or comedy or what hihi thank you
Its both!!! Ahhhh its my fave show dude
How will i know kung love ko ba yung isang tao? explain ate pls :(
Sorry pero look at my previous answers nalang nasagot ko na to :(
he has brothers!!!
Ya the older one has a gf and the other one is 9 haha
Is there another lim for me?!!
He's not gonna be a lim but i'm sure theres a guy out there for you who'll treat you the way you deserve to be treated :)
mika :((( I want a lim too :((
im a very lucky girl ❤️
MIKA :(((((
Hi :(
top 10 fav. song?
I can't choose hahahaha but i've been listening to Ariana Grande lately :(( My Everything HUHU
whats csa?
Colegio san agustin makati
Youre from zobel and you transferred to cebu or???
i transferred to csa lol