Mika Watanabe @watanabemika
Mika Watanabe @watanabemika
I am responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.
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Is Leo ur boyfriend?
I'm always intrigued by this but aren't tight pants suppose to be uncomfortable and is there a reason why teenage girls wear it often? Not that I've anything against tight garments, but I'm just curious on why you girls like to wear it? BTW I like wearing shorts because they're comfortable!
They're ok lol it only gets irritating when its hot outside and ya
so your right boob has a mole hahahahahasaw it
Nope, it doesn't LOL
what is btfs? and are you going?
Its a party. Pwidi piro dipindi
Do you know Ziggy Watanabe?
What's your height?
Y it depends?
Why wat
Are u going to btfs?
do you still fix your brows whenever you go out? like do you fill them in?
Not always. Kakatamad eh hahahha
where'd ya get your top and shorts that you wore during the concert?
pano yung no makeup makeup? like ano ginamit mo
Powder, blush, mascara
ano shoes mo nung disclosure
Nude sandals
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omg you drink tanduay ice??? you're not even 18 yet
K lung yan
what products did you use for your makeup nung disclosure
The usual no makeup makeup lol
post a pic of your ootd nung disclosure
post a pic of your ootd nung disclosure
Can I take you out for dinner?  Leandro M
r u like asking me out on a d8
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Do i know you? :))
Well then, I better start earning money for dinner lol....
Who are u anyway :))
In particular, generally I'm really good with numbers; can I have yours?
Are you serious with the Japanese dinner thing?
As friends lang hahahah
Can I take you out on a Japanese dinner?
As friends, sure!
I bet you love sushi and tempura?
Depends if its good quality tempura :-)
Omg she's a poser she posted a pap with your mom
I know right pls help
The nica girl copied your bio too lol
Ya fml