Mika Watanabe @watanabemika
Mika Watanabe @watanabemika
I am responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.
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how r u and leo?
Not together
What church do you go to?
Victory fort
I really miss you. Can we talk more pls
Were you affected when your mom and dad split?
I wasnt born
do you have a boyfriend?
How did your phone break?
Diane mendoza
have you ever commuted?
Ang ganda mo!!! Nagtatagalog ka ba? Hahaha. Are you from CSA? How much is the tuition there? Ganda mo talagaaa. I love your hair! I love you!! -ur fan ❤️❤️
Nagtatagalog po hahahaa i'm not from csa .)) i used to be though. Thank you!!
U r my fashion icon!!!!
Thanks :)
Can't believe you have a scandal :(
Your mom is Japanese pala?? What's your dad's surname
Del rosario
Do you live with your mom or dad
But Watanabe? :o
I'm using my mum's surname
Wow but she's so pretty!! And she doesn't look Japanese :((
She is, isn't she? Hahaha cute (my dad isnt japanese lol)
Wow but she's so pretty!! And she doesn't look Japanese :((
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Who dropped your iphone bayaran kaya nila
Diane hahahah i told her to pay half lang :)) its all good lolz
Does your sister have a different dad
Different mom
Describe Janel,Bryan, and Alonzo
Kul sila
How do you record your covers huhu do you use a mic or somethin
I used to use a mic but kktmd hahahaha
What happened to your 5s?
my friend dropped it
So ur leaving zobel??
I'm not leaving dafuq? Hahahah
Do u know these popular guys in soph? Josh mendiola, Tim cortes, Bryan herbosa, migz Castro, andrei sajulga, julio banzon, dean agoncillo, moses webb and I forgot the others na cuz they're soo many haha, do u know them all personally or by name??
I know them
Hi bæ
Isn't Enderun the rich kid's school?
Im applying for a scholarship lolz
What is your Song of the week?
Fiona coyne by saint pepsi omfg