Mika Watanabe @watanabemika
Mika Watanabe @watanabemika
I am responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.
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What is better the truth even if it hurts, or a lie?
Truth syempre
are you open to saying things?
What do u mean
what are u wearing tomorrow ate?
Not even sure if im going :( im sick af
This is a really important question for me so please answer seriously because I love you style is okay <3 what would/should you wear when meeting your bf's parents for the first time? Please help I'm so nervous and I don't know what to wear!
Jeans or a dress! Hehe basically, you just really need to look decent :) i wore jeans and a simple top hehe
Whens the last time u have talked to ur dad?
A month ago i think huhu
How do u introduce a bf to your parents?
Over lunch/dinner? Hahaha i have no idea
How long is ur hair right now? Curious lang how can I show the guy that I like that Icare for him without being too landi or papansin
My hair is growing fast actually hahaha mga super near chest level... Um you can show him that you care about him w/o being malandi just by being a good friend to him hahaha
Hi mika curious lang how do u keep a good relationship with ur bf I need help eh :( by the way wheres u gyer ideas of goig to the home for the aged its soo cute try mo naman next sa orpahange
Hey! Being in a relationship is definitely not easy.. You go through a lot of shit hahahah but its all worth it anyway. I guess you just really have to be honest and loyal to each other. I've been having a blast with my current relationship hehe and its not even a lot of work, actually. We do different things. Go on different adventures...and the best part is when you realize that its the kind of relationship that makes you grow (better) as a person; and because of that, you're just genuinely contented and happy with life.
I honestly don't know how we got the idea....but most of the time, whatever cool unusual idea that pops into our heads, we do it w/o hesitation hahahaha
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Do you remember your first kiss?
Yup, it was awkward
How many pillows do you sleep with?
I need at least 2... One for my head and one in between my legs
Pap of you and Sam. Recent please
Pap of you and Sam. Recent please
What is csa?
a school
Where did you take your dp??
Cable car
So if he asks u its a yes?
No cos i dont know him hahaha i wouldnt wanna go to prom with someone im not comfortable with
Yumol asks you ew
Dafuq is wrong w yumol huh
so anyone who ask u will say yes?
Depends hahaha
But will you say yes?
Well, why not lol
Howd u know maira and celina and kat?
Cel is my bff and i met mai and kat cos of her hahaha
May i ask you to prom
Finish your schooling in zobel! its better than csa even tho ur bf is there la salle is better not bashing csa okayyyyyy
CSA is actually a decent school hahaha but ya i'm staying in zobel
Why r u in zobel not in csa
I used to live in alabang lol hassle
which condo in BGC? not a stalker tho
Near burgos circle hahaha
Can you tell the specific make up brands and kinds that you use :)
Powder - MAC, Lip & Cheek Tint - herbench, Mascara - Visee or Benefit, Eyebrow pencil - the Face shop or Nature Republic
What's your face routine? Stuff that you use
Not much. Just facial wash and toner
Who are the girls from your dp in askfm?
(Left to right) Maira Wilson, Celina Lesaca, Me, and Katarina Vleugels