Mika Watanabe @watanabemika
Mika Watanabe @watanabemika
I am responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.
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Omg Mika !!!! im currently stalking ur soundcloud and I just wanna tell you that..... YOU ARE SUCH A BLESSING AND AN ANGEL I REALLY ENVY YOU WISH I COULD HUG YOU PERSONALLY :--( #girlcrushing
Omg this is so flattering :(((( thank you so much!!!!!! Let me know who u r ill hug you thank u huhu
dude i know a cheat to get unlimited free passes for episode haha
Omfg what cheat dude pls I WILL LOVE U FROEVER
I really like your personality! Tho we dont know each other personally. But, I really admire you lol.
Thank you so much!
Thoughts on red car
Its okay i guess haha
Sam's a great guy judging from the way he walks and talks. It's just kinda sad when guys like him get played on. #BroCode
Well I can guarantee you, i aint playing him :) i'm very lucky
watcha doin
w sam
So, are you generalizing that people from Zobel are mean and rude?
Of course not, but some people are. I had fun in zobel cause of my friends, i just chose to go wherever made me happier. ++ Life's too short to be surrounded by unnecessary drama
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I don't know iba yung culture diba?
Yeah i guess but its better. I think i fit in better here :) everyone's just really kind and i'm just more comfortable in csa #nodrama
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Can you name at least a few people you hate?
I used to only hate 1 person, i started hating another one today haha
Yumabang ka daw nang bumalik ka galing sa Zobel any truth to that matter?
I don't think so hahahaha ano naman ipagyayabang ko? If ppl think that tho, then sorry :)
I heard you're less known because of the reason of you transferring to a new school :(
Doesnt really matter to me if i'm "known" or not :) whats important is that im happy where i am
If only you could sing your way to Ateneo lol.
Whats that supposed to mean lol
Hi Mika! you are seriously my girl crush..... i hope you're having a great day!
Hahahah cute ty!!!! Likewise dude
Can u suggest a good car color thanks
im always for white or black hahaha
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what's hassle about taking the upcat..
I dont think its hassle naman its just eh... I don't have plans in going to up hahaha my top choice is ateneo kasi
Yehey to us not taking UPCAT kasi hassle
Why wont you take an upcat? :((((((
Ayoko eh hahahaha
mikaaa what's dcat?
Hi ate mika how did you have s2? You buy it right? How did u buy it? Hehe.
With a credit card hahahaha
ill message u on fb g? haha
i wanna meet you but im shy and u might think its creepy cause its online haha
Whaaat i love meeting new people!!! Hahaha g lang follow me on twitter or something
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im shy to wear sleaveless bec even if i wax or shave there is a spot of the hair
Its okay! I dont think anyone will notice that hahahaha and its normal
upcat po
Di po ako maguupcat hahaha i'm only taking acet, dcat, and ustet
ano susuotin mo bukas
Ano meron bukas
you always wear sleeveless clothes do you have armpit hair? if no how do remove your hair
Ya i have armpit hair i think everyone who has hit puberty does? I have it waxed or when im rushing, i shave it hahaha