Mika Watanabe @watanabemika
Mika Watanabe @watanabemika
I am responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.
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I know, I should mind my own business but I hope you have a good time in California, see you. :)
Its alright. Thank you :) see you? Wat HAHAHA
how much do you weigh?
Below 100 unfortunately
Did you fly to US alone? If not, then who came with you??
My grandpa
Whos with u at la omg your life seems so noice make a blog kaya!!!
I'm with my sister, dad and my sister's mom hehe
Are you friends with your sisters mommy?
Yep :) she's really kind
Are u related to paulo del rosario?
No who dat
http://instagram.com/p/m3seMGRsk3/ is your dad the guy in this pic? Heheh
Mhm :) my very own steve aoki
Omg your sissy is such a cutie ughh sp kyot tlga!! Your dad told her to call you ate? Or shes sanay to call older people that? What does she like to copy you do? Post more pics of her
They taught her how to say "ate" for my visit here :) lol there was this one time when I was drinking cranberry juice and she was drinking her fruit punch and when I would drink, she'd drink also. So cute :(( and when I yawn, she would yawn too and be like "im sleepy" hehehe
Omg your sissy is such a cutie ughh sp kyot tlga!! Your dad told her to call you ate? Or shes sanay to call older people that? What does she like to copy you do? Post more pics of her
How old is your sis
2 and a half
Whats your sister like? Whats her reaction to meeting u? Whats your dads reaction to seeing you again? What are the first stuff u did when u see each othorr
My sister is the most adorable thing in the world. When she saw me in the airport, she ran and hugged me while screaming "ate!!" :(( and my dad hugged me tight as well. During the first few days, Sofia wouldn't do anything without me hahaha she'd sleep beside me, copy what I do, etc :)
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Please smile with your teeth more often, you're a stunner!
Aw shucks thank you :)
did u fly to the states all by yourself?
No :))
how did bianca b get the nickname eggs?
Benedicto = Eggs Benedict
How old is your sister? Is she your sister from your mom or you dad's side?
My sister's 2 ehehhe from my dad
hahaha tangina sa sims
yea we where dating in sims you know the game
Ah, lakas mo naman
dati ko siyang boyfriend lul wag kang gago leandro was my boyfriend in my old school we were like together for 2 years then i broke up with him because he cheated that asshole
2 years? Lol you guys were crazy young then... Cos loowi's been in zobel since prep
no i mean like you guys like are always like super together like bf any gf na best friends sometimes are not always together hugging and shit fuck leandro :(( huhu
...teh may crush ka ba sa kanya HAHAHAHAH why are you so sad/mad
Friends your ike always together people are already thinking u guys are together
aren't bestfriends always together?
Nah hahah made me laugh
Leandro miranda is a cheater he use to date me then i found out he was dating another girl omg if i where you back away from that bitch FUCK YOU LEO you destroyed me and your such a both </3
Loowi actually scored???? KIDDING HAHAHAHA and lol we're just friends calm the fak down
Seeeeeee? Leo's curious about Loowi. He likes you!
Loowi is Leo... What the faq
Who's this Loowi guy I keep hearing about?  Leandro Miranda
5 random loowi facts?
Loowi has this thing for really really hard words...like his vocabulary's just like wat.
Loowi uses a spoon to eat popcorn because he doesn't want cheese stuck on his fingers.
Loowi can triple fold his tongue.
Loowi hates being called "Loowi" or "Miggy" by his friends. But I do it anyway.
He thinks he can't do anything but Loowi can make you feel beyond ecstatic. #gay
oh my gosh! Your sister is so adorable!!!!! :o
I know right :(