Mika Watanabe @watanabemika
Mika Watanabe @watanabemika
I am responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.
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Suggest brand of comfy slippers
Old navy
How to do you make a starched hanky?
Ewan ko talaga
Are you APMed?
Nope im regular lang
Im sad that my boyfriend and i arent classmates :( i feel like hes gonna find someone else but i cant tell him that bc itll seem clingy and like i have trust issues :( what do i do
Honestly, you should be okay with it :)) you trust him right? And don't you wanna have a little bit of distance? I swear, being classmates with your boyfriend is not a very good idea hahaha he won't find someone else! He loves you po
PAP :) f21 bag
Hassle HUHU
What is the brand of your backpack
do you ever get sad when you're wearing a really nice outfit for the day but no one you know saw it so parang it's so sayang right :( HAHA or am i weird
I know how dat feels gurl hahaha
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kamusta ang acp
Saya hahahahha
what is your favorite subject
Nothing i h8 school haha
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why do you wear makeup to school
Sometimes lang hahaha for no reason
WAHHH *Bruce Lee voice* TANABE.
whos full jap?
My lolo
wheres ur dad?
whats jamina's snapchat?
what is your favorite section from first to fourth year
what do u mean
Is it hard? I bet your allowance is big naman eh. How much is your allowance everyday?
Where do you get money to pay your bills? Do you earn it or your mom just pay for it?
My allowance
ahh only your phone bill po? what plan do you use or recommend ?
I use 599 pero umaabot ng 1.8k yung bill ko kasi 3g ako ng 3g HUHU
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hi mika do you pay your own bills? i saw your twitter eh your tweet. doesn't your mom pay your bills for you?
Nope lol i pay for my phone bill sad life
you're sooo pretty! and your voice is amazing. keep it up! youre inspiring hehe
Aww thank you so much!! ❤️
who do you talk to in class?
Sila gatch hahaha
hi bakit ang ganda mo can we be friends :-(((  ari
Hala hahahaha im ok but ty huhu ❤️❤️ yes lets be friends po
friends in class
Every1 jk hahaha most of my classmates hehe maingay kasi ako
help! 😭😭 yung bf ko nakipagbreak sakin tapos nung nag sm ako nakita ko sya may kasama syang iba 😭😭😭 ulit ulit nalang.
Di mo na kailangan ng tulong beh. Haliparot yang boyfriend mo, kalimutan mo na. Pakshet siya u deserve better
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who is your favorite teacher in 4th year?
Sir Bernardino hahahaha