Mika Watanabe @watanabemika
Mika Watanabe @watanabemika
I am responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.
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I really wanna boracay you!
AHH YOUR SISTER IS SO CUTEE  katarina vleugels
Just like her ate ;) HAHAHAH jk jk btw we're going on a roadtrip to ilocos wiggur
Well are there times you imagined your family is complete?
When i was younger, yes. But i couldn't be happier with life rn so :---) gewwwd life
Are you related to the Lesacas?
HAHAHAHAH no but i'm always in their house so they treat me like a "sister" as well
Do u answer all the questions for u? How many unanswered questions do u have? :)
Nope haha 1389
Ohhh I thought u were offended sorry :(
Don't worry about it :)
Hi mikabells!!!
Hi anonbells!!
Ohhhhh sorry but are your parents divorced or annuled <---- dunno the spelling huhu
They never got married :))
To whom? Mom or dad?
Awwwww is she ur half sister?
Yup :))
U already posted that pic. Please post a new one :((
Well i posted all the pictures i had with my sister on fb HAHAH and since she's soooo far away,
U already posted that pic. Please post a new one :((
Pap of u and ur sister pleaseeeeeee :)
Pap of u and ur sister pleaseeeeeee :)
Which is the most memorable day you have ever had?
The day I saw my little sister for the first time and she ran to me and went "ate!!" and gave me the best hug in the entire world
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whats your twitter??
Where will you go on your next trip?
Subic :-)
Where r u?
Well 7 hours ago, i was in school hahaha
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Willing ka ba maging panakip butas para makatulong sa isang tao?
Hindi eh
Does Myko have ask.fm?
Idk ask him? Hahahaha
Miss u putcha  Gela Tianco
Miss u gurl ❤️ dami kong kwento 4 u
makeup routine please
Powder, mascara, lip and cheek tint
how are u so skinny? Do you go on a diet?
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why are you so beautiful?
Di naman
Hi! Can we be friends?
Hello!! Sure :)
How do u know nichole baranda answer pls -nicholeshkiee fan
Mutual friends
Omg nichole baranda follows u on twitter what omg how do u inow each other artista ka ba?
Im not an artista hahaha
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