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Ever caught ya parents doin it? What happened?
If you saw your mom cheating on her man/Husband...would you talk ?
ever been with a gray hair man ?
How old are u... How old is ya mama and ya granny? ... lemme judge ur family to see how loose they are
but if you could pick how long a guy goes for in one round of SEXUAL INTERCOURSE what would it be?
Can you squirt
would u keep close friend with someone like Spice ?
Lol doubt it not sure depends tho if she real why not
who are your cutest fat Friend
What's the one liquor you won't ever drink again?
Looool idk if I like johnnie walker
What part of ur body would u like Men to pay more attention to but they always ignore?
Eyes :)
Did you know that the first FBI agent was black and sent to infiltrate Marcus Garvey's UNIA, essentially FBI set up because of Marcus?
No didn't know
How do you deal with breakups?
I get real sad actually i guess that's why I'm not in anything really serious and a guy has to come good because can't bother with foolishness
would u go to ur ex wedding / funeral ?
Depends maybe
are you too rich to argue with Bitch ?
srart of the Spice/Saw War-> pic.twitter.com/n8b53hfT6Y
Lol why
What would your DJ name be?
DJ ways
. Do u still talk to everyone that u slept with?
ever friend zone a guy after he 'plucked U'?
Who the hell is this? pic.twitter.com/jjUdj7FxPx
Could you be with your partner after they cheat on you?
Maybe depends
Do you believe two people can love each other at first sight?
Well be attracted not love
How/where did ur parents meet ?
They were both into sports I think at stadium
Black opal or MAC? Best makeup brand?
Mac nice
when the tape of u buss
Lol you clearly don't know me looooool and what happened and when