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lol everyday you come on the TL talking this bag of shit like you're some good person hiss miss me with that shit hoe !
Lol I'm sure u know me or talk to me or ever had a deep medz withr on a regular listen I don't pretend to be Anything I'm not so I don't pretend n because I don't pretend people dislike it so u naw make no sense lol
Describe best moment of this summer with one photo!
Describe best moment of this summer with one photo!
Naw even in her radio interview after shi win soun fool
Oh I didn't hear it
Realize most ppl only care abt kaci? Thats for a reason. She jus a nice n clean soul. Really down to earth n genuinely nice girl. Laurie is a judgmental show up bitch wid a gay boyfriend
Did she show you up? You seem a little hurt lol
No surprise there everybody kno laurie fake. I'm with u n i want to c ja do well so i wont ridicule her. She needs to brush up on her speaking tho or mek kaci help her cah shi soun fool wen shi talk
Oh boi both messed up on their questions tho .... So idk how u bashing on and not the other but okay
Good point if laurie neva win shi woulda mek new twitter n stop follow ppl? Naw! If shi did want a fresh start y shi neva do it long time? Y after shi win? Dats so fake! N shi keep hinting ovr n ovr abt who she is n her crown bitch we get it u won.
Well Deanna robins made a new one too after she won I think it might be something they have to do when they win
Do you find the Cat lovers that you know ... weird ?
No lol why
Kaci real than laurie so i hope u support her in miami come january. As laurie win shi switch up wid new twitter n not follow ppl that were supporting her. Ok we will all laugh when she doh mek it 2 top 25 then. Thats fake! As soon as u win u doh need us nomoe?
Lol! I can't with you , but I will always support jamaica ! So the fact that both are representing my country I have to support. I not badmind of anyone but I just speak my mind with no F's given
What is your favorite children's story?
Cinderella and all those princess ones
U saw the dog/woman vine? vine.co/v/hEuOZUVTtEK
you kno jay good for actions i just need cash to show with god willing
I don't know as I've never met him in person
IYO...Who are the hottest female in dancehall? In terms of looks and body?
Tami chin , Cecile , tifa face pretty but not body :( idk who else lol
funny part wayanne this nigga wah be. frnd just frnd can act silly lol at each other i wah solve ur prblems than cause them.
Well ppl gotta prove things nuh baggy long talking
When do you feel the most comfortable?
A guess in bed
Which picture the best describes your city?
Not sure
Tell lexi stop wear low jeans cah the bump dem where a guess she shave look kinda nasty. Be a good sis n tell her. All ova picture page on facebook not a good look
Wtf u tell her :/
How do you usually express your emotions?
By taking
How can you be motivated?
Diff ways seeing successful people inspires me also when people say I can't it's motivates me to work even harder
When one should stop learning?
i would lol too
Would what
still like jay consistency ..
What is the Universe made of?
Many things
can u like mah last answer plzzz ...thnku <3  Funny story (✔)
Where are you at the moment?