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football teams u like r
Drake Or J.Cole? WHY
What types of things cross your mind during the night
So much things butt mainly the directions I wanna go in life
Would you date a guy with a really big Gap ?
Not sure
you know rushell jackson ? do you think she is cool?
Idk who that is
yo mi ready fi sekkle dung wid u as soon a u ready zeen.
Lol how come?
whats ur fav things to do...with ur boo
Snuggle up and cuddle haha and take nice vacations :)
wats u fav thing about jamaica?
Beautiful scenery
how she get money if she nuh work...parents still mind unuh ?
Stop ask me and I work all the time I call it hustling ;)
lol why?
Do you decide quickly or do you think a long time?
does your sis ever work?
Lol funny you ask
If your boyfriend[or Future Husband] said he would eat your booty like groceries ...Would you let him?
Lol no
U nuh think Portia is an inspiration for black ppl starting from nothing ?
Naw lol looooooool
You have that mentality that you can get any hot yute/man?
Lol maybe idk but I don't want them the hot ones here to hype I need a down to earth person
Do you Hate it when ure on the Toilet and the water splashes up on/in Ur?
Do you like long hair or short hair better on others?
Depends lol
u Gonna try the Mackerel Patties ?
r u the type to 'Look A Man' or u wait till them look U?
Wait lol
Shebaada fan
Not really
Would you ever get a piercing? Where?
Many ;)
if a man like when girls fondle his butt...do u think he has homosexual tendencies ?
Lmfao loooooool maybe idk
Who knows the most about you?
Just cool
What U think can reduce/stop paedophiles from taking set on young girls
Post a picture of the best sports team in the world!