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: Men and nose rings. ...would you date one with?
He'll naw
Post a picture of your shoes!
No lol
What is something you want right now?
iphone 6 64 GB white n gold :(
Wat u plan 2 do after u dun uwi?
watch and see
So have ask then?
cause i can
Ok wayanne. u jus want ppl to ask u boring shit on here n nothin too deep
lol cah deal with unu animosity if unu have something to say u can msg me
Y wont u talk about it tho? U dealin wid supm else? I feel u shud clear ur name cah everybody passin the pics around n sayin dem nt sry 4 u cah this is not the first time n bla bla bla
i dont need to try to change the minds of others , if they look on it clearly i could'nt of taken it ..... i will let the correct people handle the matter.
what is u sis widout her weave
if u keeping bringing up ppl on my thing imma block unu unu annoying me right now ...
I doh get y he did it tho. Wat could u possibly do to deserve that? U deal with it well tho i must say
thanx =] , it dont make sense u ask me questions on this about that topic i wont too reply which is why i continued to let people think whatever about it without putting out much statements.
Alright imma behave doh block me
lol a jay
mi love wayanne persona naah fraid fi say it
who's this
wayanne's world gossipping never stops..
a guess
fucktards stupid niggaz nuh kno how fi treat ladies
What was your greatest success?
Can you truly love more than one person?
yes but in diff ways
sweet yooung lady weh she namevnuh wayanne
wayz Ass <3
love your booty hun
Do you like the lyrics in 112's song "Peaches And Cream " ?
a guess
What is the strangest dream you've ever had?
i dont wanna remember some very weird ones
What's your wildest fantasy?
Do you know a remedy for chronic flatulence?
why ppl ? yuh bout other ppl?
that i wanna know clearly i must know everything
What would you do, if you were on Bus and two men started to french kiss each other right next to you ?
lol just stay seated till its my stop