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What is (or was) your favorite class in school?
Art drama pe pob lol
Why is it people treat the word 'fat' like it's such a bad word?
Cause nobody wants to be fat really skinny or thick is in
Should Jamaican high school kids be allowed marry? see-> tinyurl.com/jw9ahcn
Marry? No
Do you like sparkling or still water?
I like both
One thing you learnt from your dad?
To believe in myself
What' are the best ways to deal with a stingy boyfriend?
If him stingy cut ! Cause it's gonna be a big prob in the end lol. But a guess if u want to stay u just work hard and make ur own money so u don't have to ask him for much or depend on him for money etc
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Have you ever stayed up all night with thoughts that just won't leave your mind ?
Of course who hasn't ?
wayanne wah happen to yuh
Wah u mean
What is the worst gift you have ever received?
Receiving ntn at all
how does a guy cope after finding out he was spending money/time on a girl that had no interest in him[she was playing him]
dyam , well that sucks. A guess next time he just needs to have better judgement. Also i think guys should look for girls who are very driven and focused etc not just one who just want money from them.
Have you ever loved somebody that didn't love you back enough?
What is your favorite story your parents told you?
Idk lol
Which is worse? having to forget about someone you care about or watching someone you care about forget about you?
I honestly couldn't tell you to me both is bad , well for me. I just find it funny how we all can be so close to ppl and in an instant forget about one another like it was ntn. It's why I've just stop wasting my time and effort with ppl it's senseless
What is your best feature?
Idk lol I love my legs and my booty and my eyebrows and sometimes my eyes and my hands lol
bbc body deh wayanne bring bck sexy
You know any big women who are wife and mate ?
Lmfao not that I know of lol why?
How do I tell my friend she is the side chick?
Oh my wow lol ahhhm try show her the real picture and evidence etc as to why you think you do the convo a guess in person if anything. I know girls we head tuff and we fool but ahhm just try and tell or show her why u say that
Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?
If you dissed a guy one day, only to return home and see all of the alcohol in your house being poured on a pile of lace panties turning out to be yours and you get there in time as he drops the lighter on them. How would you react?
Lol idk
Do guys have to eat porky in-order to date you?
Looooooooool why ?
when or where do you think you're gonna get your first public ass whipping ?? I'm sure its soon to come lol
Ass whopping for what may I ask ?
How do you communicate most with your friends?
What's your horror period story
Lmfao wtf ?
You ever miss someone so much but you know that talking to them will only hurt you more?
What would you do if ur ex tries to be frenz with ur new love ?
Lol if they wernt friends before song see why they need to be friends lol I wouldn't allow it