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IG: wayz1 @wayz114
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Can U do what Beyonce did in 7/11 ?
Cah bother watch
lol U saw this vid with LaLewis & Tanto Blacks->
U got chik v
can say your silence speaks loudly ..heart of compassion...soul of kindness....mind of peace.
wayz of our life love that social media reality show.
i always cry when there is a sad moment guess my emotional side took over.
if i had chick like you prolly ask god why she chose me tho..
Lol wtf
life rough still always try my best not hurt ppl feelings treat everybody equal.
That's good always try to be like that don't change
lol rass you put in tht tweet made mi kno....
guess most guys see u as society type chick you kno date her cause she match my status no realove.
lol most people just don't know over all what real love is ESP these guys so I don't need or not looking for any relations with anyone here
can bet you use curse words alot..
Lol why
lool typo tho u came to mind as the princess
i just know talk with few gemini chicks they're spoilt but loving and honest
Hehe :)
well i can't be that princess you want but still can make you smile tho that makes me happy
Prince I don't want a princess
lol just ignore suh you know trouble mi trouble you ...but for real tho you rebel with a cause..
Lol why u say I rebel
lol waiting game
No wait I'm good
if wayz coulda i be her perfect boo 3 years tops
Lol I'm good
do you love Taylor Swift?
No lol I hate her I just like one of her recent songs
Are blowjobs enjoyable? My bf wants me to do it
Ask ur mom
If you had more money than you ever need, would you give it away?
Lol to help others yes
Have you ever had a fart sneak out? Like, you trying to hold it in & it jumps out anyway? #embarassing ... lol
Lol loooooool
hey :) i am a virgin and me and my bf will most likely be having sex soon, its something i want to do just worried about his size. What can i do about stopping it hurting?
This must be a trick question lol
Moddle pon dem ! Lmao
If you never have nudes, I really think ppl woulda find supm else to say :/ dem cya jus UGHHHHHHH piss me off and is not even meee to bloodclat
Lol I know that's why I laugh they just want something to say nudes or not I'm styl better off and have more opportunities than them zzzzzzz
Well u and Kim K do hve a lot in common. You are both well known for nudes and sex tapes.
Lol plz to show me my sex Tape would love to see it