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You happen to see a few nudes in ur partners phone, u confront him/her about it and he/she says it's their ex n that was b4 U guys started dating......What would you do?...xxx
Check the dates of the pics dwl
yah set up lol
trust ago hard fi get now,,from certain ppl
assholes or nerds or gentlemen
Could you date a person with a bad past? Well, can you or have you?...zzz
Depends what point they're in in life if they've changed then why not
u listen link
How to tell if your significant other is cheating? What are the signs you are being played ...iii
sherzz seem realest frnd out of all
you think drake spend to much time around popcan ?
suppose rough being you sometimes nuh who fi trust..lol
Lol Uzimmi
sex can wait Ambition first
Yup it can me taught
wat u look for in a bf? choose 2. "great dick/ financial stability/ faithful & genuine"  Vaughn
Financial stability and faithful and genuine
you up for dating ?
what you doing when you not working ?
look like all food you eat ago one place lool
Do you prefer to be friends with girls or boys?...avv
Name a few reasons u think females cheat.?,,,xxx
Not satisfied with what a man has to offer financially or emotionally
Is it true that, if you don't have "gay" moments with your bestfriend that's not your bestfriend ?...xxx
love that tat hope you stick with one
eva just sit bck and say things could be much worse ?
Yes lol
well person deh private not even god kno lol
So it should be
jay give trouble enuh but always know to make her lol
you not with any one at moment ?
Lol who say I not
ppl dutty enuh lool bout helicopter tongue
is it True that your boo/ex has that Helicopter tongue ?
Lol haha