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Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?
If you dissed a guy one day, only to return home and see all of the alcohol in your house being poured on a pile of lace panties turning out to be yours and you get there in time as he drops the lighter on them. How would you react?
Lol idk
Do guys have to eat porky in-order to date you?
Looooooooool why ?
when or where do you think you're gonna get your first public ass whipping ?? I'm sure its soon to come lol
Ass whopping for what may I ask ?
How do you communicate most with your friends?
What's your horror period story
Lmfao wtf ?
You ever miss someone so much but you know that talking to them will only hurt you more?
What would you do if ur ex tries to be frenz with ur new love ?
Lol if they wernt friends before song see why they need to be friends lol I wouldn't allow it
Who sent the last text message you received?
Lemmi not say lol lmfao
Which place in america u really wah visit?
Cali and Vegas
No hating or bias but who u think have more of a chance to get jamaica this crown! Mju or mjw?
Lol we will see won't we ? I will have to wait and see how they perform in the diff areas
N anothr thing 2 realize is dat no one on ths earth who has ur best interests wud be close wid ppl who hurt u n no exceptions . Stop thinkin u can be cool wid ppl close 2 ppl who hate u. Not sayin malice dem but kno uself n keep u distance
I do keep my distance I think I feel as if I consider these ppl my friends which i don't. I don't hate anyone but I not into the fake thing like most of these people I can't do without they hardly cross my mind and anything I seh behind them back I can say to them face so if people really know me I don't really let things bother me that's why I find it funny when things bother people so much with what I do as they don't cross my mind
Breeze out n get 2 kno urself for now n stop worrying about find a rich man. Tek it easy. Think i read on here 1 time wen ppl were saying doh look 4 ppl cah u gon settle for anything n see wat happen? U rush into relationship wid careless man
I do know myself and I have also said many times that anyone that I get with here in ja I was "settling " even when I was with him I said it. I'm very frank and real with myself lol I didn't think I was lowering my standard I knew I was. Lol was still trying something new at the same time but naw naw never again lol I will stick to myself or a browning. But right now I don't want anything I will focus on business
I doh lIke wen ppl tell u the truth u ketch attitude. More time u fi listen
What I have attitude over with now
What are you most excited about right now?
Wasnt he n ur sis dating at 1 point? U need to talk to him about that if he did it cuz thats supm serious. Only bitch niggaz expose nudes
Ye they were and that he is lol so I not surprised he really proves my point and what people already think so it's whatever
How u kno steezy did that or u jus hear abt it on askfm?
Idk but usually from them come to me bout things that mean the person have done it
Lol so if u kno he a bitch y u guys tweet each othr so much? Wayanne u need to surround uself wid better ppl.
Actually he blocked me off ig when I asked him if we had a prob as usual he was going on like he has a vagina than to speak like he is a man , and then I just blocked him I can't with emotional men like there's already a lot of females in the world why guys that's suppose to be men acting like bitches ? It's puzzling to me even if I think ppl can agree to disagree without acting all emo that's just me tho
If your boyfriend does not grab your booty, is he really your boyfriend ?
Ye lol
Is u mek steez insta profile get delete tru him post d pic of u face from ur skin out pic
Lol no but if that's true then that's good they did the right thing lol that's very low of him
do you help your bf wash his clothes ?
i have no bf
You seem like a nice girl and all but its SAd that ppl like to sing on your name and embarrass you on social media. I wish you all the best in life.
Thanx a mean they make me stronger if ntn
: Men and nose rings. ...would you date one with?
He'll naw
Post a picture of your shoes!
No lol
What is something you want right now?
iphone 6 64 GB white n gold :(