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What is better the truth even if it hurts, or a lie?
pic.twitter.com/C8neaAcBZx < - wayz,U Wish you look cute like them ?
Lol I won't be able to see the pic till I answer cah bother copy and past
If you got the chance to travel all the worlds most luxurious spots WITH ur partner's Ex (if U had 1) & WITHOUT your significant other, would you go?
No Dyam where
Which holidays do you and your family celebrate?
How many kids ya grand parents had...respectively?
Idk a lot
Do you think people are born gay or choose to be gay?
Do you like when boys flick their tongues or NAh ?
Lisa Hanna look age 40 to you?
Why do you think so many people are saying that, Lisa Hanna shouldn't be wearing a bikini on the beach ?
Cause ja ppl love judge
What u think about Warren as ur new bro in law? ..leXi knw him still link him ex right?
Go let her know Boda involve me
what was your reaction when you heard Laurie Chin came last at Miss World ?
I didn't what it i been seeing people tweet it is it a joke ? :/ or did this really happen ? :s and why would they announce that
Have you ever gone out without underwear?
Have you ever been accuse of 'taking away' another girl man ?
Yes lol
What is the best way to approach a girl like you, nowadays everything about thirsty this and that
Lol i like nice cool chill convos
Avocado ever upset your tummy ?
hey hun sup life
Nm U
If you saw your siblings ex on a date with your siblings best friend what would you do?
Mind my own business
What do you like to cook?
Pasta lol
At What age did Ur parents create U,,,,when do U plan to start?
Lol y
Do you know what time of the day you were born ?
Hear say bear spam followers u have n ur followers gon cut down soon
Lmfaooooo nice
In your life, have you ever had a "Now or Never" moment?
Yep I'm having one now
Do you prefer Sunrise or Sunset?
Are Chinese guys really well endowed or is that a stereotype from porn?
Loooool Idk
Would you be upset if ya hear seh dem deh?
Lol them wouldn't deh