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Lexi nuh feel like shit? Her 2 fren dem won n shi doh even come top 5
u asking the wrong person, but she didn't really enter to win tho so doubt it
Yeh nuff ppl get kick outta miss america bcuz nudes of dem resurface. Some badmind ppl ago bring dem up again thd minute she audition so better shi jus chill. Candicd top too heavy anyway she wudn win
yep badmind would bring it up i am sure thats why she hasn't entered cah u done know how ppl stay and ye they love the really small and skinny girls she not fat but top heavy wouldn't work as well they very particular u haffi have a certain look
U looked pregnant in the dress u wore to chug it no lie
Is how I posed lol
U chug it caption dem nuh mek no sense. Nuh badda tell me u making money for it cah dats beside the point. Nuhbody cah pay me fi mek fool outta myself on ig
Lol whatever u wah seh lol u still just on it a waste time
Ur mixed with nigga? Wayanne u r a nigga
Loooooooool so if I mixed with nigga it's saying the same thing idiot
Y ppl hypin up candice to enter??? Shi doh av di body 4 it nuh matta how much shi gym okus har breast dem too big n long. Ppl fi stop hype her up man plus her nudes wudda forfeit dat
don't think she can enter cause of the last part
Would you rather live in the mountains, or by the sea?
I really love both I really love the sea ( except hurricane time )
Ur such a liar. Nuh worry. Keep posting pic with him big scary hand. buy a bokkle a shea butter fi him and a bottle a water for yuh terst
I will thanx
What's the best comfort food?
Ice cream or pastries
Nick must a cry
Lol why
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Glad u realizing these ppl aint ur friends! N u love diss good ppl fi dem too so i cah sorry fi u
Lol who I diss that's good for them :/?
ow long now u wid Blacks diamon
Are you pregnant?
Looooooooooooool who knows ?
What makes life worth living?
Each day you can make it better than the last
Yh the video u posted wid sum1 wearin a clothes similar to 1 u did wear a ultra which video was it?
The weeknd - king of the fall
Sandz drink inclusive ? Lol I asking cuz u usually know everything sooo
You can buy drinks or bring your own
How would you explain color to a blind man?
Who is the happiest person on the world?
Use to be me
Snh luk like a dance lol
Lol beer dancers were in the club clearly it was funny and fun
Wat video was that u posted? I wanna take a look
Which vid u talking on YouTube ?
It Would Mean A Lot To Me If You Check Out My Radio Interview And Freestyle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6wo8EXIRV4 ; Thank You and God Bless  Spazzy D
Did u wish your sister HBD?
Loooool why do u care ?
U cah tell u sister HBD
So how Paula and ur sister friends... With regards to the ig post
They cool , but when it comes to certain things paula knows I not gonna tolerate certain things we have an understanding paula is my bonified
If you could witness any historical moment, which one would it be?
Sometimes I wish I witness the 9/11 I New York left 3 days before it happened