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What picture comes to your mind when you hear word "fun"?
Me ;)
The collage you just like... Oomf is cute af
which collage that
like legit fight? or play fight that turns into sex again? loool
fight fight
suppose i secretly video when we fuck? then i told you after, what would you do?
lol fight u
Do you like to video things ?
u into anal
r u?
wud u give kartel the ting
no lol
so lets say nick cuts out the fuckery he's doing and he grows up. you woulda tek him back? like do you still have feelings for the guy or?
Not sure cause he lies a lot
Why u care who nick fucking? He's not owning up none of u as more than frenz. u two still talk?
loooooool well if a guy is saying that he wanted to work stuff out with me n still doing foolishness i do think i have the right to get mad LOL, but currently right now i am cool i really dont want a boy in my life i would prefer a man and an ambitious one at that right now nick needs to decide where he wants to go and what he wants to do and get his life together
Sigh I heard about it and a video actually bout 2 years aguh or last year so a guess it just a release :( my source them buck as a said so done know bout this long time but hear the person did get pay off -.- guess not
Lol thanx for all the updates
are u afraid to fail ?
I'm not looking for somebody to buy things for me, I can buy my own things. I enjoy good life, if u nuh enjoy good life.. how we ago par ? lol its annoying having to explain why i like what i like.
Lost lol
And then you have people who act like money not important. Its not the most important thing but it important u fuck. No go roun, me n u affi deh pon the same level or above.
oh ye? so you big? you run jamaica
Hype men always have an attitude. It comes with the territory. Even if they don't realise it. I think its an effect money has on us as people lol
Me too yup money changes ppl
so if dem doh deh, why you still thinking dem deh?
I never think them deh but they clearly are more than what they claim n both lying to me cah she be telling people that they in sumthing lol I have people from all over who are going to tell me shit idkkk why people feel they can hide things from me I know jamaica I don't even have to call for info ppl call me n give it
which song u cant wait to hear play at carnival?
All lol
Nooo i must disagree... Hype guys dont do that abusive men do and a man will do what a female allows him to do
Lol -.- k
oh so u only deh wid him cause him ppl keep carnival? mhm done see it
No I was talking to him before I knew that -.- doe mix mi mi can afford my own costume lol
Define hype?
Lol u
Whats you idea man, the person you see yourself spending the rest of your life with
Sweet , loving , caring , ambitious , cute, hot , gentleman , adventurous , honest , loyal