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With Kardashians being cancelled on Local cable ,U gonna start watchin Kern Spencer's new reality show on CVM...Keeping up with the Spencers ?
Loooool no
where in Jamaica are ur peeps from
Lol wtf why
"can't really trust people who try to befriend all the people who don't mean you good" realest ting mi eva hear yuh seh! If is one ting I learn, if dem a par wid yur enemies, dem a chat yuh an a plan wid yuh enemies. Energy attract energy, neva forget dat.
Exactly I ain't no fool far from
lol, just curious...Do they try to fix things?
Lol just cool
What is the worst thing about being your gender ?
Period and all those womanly pain
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ur parents tried to Resolve it ie the relationship b/t u 2
lol why are you so concerned
really? unuh nuh live like sis...thought u were cousins ?
Lol yup
Would you fix back ur friendship with Lex?
Lol we're sisters lol ... Lol ahhm the most hi and bye can't really trust people who try to befriend all the people who don't mean you good but people and vibes I say only upward movements I want
Would you fix back any friendship?
You talking overall? It depends if it's something stupid a guess if it's not then a guess it can be a hail thing but no big friend business
U not fraid lex and her friends gang you
Lmfao if they can't even tell me they don't like me to me face ...
You seem nice tbh
Thanx :$
Plans after uwi?
Lol too many to say Imma just say watch and see ;)
You and Candice are friends ?
you love mix up? be honest
I laugh at it I love money :)
I really think people should stop being so judgmental and learn to mind their business, so what if she left school to become a flight attendant? It is her journey, not yours and that may be where she needs to start to move on to her next opportunity. She is doing what she feels is right for her.
I'm saying you create drama by sharing these posts on twitter
Drama ? Lmfao you see wah it name ask.fm .... So I am simply answering questions I am ASKED since you cannot read
If you didn't share these things then no one would see it as much as you think
... ?
Yes you employ me
Lol good
Candice leave school to go tidy up after ppl pin plane
-,- do you have a job lol
So Candice leave you to go serve ppl liquor on flights? Me mumma
Leave me :/ ......?
Flight attendants don't make nuff money. It's like 250,000 a month, that's popcorn money
Lol Ye but most Jamaicans not making that so it seems like a lot
Lol you probably weren't chosen for the job. I know you applied!
I did but lol but I did Say the same thing ntn doe change lol I kinda like to do things on my time my rules so I wanna travel the world goodly just spend some money n do whatever I want
so u saying candice is a flight attendant?
:/ ahhm but that's what she's doing ...
What kind of watch do you wear?
Michael kors cause I need to fix the movado :(
Are you jealous of Candice going to Dubai!
You know I know his would of been a question the thing is I wanna go to Dubai ! Who doesn't that's always been my list of places to go ! But I not sure of i can be a flight attendant and all that my personality when I really think about it doesn't fit so I wanna go on a diff terms