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think we have calling ...by God most times just not human
if u help me i help u can build good fundation upon love.
tru mi naah nuh car sigh
lil i kno about wayanne more i wanna know....what makes her smile...and toes curl
:/ not telling
Who is your best guy friend?
How long have you and Paula been friends?
Like 4 years
You don't trust people enough to open up to them and I get that hence I said show me the real you..
I do open up but to a selected view
Show me the real you . Not saying you fake but who you are as a person inside and etc..
Lol I won't show it on twitter tho
Yes I would love to be your gf :) butttttttt........ You would not be interested.. :( and I r not the party type or club type.
Lol y u hate it
Who n u?
Too scared to dm you again*
Oh yyy
UWI September?
You want a gf? :) Not kidding around.. Too scared to do you again.
Looool you wanna be my gf ?
Our ask. Fm is so interesting
Lol i know is who n is cah u shame cah if u tell ppl is who dem ago pree n see tweets abt the real u lmao
Lol tweets about the real me half of unu dunno the person so yawn
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Y everybody always wanna come 4 u wen u doin ur own tings????? Why ppl throwing wrds at u now?
Lol them need a life
Who throwing words at you? Lol can always ask bcuz u nt fraid plus dem throwing words so clearly they want to b seen
Lol just cool
What would someone have to do to make you dislike them immediately?
Be an annoying ass psycho
Do you always smile for pictures?
Most times
How much yah get it fa?
U wah no too much
do you have chatous? whats your username?
Have you ever kissed a girl?
jodi pumpum fat?
you dont like freaks?