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I miss kissing you
Who dis lol
U ignored my statement about kissing =(
What would you like to see happen for you for 2015?
Too much to list but aloy of success
How do you know when a guy takes you seriously and wants to settle down with you?
U just know
You love Heffes don't
Lol y
That person is right, especially in our generation people love to concern themselves with negativity, so anytime they see someone who is kind and genuinely shows love to others, they are quick to bring them down. Don't let their unhappiness poison yours because that is what they want.
I know I never do
You think laurie know her boyfriend gay?
I don't care .... It don't bother me in any way or form :/
Yep my mom is a Psychologist and she finds that the people who are aggressive, have anger issues, always negative, never happy for others, love gossip, moody, find joy in others pain etc are those who have deep rooted issues and so they don't know love, kindness, peace, happiness.
True that's why i always try to be positive
You ever see these Jamaicans who love act bad and then you watch those Documentaries of people who actually have no soul, and start buss out laughing?
Lol I don't buss out laughing lol
You just finding out about Griselda Blanco? That documentary has been out for so long, glad you discovered it though. Tell you bout them Colombians, you should watch the documentary on Pablo Escobar.
Lol did I say that I know about them all lol griselda just my boss cause she's a female and one of the baddest in the business
That was such a sweet message, but I agree keep pressing forward and don't let people throw you off track.
Thank you and I definitely will
Many people are not genuinely happy, they are just putting out the best so whenever people try to discourage you, embarrass you or tear you down it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with their personal issues. You can tell a lot about what someone is going through by how they treat ppl
True I agree
I'm not gay but I think my best friend is? He said that I'm gentle and that everything I do is adorable and a few days ago in the hall he suddenly kissed me. I didn't want it so I tried to push him away but he wouldn't stop ..and I started crying and I just .. Idkwtd anymore. Why was he so forceful?
Looool :/ lol
What have you learnt over the past few years or gained understanding in?
Bwoooi so much in many diff areas
If you truly want to be a motivational speaker, you have to be authentic and hold nothing back because whenever people want to be inspired they look to those who have gone through hard times and have overcome them. I wish you all the best with your endeavors and keep pushing forward.
Awww thank you so much I appreciate it and I am a very honest person so that's not hard
If that is what that person got from that picture, they are missing the entire point of it. It's not about how you use to look, it's saying no matter where you come from or what you're going through never give up on yourself or your dreams. People focus on looks too much.
No ute who a pree a girl a guh business bout how she did look inna highschool or as pickney. If yuh look good now nuhbodi a guh business bout how yuh used to look. And as yuh get older ur looks change.Is betta yuh neva use to look good and yuh get pretty dan fi be pretty an get ugly as you get older
It's not that serious, Rihanna did that to herself and she put the caption "started from the bottom now we here". Lol no one cares about how someone looked in highschool, it's how you look NOW that matters. Everybody was young and not fully grown back then.
You saw di before and after pic this fan site instagram for kaci posted with the caption "Never give up on your dreams". In the before pic dem have kaci looking like one riff raff, out a orda.
Think I saw
Alright everybody know Jamaicans extra, a nuh nuttin new.
lol true
You were right about choosing Colombia to win, she was recently on Live with Kelly and Michael and EVERYONE is saying how they realize now why she won. Saying she has a great personality, how she's funny, very pretty, kind etc.
And she does interviews well right ? She can speak man they also need someone who can do interviews well
No but look how much followers Miss Colombia have pon Instagram and twitter compared to Kaci, it really and truly was only hyped up by the Jamaicans because numbers do not lie.
When last did you burn cloth with iron?
Lol huh
Aim to be a beautiful woman with her own business or platform not just a beauty queen. There is nothing more sexier to men than a beautiful woman who has an empire to her name.
Exactly it's why I'm trying very hard to build mine :$
Nah, black girls just too loud and have no manners plus everything is a problem to them. But Black women have won those competitions before so it cannot be that they are biased.
Lol once in a while we win tho loool we can legit count