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what kind of race do you take most interest in?

anime guys ... japanese??

Tell us about your first kiss!

my parents stole a kiss when i was born so romantic

What would your dream house be like?

art deco house or condo in the middle of an isolated island or in the middle of the forest ((((::

Omfg boku no pico....😂😐💀

Maddie M.

i'm joking lmao

Which movies or books have made a big impact on you?

boku no pico 11/10

What do you believe happens to us after we die?


How do you prefer to be awakened up in the morning?

i don't even wake up in the morning

What is your favorite dog breed?

springer cocker spaniel !

Which celebrities do you suspect are really aliens walking amongst us?

tae tae ...

What is in the center of the world?

um the inner core lava ig

What makes you crazy mad?

there were only 3 episodes of page turner hMmThH

What matters to you most - money, good looks or attitude?

"erm, money" - jin , same same

Do you remember your first day at school?

yes i was so confused as to why everyone talked to me & idek what friends were and i didn't know the numbers but i ended up being the first one to be able to read in my whole class ((-':

What TV show has gone off the air that you wish would come back?

that's so raven ,,, holy pLeAsE

What was the longest car ride you’ve ever taken?

mhh 14 hours or so

If you and three friends were on a deserted island, who would be eaten first?

honestly maddie so i'd watch over her

Can you dab?

"oF COURSE" - bambam 2k16 pray for this child

What are you looking for?

looking for money to buy young forever (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((:

Who's your best kpop buddy? ;)

they're all the best ((-';

If you were going to Mars, which one item would you bring with you?

holy crepes uh bts bc rapmon has a high iq and he could find something or do something useful ((-:

What song best describes your life right now?

i need you - bts bc i need you mom idk how to function also i need you ashley bc i'm too lazy to do my hw

Which cities would you like to visit around the world?

seoul , busan , paris & tokyo

Where is the one place in the world you wish you could revisit?

well i've only been to mexico so mexico ((-:

How do you make sure Earth knows you love her?

how do you know it's a her?

If you could instantly speak any language in the world, what would it be?



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