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have you take a selfie with 5sos last night?
have you take a selfie with 5sos last night?
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Do you have a kid?
I have two
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Is your middles name Trent?  Sandra
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I saw that the eyebrow piercing is back, baby come through! ;)
Yeeaah I love it !!
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Duddde I need to hear your new music! When do you think we can hear this?! :D  Kasey Kelliher
I'm thinking real soon
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who is keaton?
sex goddess
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i'm pregnant and you are the father  scemo chi legge
Oh that's interesting
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Life sucks...
I just had an amazing run along the beach and I realized that life is awesome
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Emblem 3 needs to have a show im oklahoma city so I can go think about it?
That's emblem3 ;) without a space
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You're right sweetie
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where did u sleep last nite??
In the hospital
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Just boarded the train to Manchester !! First class young bossin !!
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wes, today is my birthday, would you say happy birthday? thanksssss. it means a lot  Priyanka
Happy birrrrthdayyy
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You give the best hugs ever. Okay. I need another one.  Jayden Tuttle
When you ready come and get it na na na
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They way you answer some of your questions is pretty boss
Duuude someone should have noticed that ily
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What was your fave X factor performance? Mine was I'm a believer. Lol jk. It was definitely hey Jude!
Hey Jude obviously! Honestly I'm a believer was a shitty one
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how do u feel about strippers? ;)
Drew's one of them
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What color socks are you wearing right now?
No socks no problems
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NEW MUSIC?!?!?!?? Jammin
Excited ?! Cause I'm sure you are
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omg i named my fish after you, he's pretty boss  Danielle
I'm blessed, don't forget to kiss your Wes
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Would you rather be a banana or a dragon??  Alyssa Breann
Banana no doubt
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Did Carly break your heart?
Hahaha I began to forget what kind of questions you ask me here
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Wesley I need help. I just found out my BFF is cutting!! What do I do? :( I am so sad and worried!
You have to support your friend, that's important
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Knowing that #bandlife tour is over in the US honestly almost made me cry! I miss you guys make sure on your next tour you head back to Chicago because we miss you sooo much babe!! and make sure you come back with new music(; Love you Wes cant wait to see you again!!♥
I loved Chicago !! the dopest show ever
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I have lost my interest for emblem3
We will be releasing new music this summer but you won't hear it cause you have lost your interest. hmm what a bad situation
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