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Selfiee pls ily ur hot
Selfiee pls ily ur hot
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me and my friends are going to start a band....what do we do first?
Find your own style
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If you could hug anyone right now, who would it be?
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What's ur snapchat name?
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When you call girls "Sweetie" it freakin kills me ♡_♡
Why sweetie?
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I'm ugly how do I make myself pretty?
Ugliness doesn't exist. There is something more than this
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I'm upset because of Drew. Make me smile.
Heyyy we're here for you
I'm upset because of Drew. Make me smile.
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So there is no more emblem 3 group
What ?? No ! That's just the beginning
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Is it selfish that I keep crying over drew leaving ?
Don't cry !! Everything is gonna be alright
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You and Keats will always be there for us right? If yes promise?  Victoria
I promise babe
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Are guys going to still keep the Name Emblem3 or change the name?  Diana Leon
Emblem3 forever
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Wtf, seriously? What about the concert and the songs? Will you and keaton do the same things? I'm so sorry about him :c
We will!! It's me + Keats + Emblems = Emblem3
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wait so is Tyler case in the band now?
No he can't even sing haha
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I'm sorry for asking but I just wanted to know is it true that Drew left the group??
Yes but he will always be our brother
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I love your piercing! It's so sexy.
My piercing says thanks he loves you too
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It's so early over there! Why are you up so early?
The early bird gets the most tail
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How do you pick what tweets to respond too?
I'd like to tweet all of you so I try to respond as many tweets as possible
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what type of music genre are yall going for this time?  Rachel ♡
That's gonna be a sick mix of reggae, R&B, punk, indie rock
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soo when exactly are yall going to release the music? (;
Soon !! I can't wait to share new music with everyone
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Twitter or Instagram?  Sandra
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What do you think of 5sos?  Britney Bowen
their music is sick fuckin sick
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what the meanest can you say?
Fuck you fuckin fuck hahaha idk
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U don't hav kids only Isaac yor nephew
Really ??? Are you sure ?? No way
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seriously dude, you got kids????
Yes, I would not lie to you. Trent and Trent jr.
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LETS BE FRIENDS OK thanks sexy;)  Patrick
Yo Pat I'm a big fan
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