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Why is the kitchen the cleanest part of the house??

Because that's where you prepare food, duh.

beer or beards?

Beer me.

When was the last time you sharted

I have pretty good sphincter awareness/control, so it's probably been years.

Does your taint stank?

At the moment? Probably not.

Would you have "relations" with an 18 year old?

An 18 year old what?

Marry, boff, or kill: Mission Impossible franchise, the Bourne franchise, and the 007 franchise.

This is going to be blasphemous due to my boner for J.J. Abrams, but marry 007 franchise, boff Bourne franchise, kill Mission Impossible franchise.

Marry, boff, or kill: 128 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead remake, and Shaun of the Dead.

Finally, an easy one. Marry Shaun of the Dead, boff 28 Days Later, kill Dawn of the Dead remake.

Danny Boyle or Guy Ritche?

That's a tough one. I even looked at their filmographies to compare and I like the same number of films from both directors. I think Boyle gets the edge for substance over style.

Why is getting a clever euphemism for "vagina" so difficult tonight? Now you owe us three.

I owe you nothing. I have no red in my ledger.

When eating out, what's the go to appetizer?

Nachos and salsa.

Is Zack Snyder a good director or is 300 not as good as well all remember it?

I think he's a fine director. 300 still holds up, and I loved Watchmen. I thought it was a terrific adaptation of the comic book, and a better movie than it reviewed. Interested in seeing what he does with Superman.

Do you watch New Girl?

Nope, but I like Zooey Deschanel as a member of She & Him, and her sister Emily is pretty entertaining in Bones.

Who is currently Batman in the main Batman comic series right now?

I have no idea. Eff the new 52.

Guy Richie or Quentin Tarantino?

The hell is wrong with you? QT.

Once, twice, or three times a lady?

As many as she needs. I rarely get it, so I have to be a conscientious lover.

Who would win in a fight Beetlejuice or Freddy Krueger?

Betelgeuse would confound the eff out of Krueger.

If you had to pick sides: Ernie or Bert?

Doin' the...ooh ooh...pigeon! Ernie!

A clean sanchez is what I prefer but I digress... Blonde upstairs but gray down or both shaved?

Gray downstairs doesn't bother me as long as that shit's tight.

GTA or Saint's Row?

I've never played Saint's Row, so I have to give the edge to GTA since I own III, VC, SA, and IV.

Dan Akroyd or Bill Murray?

Dan, because Bill held up Ghostbusters 3.

Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison?

The price is wrong, bitch.

sock or bare hand?

Bare hand forever.

What's your favorite color of popsicle?


Which was a better tv show: Reba or The Jeff Foxworthy Show?

Reba. C'mon, who didn't want to see Van lose his shit?

Dork, Geek, or Spaz?



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