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i will kill my self...

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What is the best advice you have given to someone?

She'll be okay, Its just a stage she's going through (': xo

When you meet someone you fancy for the first time....How do you start a conversation?

I just stare at them like this hahahaha and hope that they have more guts to start the conversation and confess there undying love for me ahahahhaha ('': #foreveralone x

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Only if you wish my bae happy birthday: ask.fm/marhallshady Xox

If you were offered £750,000 or $1,000,000 to have sexual Intercourse with any animal of your choice. Would. You. Do. It?

Testicle Clamp

hahaha if it was this sexy thaang then helll yeaaaah LOL jk all horses and zebras deserve a chance :P


R.I.P Paul Walker ): x

Will u talk 2 someone depressed and try 2 help her plz? I wanna get her as much supposrt as possible cuz I care bout her.

yeah who is she? x



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haha I had too, and yeaaaah go hard

Good morning:* ;)

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yhup, first liker only(:

People crying over dead beloved ones...even that death happens and will happen to us all,Why do you think something like death that's so normal and so expected makes us cry that much?


I actually always think about that, It weird cuz if you think about it, were all gona die eventually and we all know that. But when someone we love passes away, It just makes everything feel so final, and then you get that feeling and you just know,and it hits you that your never actually going to see them again. Even if they are a family member, a friend or just someone you kind of know, you never truly realize how much they mean to you until there gone, and there's no going back )': I think we cry because we miss them, I think we cry because we love them, and sometimes we just cry because we didn't get to say a proper goodbye xx --ahah such a corny answer but who cares #YOLO #INFINITE

can i just say 10/10 cause i already love your ask hahaha!

Ash Hilton

ahaha aw why thank you (: x

What keeps you up at night?


What? lol arnt all the pics the same? But uhhh the "main thing" I guess? Is the personality and a hot face is just a bonus(((: but that's quite a fit boooooody, you shouldn't name it fat! ahha do I knw you? Im not scary I swear(: come of anon?

Why do you have amazing taste in movies?

Danyon Thompson

hey i love you

Pitbull is better that some shit named Eminem.

Ahhh some people, I just feel so sad for sometimes xD


Oh hey there(:

follow me dude xD (:

Trust me.
I follow you.
E. V . E . R . Y W . H . E . R. E
ahahah jokes, I will, come off anon? (:

Compliment : Eminem is good, I guess . But Lil Wayne is way better :)


Are you a follower or leader?

Testicle Clamp

Im a leader, unless its dark, then fuck that shit im in the middle XD x

Fb or email xD

emails good(: hby?

Do you like surprises?

Testicle Clamp

Yhup, who doesn't?(:


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R.I.P Paul Walker ):
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