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What's something you're not very good at but enjoy doing anyway?
Editing, whether videos or pictures.
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Why is a healthy lifestyle so trendy now?
Maybe people are learning to value their lives.
What's your favorite thing to do in the spring?
There's no spring in my country, sadly.
What is paradise for you?
I don't think about paradise a lot nowadays, probably because my mind is full of stress.
What things should you never tell your parents?
My problems.
Do you like to act spontaneously or plan things? Why?
In between, probably depends on situation. If i find myself in a very tight schedule, or some things don't go according to what i have in mind, I will have to change things.
Which website or app do you use first in the morning?
Where do you meet new people?
I normally don't bother.
But, conventions and internet. (Maybe at work too, not that i like it.)
Love me like money ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  rain
-throws money at you-
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Post your most liked pic on Instagram or Facebook!
Nah, don't have any. (If ever, deleted.)
What do you look forward to most this year?
Nothing really. Probably earning a lot of money.
How do you know that you're in love?
I don't. It's all mere infatuation, or appreciation. Nothing more to that.
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What's your currently favorite show on TV?
Favorite show? It's not on air anymore, but it's definitely, In the flesh, Sherlock [bbc] and OUAT.
Are you romantic? Why or why not?
No, because i don't do romance.
What kind of watch do you wear?
I actually don't wear watch, i just check through my phone.
Would you use a self-driving car or drive yourself?
Self-driving car, of course.
What is your favorite scent?
I don't have a particular favorite scent.
How do you prefer to travel?
Mhm. I'm not really a fan of travelling though.
Do you wear any jewelry?
What are you expecting from the new season of "Game of Thrones"?
Nothing yet, since i haven't started Game of Thrones. (I'm more of a Hobbit/LoTR fan.)
Which movie do you think is overrated?
I'd rather not name it, there's a bunch of movies that are really overrated.
Which meal was so good that you can't forget it?
Soyees i guess.
What do you look forward to most this year?
Nothing really.
What's your favorite day of the week?
What was the last song you sang out loud to?
Swan song - Set it off (Not loudly though.)
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