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Memory with Nate?
Two summers ago when me and Nate were still little and shy, we went to lake compounce for the day, with britt, all three of us were in the Ferris wheel, it was the last ride we were going to go on before we went home, as were sitting at the top Nate says to britt "look behind you at that ride" so she turns around and he unexpectedly grabs my face and kisses me, and I was shocked because I didn't know he wanted to kiss me even though we really liked eachother, so I kissed him again and again and again, and was smiling the whole ride down, when we got off he grabbe my hand and held it tight and we walked towards the hate to leave, he was doing that thing where he was rubbing my thumb as he held my hand, I love that, I love him, I'll never forget that kiss
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Your perfect  Nathan Scott Raymond
I love you!
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And I wanted to be your friend but a while ago you said you were done getting close to people so I thought you didn't want anymore friends
That's not what I meant at all I'd love new friends!
I went to her to talk to you cause u guys used to be friends but she said you guys haven't hung out in a while so that didn't help lol
Well you can always tal to me don't worry
so um is that number easy or hard to find haha
I'm not looking so I wouldn't know lol
But I'm scared to because you're so pretty/:
Don't be nervous!
Hey I'm the person that wanted to talk to you
Hey:-)) what's up!
you are honest i like that! kik?
No Kim sorry!
what is your favorite number (read my other question first before answering this one so that it makes sense) lol.. Video response would be cool.
I'd have to say above average which is like an 8
In the white dress
My mom
Oh my god!
Who took that picture?
Which picture?
Pap of you and Britt
I have no clue what we were doing lol
Pap of you and Britt
Some people don't know what there talking about you have a perfect body and perfect legs and perfect stomach and perfect hips and perfect butt so don't listen to them you beautiful from top to bottom inside and out I love you  Nathan Scott Raymond
I love you more than words can even describe you're always there to save me❤️❤️
Best. Flipping. Thing. I. Ever. Seen. On. Ask. *laughing emoji  Anonymous
Lol I'm just being honest and not letting it get to me
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Your body is so disproportionate. You have chicken legs. Then a big stomach and wide hips with no ass.
Well you can kiss my flatt ass then ❤️
Your body is so disproportionate. You have chicken legs. Then a big stomach and wide hips with no ass.
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pap from Panama city
He's perfect
pap from Panama city
When Nate comes to stay over is he going to be aloud to sleep in your bed or where would he sleep?
Me and Nate aren't technically aloud to sleep together be we always do anyways lol I'm sure our parents know but we never tell them we always just climb I to eachothers beds and sleep together anyways, it's the best feeling in the world
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Miss Panama City so much
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Not sure,
Well I like it so that's what I want to wear, thankyou though
I don't think that dress suits you. No hate intended I just think you'd look better in something else
Like what ?
Are you going trick or treating
Maybe I might have a fire instead
Why don't you answer questions anymore
I just got out of work
Front pap of it
Front picture of my dress?
Front pap of it
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