Chantel Langer @xochantelxo
Chantel Langer @xochantelxo
Get to know me before you judge me -860
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Do you have a snap chat
How do you accord to keep flying or driving to him
We help eachother
Is he staying at your house
I'm going to his
How are u seeing him doesn't he live far
Yes..we do visit each other
Why cry ‎@work?
Works hard
When's the next time you're seeing Nate
Three days!!! I am so excited
what is rape ?
It's alright I'm sure I have the wrong person then but Thankyou
Why not
Oh I'm sorry maybe I have the wrong person I was just hoping to reconnect with an old friend
Who is this ill mention the name to her
My moms a lot older than that..
Your mom is sandy correct?
How old are you?
Think she's an old friend of mine!
My mom? must be pretty old old are you
Where are you going for college
does your mom have an email? What is it? Btw yur so pretty
Why do you want my moms email?...and ty
When's the next time you're visiting Nate?
He's coming for Christmas and I'm going there for a vacation in September hopefully
What color socks are you wearing right now? PAP!
Who wears socks in summer! Lol
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Miss u :((
Who is this?
Do you hangout in the fields up top at rascal? They get crazy lol
Yeah I always get lawn seats rascal was a few months ago
You're a pretty lady you're eyes are stunning
Do you need someone to talk to?
It wouldn't hurt
I guess
You wouldn't want to talk to me lol I just saw that you were sad and was seeing if you were alright
Oh okay, I'm doing okay, the best I can
Just someone who wants you to be happy
Text me?
Try explaining it,
Who is this?