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Chantel Langer @xochantelxo
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Not even brittany
I think she texted me two days ago? She's busy
That's hard 2 believe
We'll believe it because no one texts me, trust me I wish my friends would text me too lol
You haven't texted A single person In days? Not even Nate?
He's the only one who's texted me in days,
Pap texts pretty(:
They haven't changed from the last time
What do you want to be when you grow up
I want to be an elementary teacher
Have you applied to college yet?
No I haven't yet I don't think it's time to yet
How do you usually express your emotions?
Unless I'm comfortable with you I'll hold them inside and deal with them when I'm alone
Pap of you and nate before he left
Pap of you and nate before he left
Okay princess I love you so much
I love you too nater❤️❤️
that person is right there is so much to love about you and I love all of it you are the most beautiful girl in the world with the most amazing smile and the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen and the cutest laugh I love you so much princess
I love you so much pumpkin you're the cutest thing❤️❤️
There's so many things about you to love. Don't be down on yourself
Thankyou really ❤️❤️
I love your fashion and choice of clothes
I like to dress up so thankyou
I love your long hair
And again
I love your kindness
And again!
I love your big heart
Thankyou again!
I love your smile
You're so sweet
I love your blue eyes!
Thankyou very much! They're green right now they change colors, usually green during fall
Oh just a random girl?
Who was it that you thought was pretty?
It was no one just a girl who's like stunning well beyond stunning
You're beautiful, no need to wish to be anyone else
I just don't feel very pretty right now I guess
I forgot to put a picture of it lol  Chantel Langer
I forgot to put a picture of it lol
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How can you be motivated?
Okay I feel pretty good about this it's chicken breaded with panko bread crumbs stuffed with stuffing and rolled up topped with cheese barbaque sauce and frunions it's just 4 pieces of thin chicken it's gonna be yummy
Why cause they're pretty?
Yes I'd love to feel comfortable in my own skin,
Who do you "wish you could be?
Just someone who's not me
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Sweet goodluck with him
Thankyou annon :-)