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Chantel Langer @xochantelxo
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Dont listen to them you should get back with him or give Nick a last chance
I'm not listening to anyone but myself
Will you ever date nicholas again?
That's for me to know and you to find put
You're retarted if u take nick back
And who are you to judge
Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?
I love all animals
Would you ever date brett again
how are u not sure it's either yes or no ? lol
Because you obviously know nothing
Who do you like or find attractive?
Still in love with nick
be my suga momma? (;
Or nah
you are beautiful<3
Thankyou very much <3
are u and nick together??
I'm not sure
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Dont date Nick you know u want kyle
Who the fuck is Kyle lol
i fucks with you girl
You look good today
What was Kelsey's tweet about then about running back to his exs
Definitely not about me probably Taylor or Nicole
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Are you and Brett talking
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Last Kiss ?
Nicholas markure
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When was the last time you screamed?
Your pretty
Thankyou sm
please just tell me :( that's something you should be proud of you shouldn't try to hide that shit
I am proud of it I just don't need to share my buisness with an annon
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who are you talking to
That annon is for me to know and for everyone to find out soon
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who are you dating??
I'm not dating anyone
Ha you're really fucking stupid
You're dating someone ?
Nope I'm not
Fuck that anon bitch! chan ignore them because you're beautiful and they are jealous of u and hide their name and lie off their ass don't let them get to you they have no life and immature as shit I love ya!  Nick
Thankyou I love you too!!
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do you like your job?
Yes I do