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What'd you try it on for
I was looking for homecoming dresses and happened to see this prom dress I loved it so tried it on
Ignore my bra but oh my gosh I fell in love with this dress
What was the funnest thing you guys did in panama
Nate ride me all over Florida through the day through the sunset and I to night time on the back of a moped! It was so fun and so beautiful I got to see so much of Florida it was unbelievably gorgeous I couldn't believe I got to see all of that paradise it's indescribably
Are you going to wait until marriage to have sex with him?
Ii know well get married people may doubt us but we seriously have it all planned out
Cute memory you've had with him?
Oh boy we have literally had so many cute memories! In panama the last night we ( me Brittany and liz) were there everyone went to sleep but me and Nate stayed up until almost 5 in the morning cuddling on the balcony together watching the ocean we literally talked for hours without a pause, we always have such good connection, then I realized I was leaving in the morning so I started crying and he just held me and wiped my tears away and kissed me telling me how much he loves me and we talked about our plans for the future and plans to see eachother and make trips to see eachother he was so adorable everytime I cry he cried with me and comforts me and makes me smile he always knows how to make me feel truly beautiful, we realized how much we loved and needed eachother that night,
Would you be comfortable enough to give yourself to him?
Me and him are very comfortable around eachother were both ourselves and we both are open and can talk about anything we tell eachother everything, we have such a good relationship so if have to say yes
That's awesome take lots of pics!
I will we love taking pictures lol (well I do and he just goes along with whatever make me happy) tehe
So he's coming to stay at your house ? Without britt
Yes he is:) I can't wait to have him all to myself !
Just him or britt too
Both of them! He's staying at my house for April vacation though so it'll just be me as him :) I can't wait I'm secretly buying his plane ticket but he dosent know that ;)
More of you and Nate I love you two!
I love him to death, he's my everything
More of you and Nate I love you two!
Has Nate ever been over your house
Yes he's slept over before !
Pap of you and nate
Missing panama so much
Pap of you and nate
you need to tell whoever saying that stuff their not invited to our wedding  Nathan Scott Raymond
They already are scratched off our guest list baby
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Can I have your wardrobe ?  Nicole Atkinson
Can I have yoyrs! Your always shopping you lucky duck lol
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Obviously you anons are jealous as fuck. Just cause you can't have a perfect relationship like them doesn't mean you have to put them down
Thankyou so much seriously
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4 years? Lol that's a joke you dated someone else for a yeAr in that tune and never saw Nate
You can't stop loving someone, I fell in love with Nate 4 years ago, so clearly you know nothing, we've both had relationships inbetween but knew we'd always come back to eachother, and this time we are both waiting for eachother and planned our futures together
I'll give you and Nate another 3 months lol
Well I disagree, he's the love of my life and we've been at this for 4 years so 2 more won't change a thing
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I love you  Nathan Scott Raymond
I am so deeply and incredibly in love with you
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Why not? You always talk about how close you and your mom are
We have issues, ever since my grandma died she hasn't been the same, we fight nonstop and she's always depressed and puts a lot of pressure on me, I'm not gonna tell my life story I'm just gonna say I love her more than anything but we just aren't close anymore
You've said it on here before and I'm not trying to be mean lol I'm just asking if you and your mom are that close
No, I'm not that close to my parents. 8 love my mom to death but we aren't on that level
Does your mom know you're not a Virgin?
How do you know if I am or not ¿
When do you want to marry him
I want to marry him once we both have established our lives and are all settled in together
How does your mom feel about you getting married so young? Or wanting to ?
She knows we aren't going to get married right away but also knows how much I love Nate and how good of a guy he is she absoulutely loves him