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Chantel Langer @xochantelxo
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full body pic
holy throwback
full body pic
I did:)
No you didn't.. If your messing with me please stop it's not funny
I texted you twice cutie!!
I got no new text messages
So I like you.
just text me!
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You didn't answer me
I didn't get a a text from you try sending it again
Yeah text me...
wait you text me i dont think i saved your # :/
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Post a picture of you in yoga shorts
i hate shorts on me hell no
U are perfect
Far from it
It'll make it obvious. We texted recently
As in like yesterday a week ago two days ago lol I'm clueless
Just a friend
Text me?
The other night when you were on my lap
Keep dreaming. Liar.
Would you give us a try and maybe we can be more then a friendship?:)
Wait who is this ??
Yeah:) I have a crush on you
Who is this?
We text sometimes I think I might like you.... You're pretty and we go to the same school and we talk I wish I could tell you how I feel about you but I don't wanna ruin our friendship.. Awkward
I'm clueless as always lol why don't you come and talk to me about it or text me about it? I wouldn't let it ruin anything don't worry
I think I like you
Awhh do you?:)
Yes you did after school you remember Chantel
No I don't becuase I've never did that. Stop making shit up and leave me alone
Can I get a blow job after school In the dugout again?
I've never given a bj in a dugout that's nasty af go away you pervert.
Who are your top 10 closest friends that are guys
I don't even have 10 guys friends
oldest guy you would hook up with?
I don't do hook ups, not that type of girl
heyyyy derrr cutieeeeee;)))
Hey :))))
what's ur opinion on long eye lashes on a guy?
I love long eyelashes on guys makes their eyes so much prettier lol
got yoga pant shorts?:)
okay thankyou so much!
Don't do anything Friday I want to hangout with you
okay! tehe
When we hanging out
when ever you want niggguh