Chantel Langer @xochantelxo
Chantel Langer @xochantelxo
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Happy birthday!!!
️Thankyou !!❤️
But you posted them a couple days ago lol
Here are you happy? Find anything you need to find?
But you posted them a couple days ago lol
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Why what are you hiding lol
Nothing I just don't understand why you need to see who and what I'm texting
Who is your biggest mentor?
My mommy
Pap texts
No thanks
I saw you and brett hangin out again! That's good
Well my best friend Britt invited him to a group hangout we had and we all just became friends again, it was nice, we used to be the three best friends
Change it up! You used to all the time.
I don't have the money right now
How many times a week do you work
Like 5
Are you changing your hair?
I don't think so
What bills do you pay
My phone bill car insurance car loan my prom dress payments some clothing credit cards that I use and a few other things my mom needs help with
Are you still close with Britt?
Yes of course
Do you like driving?
Yes who dosent ?
Pap texts(:
Pap texts(:
The girls
Is that a yes
Please leave me alone
Do you ever miss nick?
Here we go again
Do you masturbate
Do you¿
If you were out at night and saw a guy holding a struggling and crying girl against a wall, would you get involved? What would you do?
Um it's called 911
What is your spirit animal?
you do know what I reference nathan Scott to right? xD  Wes Brown
Pap with Taylor
Went for ice cream today
Pap with Taylor
What are you doing for your birthday?
I'm not sure my friends are planning something I guess