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You are sexy


do u believe in me?

in you ? of coarse (:

And you're stunning my new owner :) you can call me slave if u like ;) haha

welllllll, no i won't call you that . that's mean

Come describe your underwear better

on my way :*

Describe your underwear in 4 words

sexy, sexy, sexy & sexy ;)

*bows down to the master* haha

haha your amazing ;)

Your wish is my command :)

haaaaa I luv you

I'm a slave 4 u

lol baby make my bed

I saw the picture with you and floyd

Uh oh cool

why is Gema so hot?

because she's an angel (:

your perrrf

oh hey thankyou boo

is it tru that ur only dating floyd cus he looks like cristian? o;

hahahaha uh first of all we aren't dating & ew no!

Don't let what people think about Floyd get to you! If he makes you happy and he's cute in your eyes that's all that matters fuck a hater opinion..(;

hey thanks (: that's so nice of you ☺️

You dating Floyd now,?

no .

Do you like Floyd ?

nope I've never even talked to the guy hahaha

Floyd is so ugly lol

I know I'm hella ugly ! like who would talk to me

the soccer game on wednesday

where is it ?

What did you get floyd :o

a cute ass crewneck , jeans & 2 shirts

If you could only see three people for the rest of your life who would it be?

just 3 , really ? I can't !

no lie you should take iveth to the next sshs v reed soccer game i want to see my niggu willies reaction you wont!

ok ok it's a deal , but honestly Willie won't care

you should go :)

see ya there ?

Your cute

heeeeeeey thankyou

are you going to the next reed vs sshs soccer game?

I should would love to go (:

How often do you go to parties?

not so often

Will robots replace humans?

yes I believe so , they will be making my bed in the future


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