Yasmin Curtayne @yasminnyy
Yasmin Curtayne @yasminnyy
I take the piss out of most of these answers
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If you had to get one thing tattooed on your forehead, what would it be?
on my forehead
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post a picture of yourself and whoever likes it thinks your pretty?
post a picture of yourself and whoever likes it thinks your pretty?
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have you got a thing with someone
and sexy too tbh, js
who are you ;3
makin me blush n stuffs
you're so cute and beautiful man :)
thankyou aw c':
At what age did you kiss for the first time?
yet another gorgeous photo on Facebook from Miss Curtayne :3
fuck me gently some of y'all are so cute c: thankyou x
Is 'Curtayne' Egyptian?
no but ihab is which is my actual surname
Saw your photo again on Instagram omfg. You're so sexy man holy shit
bless your heart xxx
you're so pretty :(  Ashlyn Grafham
omg you are xxxxx
your new fb photo is fucking beautiful man. you're yummy af
holy shit who is this :* bless u xx
pap of boobs?
pap of boobs?
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you are literally so annoying
you are literally so annoying
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how many tongue piercings do you have
2 x
what makes you angry
Everyone getting tongue piercings like fuk off ):::::::::
What is one thing you will never do again?
talk to anyone that wears airmaxes bc they think they're cool even tho they don't exercise Lol
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you need jesus
lucky he's ma nigga then
thoughts :)  Manny Jaxon Gillett
um you're cute I guess n you seem super nice and I am kinda compelled to have a sesh with you one day now lelz
Whom do you really love?
Mary Jane
What was the first thing you learned to cook?
What is the quality you most like in a woman?
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why do u have dreadlocks
because I fuckin can bahahhaha
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10 prettiest girls at kala
no order
gaby ohara
keira bielawski
shara langley
shannen emery
rebecca thomson
chloe tribbick
zoe hillan
brie stidworthy
montannah hoy
tess enright