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Even if you were a cool parent would you still set clear rules and boundaries for your kids and would you discipline them if they were little shits?
I would set clear rules and boundaries and discipline them if they cross the line
Would you stand up for the elderly on public transport?
I always do
Best/nicest boyfriend you've ever had?
I can't even remember my last boyfriend it was so long ago so probably Jayden?????? lol
opinions on stretch marks?
I have them. I think it's just another thing you have on your body to prove you lived your life
it's like a freckle or a scar
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are you in a relationship
thoughts on anal
anal is stupid
are u single?
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Tbh ur are sexy asf, mint style, killer body, seem like such a great chick x❤️✌️  Brødīe
bless x
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Your YouTube videos are the worst things in the world
Your YouTube videos are the worst things in the world
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See me this week end or I'll fucking smash you  Ethan Hoy
fuck yes rat oi call me
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Who had the biggest influence on you as a kid?
link to video?
post your dp
post your dp
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City or countryside? What do you prefer?
Thoughts on Jamie Gomeze? xx
idk haven't seen him in ages
I used to be hella nice to him I think, he has really nice eyelashes
I just liked your profile pic on facey. Can you please add me on there so I can ask you something? We have talked before...
I just deleted it man fuk like one of the other ones
i want to tongue your asshole and lick your feet
hen your tongue is long enough to reach my ass/feet in Brazil, while you're in Australia
be my guest
Whats your username on chatous?
what the bloody fuck is that
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likers get 15 likes?
in all honesty, no one I know I like 15 things about
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What was the last drink you had?
red wine (':
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Where do you find new music?
background music in porn
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