Zayn Malik @zaynmalikofficial
Zayn Malik @zaynmalikofficial
bradford, england.
just close your eyes and enjoy the roller coaster that is life :) x
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Only one thing to listen to today and that is Steal My Girl  Zayn Malik
Only one thing to listen to today and that is Steal My Girl
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meet my new tiger aha :)  Zayn Malik
meet my new tiger aha :)
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‎@HarryEdwardStylesVEVOOficial is that real account ?
ahahaha vevo? I think's channel on yt , or im stupid aha fake ;)
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Do you like History ? (Say yes)
YES !!!
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Zayn can u please go to instagram so i can follow u XDD ♥  Laura
I have instagram ha !
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To be honest I was wondering if u have a kik u don't have to tell me what it is but I've been messaging 'zayn' and he wont show me his face on snapchat so i might be talking to a creep. Idk tho. So do u have a kik?? Please be honest. I might have to call someone out. Lol!  Kathee Partee
Surely u wrote to fake account. Cause I donttt have kik !aha :)
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-  Zayn Malik go listen to some naughty music !! :D
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I love you Zayn <3
I love y'all ! :) x
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-  Zayn Malik
You & I is our next single :)
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Where are you now ?  Shahdd.
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what's your newest tattoo? x
what's your newest tattoo? x
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#NeedHelpWithYourHomeWork?  Zayn Malik
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yo !  Zayn Malik bad man download that shitzzle !! My man T mills :) !
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Whats your fav. Song that you listen the most at the moment?  laraa
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ur instagram? <3
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Sleeping is for wimps ! ‎@JawaadSaeed  Zayn Malik
Sleeping is for wimps ! @JawaadSaeed
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favourite music
R&b !
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pic of today??
pic of today??
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Much love <3<3 and Waiting for Ur visit to Egypt .. U have many fans here .. Wish YOU wil Insha'Allah xx  Reem Hussein
a lot of fans here from Egypt ! i'd like to get there aha ! :) x
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Justin bieber is coming to egypt very soon! Are you going to come any time soon?! Love you  Irena
yaaaayy I always wanted to visit Egypt , I really hope so !
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People say that was 13000 people make you unfollowed when you talk this pic with pirre and kiss here I'am soory pleace answer
seriously ? Well .... i'm sorry, but I do not care. I really would like the fans to accept it .... but unfortunately it's impossible , too bad
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Will you ever visit Pakistan again? :')
I hope .!! I would like to be theree
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Why you won't follow me on Twitter
what's ur nickname ?
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you have facebook?-.......this is yours?
I don't have fb
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