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im 21 and it's friggin' awesome! Lost and wasting time.
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criteria of your partner you would ask for ? honest pls. i mean -- their physical. opposition in politic, of course ! hehe (im no sure politics are categorize as physically or not LOL )
I think can't tell you specifically because I can't describe it so very well. Does "sweet" can be considered as physical? So I can call her my sweetheart. I don't care if she's not the prettiest girl. If my heart tells me she's the right one, then nothing else matters. You'd better feel lucky, I never really into this kind of question but I try my best to answer.
What do you want to know about the future?
I rather not know
single terbaru noona?
Noona awak la. Ya saya single xoxo
Hey! Whats up?
Up? Roller coaster that always going up haha
do you have crush on someone ?
Yes i did. Because that girl now with someone else. Move on!
do you have secret admire ?
How to make love stay ?
If two people never stop loving each other
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haha yeah sure okay. adios ✌️
Believe :)  Justin Bieber
Omg it's Justin Bieber! Pray For Gaza.
Well I dealt with it so many times. So I used to it. You dont seem like one
Shut up Nadz, I'm just trying to be nice here :p well gtg night ✌
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oh pls nothing you should be sorry for
I know but mispelled someone's name is considered disrespectful. I'm tired of being a rude person.
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Its nadz mister Hazmin. hahaa Sleep well
I hope you forgive my mistake, sorry Nadz. Night :)
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What is the next big thing that will blow people’s minds?
The truth. And the truth is we know nothing.
but you already did. Good night Jeming
Haha good night Nad. Sleep well :)
okay sorry wrong person
Sorry i can't answer, that is not even a question.
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hazmin firdaus ?
Oppss, wong person.
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oppa atau opah?
yay or nay?
Siapakah bae awk ?
Correction, baes not bae. Kadang Sherry, kadang Zainab.
macam mana oppa hilangkan stress?
Oppa? hahahahaha stress!
Agak agak bile lg nk langgar kereta org ?
bila menteri-menteri fikir guna otak
kenapa bertih jagung bukan popcorrn?
say whut? bertih jagung is popcorn.
betul ke masakan goreng boleh tambah ajinomoto?
Shhh, it's a secret.
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What vegetable do you hate?
No hate. Veggie love me.
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Why do people kill each other?
There is nothing more fun.
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