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are u seeing anyone
♡.  Robin.
Best <3
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what do you want to do in university?
Political science
not really
IB subject combination?
im not sure yet :/
your eyebrows..... the shape is just so HAHAHAHA GOD BLESS :)
the shape depends on my mood you see, you need to be able to tailor eyebrows to specific needs.
Like for example your eyebrows could be tailored to "hormonal 12 year old". The pre pubescent child who owns an aesthetic tumblr and loves to create arches with her newly bought bobby brown pencils. Not to mention, your daily mantra of "eyebrows on fleek" as you gently caress them in your hourly routine of creating your "prefect eyebrow". Nourishment you see is the key for eyebrows.
your eyebrows..... the shape is just so HAHAHAHA GOD BLESS :)
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Ma sei nata in Italia?
No 🙈
do you model
thoughts on Mattia? the real swiss
Who is that
thoughts on rahul paleja?
Who is that ahaha
If beauty were a drop of water, you'd be an entire ocean
Ahahahaha thank you
vamos a la playa con Matti
???? ahha
Dream university?
shut the fuck up you're so annoying
:((((((((((((((((((( do my ugly eyebrows make you cranky?
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eyebrow game is shit :')
My eyebrows 1v1 your eyebrows fight till death. The one with the loosing eyebrows has to flee the country and change his/her name to yomon qoshlari which is Uzbek for ugly eyebrows.
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how well do u speak chinese?
Not very well but basically 6 years worth
are you single?
Soon to be married xx
how many languages can you speak?
The questions after the ones you were asked when are you leaving for singapore 4 days ago
Could you be more specific please?
I dont feel like translating all of them
You could also go on a computer and translate it there
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It just dosent translate italian anymore....and i am using android mobile if that helps
Okay well what do u want translated?
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My google translation broke...
Google translate can't break lol
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iPhone 6 ❤️
Si ahahah👻
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Do you think denim hotpants look bad or good on guys?because i am a guy and i have a fetish with them
Yesterday in my hometown in Italy they had an American themed party. I wish I would have sold my sport team socks and my uniform and all dragon themed things, I would have made a shit ton of money 🙈👍 next time🙈🙈
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Would you follow the white rabbit?
Knowing me I would
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Quando Torni?
11 giungo POCOCOCO
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