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Grazie !! :))
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At what age did you kiss for the first time?
I think 13 But "not properly" at the age of 7 when my boy-friend at the time gave me his fave pokemon card
5 like ai primi 3 ?
Nooo love
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talk to Erik Nilsene
Honest thoughts on Caleb
Whos that?
Dobbiamo scopare ?
Cazzo dici
Dobbiamo scopare ?
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Ciao,ti seguo,ricambi? :)  •Alessandro Fiore™❤️
Ok :)
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pap with michele ;)
I dont have one
guys i actually dont watch porn that was michele  Zoe ≧◔◡◔≦
^^^^ shoutout to my followers
I love u  Alessia #ς Chiocci
my reason baby
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Ciao down!  Alessia #ς Chiocci
ciao amore mio grande <3
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A bella
Lo so
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how often do you watch porn?
Yes mlmlml
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grazie :)))
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If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which two people would you put together?
every soulmate ever
io : 9.5 ricciolini : 9.5 rob : 10♥ tromb e arbi : 9  gabriele
Grazie raga❤️
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9:)  Simone Gialletti
Grazie :)
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Non mi caga nessuno per davvero però si dai solo un po' però
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Who is the guy in your snapchat story?
the dude in my snapchat story is Erik kalalkajdslflkjfdklsjfldk <3
Whats his ask?
whos ask?? -__-
Eii ti seguo, ricambi? sono una nuova pagina, mi aiuteresti mettendo qualche like? grazie mille se lo fai <3 100 like= 2 aski :)  кιѕѕ му αѕѕ вιт¢н
how about no
how did you get to know samitta?
I still dont know her and I didnt get to know her yet either! we rarely talk :) But she seems like a really nice and sweet girl xo