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are you going to be in a drama production this year?
yes urinetown :3
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chatous username?
What is chatous?
how many unanswered questions
Miss you❤️❤️❤️  Sereeena✌️
miss you more :( <3 <3
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1.5 :D  Erik Kallajxhiu ⚓
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Per te 10 <3  michele ricciolini
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heyy! do you remember me? :)  Saira ❀
Yes :))
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its you're**
I'm so sorry that I offended you with my laziness
vr on all the makeup you own! xxx
Cannot computer not working well :(
how does one pronounce your name? is it zoe or like zo-ey?? I'd love to get to know you and you're really pretty :) xx
Zoooiiiii Thank you, it would be lovely to get to Know you anon❤️
Ti Piace qualcuno ? (In Italia)
Non lui
Ti Piace qualcuno ? (In Italia)
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which michelle posted it
What is your perfect date?
My perfect date would be a picnic and then maybe then having a walk somewhere like marina bay :)
che sport fai?
Calcio + balletto ma adesso smetto e faccio danza moderna e palla a volta
con che modifichi le foto?
con che modifichi le foto?
Oo come va?  Luca Catarinucci
Bene bhe❤️✌️
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do find it easier ot pirouette en pointe or flat? xx
Flat obviously xx
is there anyone u wished u had been nicer to? (sorry that makes it sound like i think ur mean, but like everyone has someone)
Not really every mistake is something to Learn from! And im not really mean to anyone :/
what's ur fave show
My favorite show is the simpsons and adventure time :)
do u know what the musical this year??
The musical this year is you peed in town some weird name That has to do with Peeing
Dove stai
Al 3t
Dove stai
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Do you like John Yates and Alan Griffin?
yeah they cool
do u have snapchat or kik? whats ur username?
snapchat is : zoemxxx no kik :(
How do you spend the majority of your free time?
spend days with my friends ahahah domanda di merddaaa