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Miss you❤️❤️❤️  Sereeena✌️
miss you more :( <3 <3
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1.5 :D  Erik Kallajxhiu ⚓
Per te 10 <3  michele ricciolini
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heyy! do you remember me? :)  Saira ❀
Yes :))
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its you're**
I'm so sorry that I offended you with my laziness
vr on all the makeup you own! xxx
Cannot computer not working well :(
'unnecessary bullshit drama'... coming from you lol XD
Since when do I cause drama? I'm the first to avoid it dumbass next question I'll block you your annoying me
how does one pronounce your name? is it zoe or like zo-ey?? I'd love to get to know you and you're really pretty :) xx
Zoooiiiii Thank you, it would be lovely to get to Know you anon❤️
Ti Piace qualcuno ? (In Italia)
Non lui
Ti Piace qualcuno ? (In Italia)
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"Unnecessary bullshit drama" How ironic coming from you, dont you think zoe
Ahahaha Wtf lols
which michelle posted it
What is your perfect date?
My perfect date would be a picnic and then maybe then having a walk somewhere like marina bay :)
HOLY SHIT thoughts on michelles thing for avi?
Nothing ahahah, all i have to say is That if michelle wanted to not embaress avi then she should have just sent him That rant without having to post it on Facebook. Unnecessary bullshit drama That no one fucking needs :)
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che sport fai?
Calcio + balletto ma adesso smetto e faccio danza moderna e palla a volta
con che modifichi le foto?
con che modifichi le foto?
Oo come va?  Luca Catarinucci
Bene bhe❤️✌️
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do find it easier ot pirouette en pointe or flat? xx
Flat obviously xx
is there anyone u wished u had been nicer to? (sorry that makes it sound like i think ur mean, but like everyone has someone)
Not really every mistake is something to Learn from! And im not really mean to anyone :/
what's ur fave show
My favorite show is the simpsons and adventure time :)
do u know what the musical this year??
The musical this year is you peed in town some weird name That has to do with Peeing
Dove stai
Al 3t
Dove stai
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Do you like John Yates and Alan Griffin?
yeah they cool
do u have snapchat or kik? whats ur username?
snapchat is : zoemxxx no kik :(
How do you spend the majority of your free time?
spend days with my friends ahahah domanda di merddaaa