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zoey aka rihanna @zoehodgensx
zoey aka rihanna @zoehodgensx
i don't even like you ‎@demcunts is perf omg - ‎@embbg my wife asdfghjkl - ‎@killdabitches my fgt ye
love me pls
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Hey. I think your perf could i get a fansign plz.ily 100 likes :)
Um no.
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How do you become famous? x
say you have a down syndrome brother/sister and get a picture of google images
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Your not virgin r u?****
no I'm not and your grammar is fucking shit
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like = like
like = sex
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Whom have you hugged today?
no one bcos of no friends
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Go on kik baba <3
don't have kik anymore lololol x
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fuck me fast and hard
i'd rather not bby
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Would u ever have sex with a hot girl? Or make out?
my motto iz yolo
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LY  Aff
can you pls get in my bed omf
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What app did u use on ur pic?xxx
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May u be mine <3  sit on my face
Yes baby of course
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Spam me with questions.  Satan
I'm not your whore
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Ily baby  sit on my face
Same ye x
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Ill be there one day, promise?! Ill bring food and a movie so we can spoon and eat kk?!
awaw ok baby x
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Zoey you make me cry because I want u in my bed but when ever I get there your not in it I h8 u  sit on my face
Morgan u make me cry bcos ur not in my bed fgs
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im a guy and i think that girls over exaggerate about their period:// calm down it probably doesnt even hurt that much ffs
Well you're obviously a cunt aren't you
When someone kicks you in the balls eight times and then sets fire to it and then punches you in the stomach with a bowling ball, that's when you can come back to me and say that aye
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What about them perfect?x  Li
they're making me laugh fgs x
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Ilyt perfect girl <3  sit on my face
you need to talk to me more fgs x
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you're gorgeous aw x  Li
that's you baby ok x
omf your answers >
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Hi I'm 17, female, 13stone 13.5pounds. Am I fat (be honest)
Don't really care tbh
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you're perfect x  Li
Your face is just asdfgjkl x
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do you have pubes?
If you mean the ones your dad was playing with then yeah
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Well i died because my heart stopped when I looked at your wall but I'm back bby <3  sit on my face
Hahaha aw ily b x
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have you ever seen a friend wank? like on cam? or in person? or by accident?
When I find you, I will shit on you and your family
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