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Maliha Khalid AmanUllah✨
The internet has made things quantity over quality. Because this is the age of the internet where you get more likes on social media posts than people you even speak to.
This year your grand mother passed away. You can see who views things now and you hate it because you hate how you can say this with certainty that everyone saw the post but nobody asked you if you were okay.
Sadness isn’t talked about because sadness is what ruins parties. You can’t post that online because it’s nothing other people would be jealous of.
Technology has taken away our empathy. We don’t have to talk to people anymore to know what they’re doing. We can see their every move on the snapchat and pinpoint exactly where our friends are without hanging out with them on a saturday night. After all, if you go out and don’t make a snapchat story out of it, did you even really do anything?
And that makes it easy to feel like you’re just someone people keep around so they’re not alone. It’s easy to be friends with people these days we’ve made it so easy to communicate. Hell, there’s even tinder social now for people who feel like they have nobody. You dress up, you go out, you laugh about the weather, you spill a drink, you take a snapchat of the new people you’re hanging out with, everything’s funny. Because the truth is it’s easy to find people to hang out with, but it’s hard to find people who don’t make you feel lonely. Social media makes it easy access to the things you’re missing. It didn’t bother you that nobody ever tells you they love you until people started publicly broadcasting. Because what’s hard in this day and age is finding someone who truly gets you. Who understand things without you having to spell them out. Who thinks of you during their normal routines enough to ask you how you are in the middle of the week.
Your mom doesn’t get it. She talks to her friends every week if she’s lucky and you need the reassurance of every day. But when it’s her birthday, she gets hand-mailed cards with long handwritten notes on them and every note ends with “i love you.” On your birthday, you get facebook posts from people you don’t speak to and nothing heartfelt from the ones who mean the most to you.
But you don’t talk about it until you are at the breaking point because the reason it’s so easy to have friends is because it’s easy to hide parts of yourself, to have your weekend friends and your work friends and your romantic interests and the people you talk to when you’re sad without them ever intermingling. You just wish you had people who you could tell everything. But the second you cross a boundary, people leave. People always leave. You’ve never found one person who got to know me - all of me - and actually stayed.
Because in this day and age, you don’t have to stay. There’s always someone better behind every corner and nobody really needs you.

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Abdullah Toqeer
Yesterday I saw the news on social media that three students from different institutions committed suicide because of study pressure and bullying.
This beautiful education system of modern world is left only with mental torture. Our system has become so materialistic that we don’t value the things now. There is no psychiatrist or any student guidance teacher in school/college which can deal with the problems students facing in studies or mentally.
Similarly bullying is another big issue. We say words and things to our friends in lighter not which hurt them and we don’t even know through what they are going through. We should avoid humiliating others, it has a very deep impact on them.
Suicide is haram we should not promote it and we should try to be kind and helpful with others as much as we can.
These two issues should be addressed properly or we are going to face some serious consequences.

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