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on a scale of 1-10 1o being most annoying how annoying are the new animated backgrounds?

shehitsback’s Profile PhotoAllison.
I don’t dislike them but I feel they could be more original. More exciting.

How would you describe this website?

I would like to give back to my followers during my time of absence. If you would please like this post and I will make a separate post tagging everyone’s screen name who has liked it for others to follow ??
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Person that lets you down the most?

I have no one in my life that lets me down. I have been brave enough to eliminate anyone from my life that has been a disappointment to me.

Ladies. Would you be happy if a nice man offered to give you a nice pearl necklace ?

Yucky no. I don’t like pearls.
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whats something you used to love doing but have lost interest in?

Keeping up with my physical appearance 100% of the time.
It’s just become more of a chore than anything to constantly make sure my hair is perfected, that my makeup looks swell.
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Have you ever changed schools? Why?

I love to pay it forward. For anyone sending me questions and following me, you should check out anyone who has liked this and give them a follow as well. Maybe even send them questions too.

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I saw you on Long Time Dodger’s page! Follow for follow? ? I love being spammed with questions lol

I saw you on Long Time Dodgers page Follow for follow  I love being spammed with

Are you interested in psychology? ? or maybe something else?

Psychology is interesting I’ll say that but it isn’t something I’m obsessed with. Marine life though, that’s something I could get behind on knowing more about.
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When did you realize it? Was it hard to come out? Do you feel there are any misconceptions about bi girls?

A few years back and not really no it wasn’t. It was stressful because of nerves but I already knew I was going to be supported by who I am. I’ve always surrounded myself with people that have always made me feel like I feel accepted and it does also help that I have my family who always made it clear they would love me no matter what.
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What would you name a newly discovered planet?

If it was blue, I would probably give it a cutesy name like BabyBlue haha.


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