What's your story idea for Camp NaNoWriMo?

Melissa's is a f/f one-shot for Star-Cross'd, Helen's is a story she's continuing from a past NaNo I think? Here's the summary:
Thirteen years ago, Matthew Newstead couldn't get off the small island that his family owned fast enough to start his career as a soldier. He left behind an angry father, four young sisters and a girlfriend that thought he was the one. He left with the intention of never returning until his unit is hit and he's left a broken man with only the island as his sanctuary but can he take the changes that have happened in his departure?
Mine (Rosie) is also a continuation of 2014's NaNo, because I can't seem to write steadily unless NaNo is on :P. This is the summary: Cai, the most powerful man in the world, rules a country fractured by ambitious nobles. He has one goal before he dies: unite them, and leave a legacy of peace and prosperity in his wake. It seems hopeless, until he discovers his soulmate in Blaine Allanach, a man renown for his ruthlessness on the battlefield and strength outside of it.