Hey Melissa, thanks for easing my worries! Because I've gone abroad from the US to university, all my money has gone to other things and I turned to tuebl. But a lot of people say it leads to authors not getting enough money and such, which makes me feel bad, but unless I'm 100% sure I'm going to lo

No problem! We are in the same boat, I see. Ask cut you off, but I think you were going to say that unless you're sure you're going to love a book, you won't buy it, which is definitely my policy too. I don't want to shell out $10-15 just to end up hating the book (it's happened a few times recently and I was not happy). And sometimes if I really like it, I'll buy the book afterwards when I get some spare cash, even though I've already read it illegally.
Personally, if I was a published author, I would be happier knowing that people were reading and enjoying my book than I would be by getting a little more money. So, yeah. I definitely am a believer in buying books if you're able to, but downloading them if you are not. And if someone tries to make you feel guilty for using tuebl, then they're an asshole. You just do you, sweetie.