...then that's just depressing. Surely books provide things that are worth than money? Anyway, thanks for listening :)

So true! I'm not downloading books from tuebl because I'm greedy or cheap--I literally do not have a cent to my name in which to buy them with. I love owning physical books. I love sorting them on my shelves and being able to pick any one of them up and sift through the pages. If I could buy more books, I would. But I can't.
As for the money thing: that's my argument as well. Books are such an important part of life and I don't think people should be scolded because they're trying to access them. The same argument could be made for downloading music.
Whenever I think about downloading things off the internet, I think of this video [which I think sums up my opinion rather nicely]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6vgkDbMcZcADropofRomeo’s Video 125724640998 s6vgkDbMcZc
Don't apologize! I love having discussions and interacting with all you guys <3