OMG, do you follow Charlie McDonnell? Did you follow the whole Alex Day scandal? Honestly, I watched Day's video on the whole thing ("The Past" it's called, I think) and it's so disgusting how he acts as though he's the victim!

YESSSSS. I am beyond disgusted with Alex. I used to watch his videos and even though I hadn't seen anything of his in a few months when this whole abuse situation came to light, I still felt betrayed. He's garbage and I want him to leave Youtube forever. That video was like 30 mins of straight manipulation. Neafcy (on youtube) made a really great video about the whole situation and I wholeheartedly agree with him.
The whole situation has completely opened my eyes to the... awfulness that can happen on youtube. I find a lot of youtubers to be fake now and pretty greedy. There's only a few YT people I can stand to watch now.
Actually I had a small run in with Alex on Goodreads because I read his book and thought it was terrible and boring and BADLY WRITTEN . Then he commented super passive aggressively even though it's common knowledge that authors shouldn't reply to 1 star reviews.
OMG do you follow Charlie McDonnell Did you follow the whole Alex Day scandal