Why do you think Tumblr dislikes Yurikuma Arashi when it seems like it should be right up their alley?

Tumblr these days is a series of impassable purity tests centered around an ongoing battle to see who among them is The Best Progressive, tests Yurikuma easily fails because it's about lesbians but it's written by a straight Japanese guy. Automatic demerit, can't possibly be progressive enough for Tumblr. Nobody ever gets lesbians in media "right", not even lesbians making lesbian media. There's always something wrong with it. It is NEVER progressive enough and in the right way.
It's weird to me how these race and gender purity tests have popped up and how vocally and forcefully they're supported and approved of. To me, they don't make a lot of sense and do basically nothing but stifle diversity in media and discourage people from writing diverse stories, but apparently this is how things are now.
Here's the general line of questioning: Are you a white person making a video game? Why aren't there any black people in your video game? Wait, is that a black person in your video game? Aren't you white? You can't write black characters if you're white, that's cultural appropriation.
Are you a black person making a video game? How come you have hispanic characters in your game? If those characters aren't being written by hispanic people, this is fraudulent and racist. Hey, why are there only black people in your video game?
Every piece of media needs to have a checklist of diverse characters and creative staff, but we don't want tokenism. Don't just put them in there to put them in there, but if they aren't in there, we're going to ruin your career with racism accusations.
It's basically a can't-win situation for creatives no matter what they're creating - I've seen it get granular down to the level where they're criticizing a black person for writing black characters who live in poverty but they themselves never did. You're not allowed to write about anything other than your own experience now, apparently. It's fucking stupid.
We need diversity in every conceivable form of media. We need black creators and latino creators and chinese creators and trans creators and gay creators and all of those people in all of those creative jobs making media and telling stories. We need it, urgently, and we need it in every single facet of the creative process from top to bottom. What we don't need is a culture where you're dictating to those people what they can or can't write based on a purity test. If the black guy wants to tell a story about a hispanic girl, he can. If it's shitty and racist and full of crappy stereotypes about the latino community, yell at him about it until he changes it. But not before. Judge the story for what it actually is; condemning it because it's about a latino girl written by a black man? That's r a c i s t. It isn't you being a progressive watchdog defending the latino community, you're smashing that guy's creative dream because he isn't the "right race" to tell the story according to the bullshit purity test.

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