How different is the feedback between female and male reviewers? Do the women get it a lot harder?

Holy shit man, you have NO IDEA.
Women who review nerd media online have it approximately eight billion times worse than any dude. I've seen this firsthand for years and you can see it happening virtually anywhere online where women write about this stuff. It isn't selective bias or cherrypicking, which is what I will be immediately accused of doing for saying this - it's demonstrable. Scroll through the comments.
The feedback is not only angrier, it's infinitely more condescending, too. A woman saying the same thing a man does about whatever comic book movie or anime or video game - whatever it is - will get 10x the shitty replies and most of them will be loaded with obnoxious gendered language just soaking in condescension about how she must not know what she's talking about, has an ulterior motive, can't possibly understand the material, etcetera. They also pepper in "sweetheart" or "little girl" for added effect. A guy can say "this batman movie sucks" and the comments will be like OH YOU'RE WRONG MAN HOW COULD YOU but if a woman says that it's HEY SWEETHEART, I QUESTION YOUR ABILITY TO UNDERSTAND BATMAN and I DOUBT THIS... GIRL HAS EVER READ [BATMAN COMIC]. The feedback focuses almost completely on infantilizing and delegitimizing the writer using gender as a launchpad. It's rarely just straight-up bold-faced sexism, like "this writer is wrong because she's a woman", it's mostly phrased in the kind of wormy polite "excuse me miss, but perhaps your vagina is getting in the way of your ability to appreciate Guardians of the Galaxy in the proper way" language guys use. They think we can't tell it's just garden variety sexism - hell, I don't think most guys who argue that way think they're being sexist or even notice that their criticism takes on a completely different tone and structure when they're talking to a female writer. It'd be kind of funny if it didn't happen constantly and wasn't so immediately recognizable. If they're challenged on it eventually they dig all the way down to deeply insulting personal stuff - speculating on the writer's private life, like "oh maybe she can't get a man, that's why she hates Nightwing so much". Guys don't get this shit. They don't. Not in numbers that women do.
I thought I got a lot of shit for having divisive opinions over the years, but I don't - have never and likely will never - get it as bad as any woman doing the same job I'm doing. It is chilling once you notice it, and you can never unsee it. When people argue that that isn't the case, and that internet feedback isn't like, OBVIOUSLY different, nastier and more insidiously belittling and dehumanizing toward women, I just assume they aren't paying attention at all or have a political agenda that means they can never acknowledge it.
"Women get it worse online" is as true to me as "the sky is blue" or "bunnies are cute".
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