Can you reveal how other series besides Bakemonogatari did on the classic reviews poll?

Sure - Gurren Lagann, Fate/Zero, Samurai Champloo, Tatami Galaxy, Toradora!, Mushishi, Rose of Versailles. Plenty more, too - we'll probably wind up pulling from that poll a few more times. We're happy with the choice, though - those Bakemonogatari reviews are doing well for us so far.
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Hope you're having a great day so far, just a quick question. I've been meaning to get to seeing Wolf's Rain for a long time, as it looks like something I'm sure I'd love. Just wanted to ask if you think it'd be worth blind buying the new Blu-Ray set being released?

Well, I mean, I love that show - I think it's close to the best anime I've ever seen, so yeah, I think you should just run out and buy it.
Funimation has the first four episodes of Wolf's Rain up for streaming! And it's the phenomenal English dub:
If you're lucky you'll get a wildly misleading trailer for GHOST IN THE SHELL 2: INNOCENCE beforehand that makes it look like an action-packed thrill ride!

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Will LWA be getting a preview guide when it comes out on Netflix or will someone just do a review on it? I would like to see everyone's opinion on the first episode.

That's an interesting idea, adding it to the preview guide so we get the same variety of opinion. The issue is resurrecting the guide months afterward - Netflix isn't going to make the show available until after it's finished, I don't think. I think people might be confused if suddenly the Winter 2017 Guide is being resurfaced in like, April.
But there's a way to do this without confusing readers, I think. Thanks for the idea!

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Is 'same face' sth that can diminish your enjoyment in an anime? I mean, I like SHIROBAKO, but it really bothers me how the face models of the 6 main leads are exactly identical despite everyone else looking different from each other.

Nah - you can tell the Shirobako girls apart easily enough, I think. They have different hair. Also that show has a Main Character and it's mostly about her, so I feel like the other girls fall into "supporting cast" territory pretty quickly.

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Do you think that the low number of interesting new shows will lead to a lower bar for entry in the streaming polls?

We're going to wind up covering a lot of stuff closer to the bottom of the poll if only due to the lower number of shows overall. We have enough writers to capably cover about 27-28 shows without breaking much of a sweat, so we're gonna wind up writing about a lot of that downballot stuff. It'll be fun! Maybe some of it will surprise us.

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I'm in favor of classic weekly reviews coming back, since I loved Nick's Paranoia Agent ones. My huge, /huge/, request there is, make sure it's a catalog title I can actually stream like any other weekly review. There is very little point otherwise.

Haha, yes, that is Rule #1 for daily streaming classic from here on out. Whatever the show is, it'll be available on a major streaming service.
In hindsight that was a really weird, stupid choice. I loved Nick's reviews, but yeah, obviously the show needs to be available.

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