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Assuming you have one, what's your favorite perfume? 😃

Yves Saint Laurent "L'Homme"

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What magic words do you know?


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What's your Favorite movie?

"The Godfather" is probably my all time favorite, though I rarely view it.

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I like your sense of humour :) just thought you should know.

Happy to hear that! :)

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Which do you prefer, earbuds or headphones? :3

Headphones, because I still haven't found a pair of buds that delivered the same/or better quality. So until then, headphones.

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What is your preferred messaging system? The one that comes with your phone such as iMessage or what android message is? Or do you prefer like Facebook messenger, viber, what's app?, etc...? :)

Telegrams. Preferably singing telegrams.

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Åsikt om pulp fiction?

Dansar alltid som Uma hade gjort.

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Är du en sån där extremfeminist?

Feminist är jag utan tvekan, men så värst extrem är jag inte.

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What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

Can't really imagine anything I would change, as I don't really consider if others will judge me or not before doing something.

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merry merry christmas areku !!!!


A bit late, buut thank you - and a Happy New Year!

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Ehm.. rika får mer å fattiga mindre? Wtf hur tänker du där?

Det är såklart helt fel, jag skall få allt.

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What do you think about fans that have tattoos with the name of your band or tattoos with your lyrics?

It would be very cool!
However I don't know of any that so far that have gotten a tattoo because of me and/or my band.

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What does "Avalinity" mean? Why did you decide to name your band as Avalinity?

Do you like more sunny weather or rainy?

Of those two? Overall, I would say rainy.
My prefer climate is around 20-22 C, a slight breeze and cloudy (not gray) sky with sun that shines through.

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Do you like classic music? If yes, what are your favorite composers and pieces?

My favorite composer is the god ol' Ludwig van.
Closely behind is Bach. My favorite piece though is a tie between "Pavane in F-sharp minor, Op. 50" by Gabriel Fauré (my favorite performance one by the London Philharmonic Orchestra) and the Overture from "Egmont, Op. 84" by Ludwig van Beethoven.


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Do you have Kik? If so, is your kik for business only or are your fans allowed to kik you?

As mentioned here:
I don't have KIK, at least not anymore. I couldn't keep up.
But when I used it, it was for anyone to write :)

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hi Areku! do u have an account on VK?

I'm going to answer this right now:

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What country would you like to visit? Is there a city (town) you want to go back?

What kind of food do you prefer? Do you like sweets? ^^ What food can cheer you up?

How often do you improvise or write music? What are the works can you be proud of? Did you try to write lyrics or poems sometimes?

Is Areku your real name?=) If not, what is your real name?

What inspires you to create such great designs of SophistiGance?:)


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Guitarist of Visual Rock-band AVALINITY, owner/designer of SophistiGance.
DIY ・Photography
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