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Would you date with someone with a bad reputation ?

Maybe, it really depends on what they did to get the bad reputation

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🦴💀⛓️ || What's the scariest setting for a horror movie, in your opinion? (Including but NOT limited to: hospitals, forests, amusement parks)

sirenic’s Profile Photo• . ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞AͨNͧGͭEͤL
Hospitals, I'm usually pretty good with handling things like gore but when it's in a medical setting 🤢 no thank you

Who is your favourite character from Stranger Things? (If you've watched the show)

I haven't watched it yet but I think Steve Harrington will end up being my favorite once I do watch it

If you could print any phrase on a T-shirt, what would it say?

"Pretty Good Job So Far" People would only get if they were in the dead by daylight community So it would encourage people with the same interest as me to talk to me

Do you like old series ?

Yeah I enjoy old series, I usually like older game series then I do older TV series but there are a few old TV series that I do like

Do you hide from the summer heat or enjoy it?

Hide, I don't like hot weather plus I'm super pale so if it's hot out it means I'm more likely to burn and I don't like having sunburns >~<


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