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What makes you uncomfortable?

From now on, I'm going to start blocking all these people who give out idiotic shoutouts. Known or Unknown! If someone I know gets blocked by such an action, refer to my Bio!

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Why you're so rude? 🙄

That's relative. But anyways, here's a message for y'all to read:
I leave this as a memory to you!
May my words help people find whatever answers they may want to find to some extent!
Take care and I'm sure there are plenty useful words on this account. Have fun and make the most of it! If you ever wanna see what's up, check social in bio!
Jazak'Allahu Khayran! Akhis & Ukhtis.

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How to fill the unexplainable void in life?

What I have experienced and seen in other people's lives is that,
The more one gets closer to Allah, the more of the unexplainable void in his life gets filled up!
We as according to our Fitrah, desire an all powerful God to believe in. And when we don't try to follow that God (Allah), we end up in the dilemmas of boys/men and girls/women of these days!
All we can do is to strive harder to practice more ukht!

What you want from this dunia?

alishazainab6’s Profile Photoگمنام ⚖️
What can one desire from this world? Its useless to desire here.
While I spend my hours in this world I would want Inner peace.
I would like to spread love.
And I desire an honorable death (preferably Shahadah), that is when my Rab will be satisfied from me. I wish he takes my soul back when I have the most minimal of, and lightest of sins. Better yet, may He lift me when I don't have any sins. 🙌🏼
Apologies if this was too long, but may The Almighty bless the reader! May he make it easy for us and grant us Goodness of Heart. ❤️

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My Eid has been ruined, thanks to- you guessed it right- a man!!!

May Allah restore your day. A Happy and full of Barakah Eidul-Ad'ha Mubarak to all of you and everyone!
Have a great time, may all your sacrifice/s, works and Just wishes be accepted. May the Almighty make you content and shower you with his gifts benevolently for indeed He is all Merciful and Benevolent. ❤️ #ItWasA'Shoutout

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Your favourite Profile on askfm?

I cannot recall, but I think I did find a really good profile here on Askfm. Unfortunately I don't remember it's name. Though I would like to interact more to find more interesting profiles.
You're all cool btw, we all have different ways of taking our pages, and I'm sure you know you're doing what's best according to you ❤️. May the Almighty make it easy for us and guide us! 🙌🏼

Say Something🌸

ayeshagulfaraz099136’s Profile PhotoAYESHA_Gul⚽
People want it easy. That's it!
It's never easy, it's not supposed to be. Unless you have worked for it, it's not easy!
Destroying is easy! Building, acquiring, creating, establishing, forming; sculpting, shaping, moulding, modelling; its all hard!
Get ease out of your mind, you won't live happily in this world in peace if you have a lazy mindset! You'll never be happy if you wish for ease and don't work for it...
Yar akk chuka hun, thak gya hun, aur abhi to mein jawan hun, amnay samnay milo to lag pta jaye tum logon ko!
Bs practically socho, mehnat kro, har chez mein, sun lo, har chez mein, koi option nahi hai otherwise! Khawab sjana chorr do agar unk liay kaam nahi krnay!
Khair, har insan wohi sunta hai jo woh deserve krta hai, aur jo insan jo deserve krta hai, woh har baat mein se wohi uthata hai jo woh deserve krta hai.
Hence, whatever that person's result is, it is well deserved!
Kuch arsay baad miltay hain agar Allah ne ijazat di to!
Allah sab k liay asani paida kre!
May Allah bless especially those who took the effort to read this far!
Assalam-o-Alaikum! ❤️🙌🏼

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What concern or message do you bear or have respectively, for those who interact with your profile?

To all of you, who do like my answers, though I don't know whether most of you appreciate the thought, emotion and mind power I put behind them by reading when liking them; I'll take a step and would like to believe that you do!
But it's my request to you, that please only like the answers or view my profile if you do it of your own will. I don't know if I deserve these influx of likes. So I have had a suspicion that someone has been giving shoutout of my profile to others without me knowing. Now that sounds absurd so I'd like to believe that's not true!
To all you lovely, brave and Ma-Shaa-Allah people, react to answers for the reason that you think the answer deserves it. Any other reason wouldn't respect the intention held behind the effort made on the answers! I hope you understand, and you can come question to question if you have any confusions.
Love you all, May Allah bless all those who read this far! ❤️

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