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Isn't it surprising that both of the Sono Hanabira Online podcasts are being resumed the same day that the new Star Wars movie comes out?

To say the least, it is an intriguing coincidence. As the live broadcast will begin at 9 PM Japan time that day, it remains to be seen how the audience numbers will be impacted.

If Nyuu Jene! use 1600*1200 artwork, why is the windows 1300*975?

The majority of displays have a maximum resolution of 1080p, which cannot display the artwork at the full resolution of 1600 x 1200. The default window size is approximately 1304 x 977, about 90% of 1080p, and the full screen resolution is 1440 x 1080. With default window size settings, Ren'Py will automatically scale the window size to a portion of the desktop resolution if the base resolution exceeds it. This results in a slightly sharper picture as artwork is downscaled to the smaller window size. The above-1080p resolution of the artwork is an additional benefit for users with displays that support such high resolutions.
However, should a user with a resolution greater than 1200p use full screen mode, the artwork will be stretched to match their current resolution as Ren'Py is incapable of changing display resolution. The primary benefit for such users is that scaling artifacts will be lessened due to the higher native resolution.

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How do you feel about the Nintendo Switch?

To date, the official promotional material for Nintendo Switch is focused on expected use cases, rather than any technical aspects. All information concerning specifications and upcoming titles currently being circulated is unverified by official sources, so I am hesitant to comment on them. My full thoughts on the potential success of Switch are pending the second presentation scheduled for 12 January 2017.
The single-screen form factor precludes functionally equivalent follow-ups to titles that made use of the two screens of the 3DS and Wii U. It would appear that universal portability for traditionally home console-quality experiences was chosen as its primary distinguishing feature from competing consoles, and the gaming possibilities afforded by a second display and resistive touch screen were seen as a necessary cost. One justification is that the atypical gameplay afforded by these technologies amounted to a small fraction of the total libraries of the current systems; indeed, many of the most successful titles on Wii U could theoretically be adapted to a single-screen format. While I believe the compromise of the secondary touch screen for portability was well-considered, it remains to be seen if was a wise one.

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I just finished watching Miya's YouTube debut. This got me wondering, is St. Michael going to make more YouTube videos about Miya? And (eventually) reaction videos that have Risa and Miya?

I cannot speculate on the schedules of St. Michael Girls' School or their affiliates, but more content featuring their characters in other media such as YouTube would not be amiss.

Hi Craig! I know English version of A Kiss for the Petals: The New Generation is not released yet but I couldn't resist :) Without spoiler - which couple is your favourite from the upcoming game? Thank you!

This question was answered previously: https://ask.fm/AXYPB/answers/133669116322
With that said, I am most interested in seeing the story of Hazuki and Manami continue. I find their characters to be the most entertaining of the initial six. At present, they are the only couple to have no drama CD or visual novel to follow the events of The New Generation.
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Will there be a sequel to Hanahira? Or maybe a side story for Makoto and Koharu?

Hanahira was launched in 2010 as an initiative by Fuguriya to release all-ages titles alongside their standard output in response to fan demand at the time for such products, especially from women. To date, the all-ages line includes only a visual novel, light novel, and YouTube series for Hanahira and a visual novel adaptation of Yuricycle, an all-ages story featuring Risa, Miya, Mai, Reo, and Satsuki, all from adult-oriented titles. From the lack of retail Hanahira releases in the all-ages line and the success of all-ages products featuring existing characters from adult works, it is safe to assume that fan interest in Hanahira is currently not high enough to warrant further works. However, the Hanahira visual novel and its characters were recognized by Fuguriya's Twitter account in May 2016 as part of their 10th anniversary celebration.

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I'm curious why they didn't make another Rikka x Sayuki game. Why is that the case?

I cannot speculate on the production schedules of St. Michael Girls' School or related companies.

How would you feel about a Sono Hanabira film being rated PG-13?

Assuming you are referring to a hypothetical animated film, I believe it has enough merit to justify an animated work without explicit content, but a single feature-length film may prove challenging due to the large amount of characters. An television ensemble series would be more appropriate, which would allow for potentially every character to date to be represented.

Why does every girl in the Sono Hanabira series (in any game for that matter) have to be naked when wearing an cooking apron?

The so-called "naked apron" is a very common sight in anime and manga as a form of fanservice. It originates in American pin-up posters that were carried by soldiers in World War II, which were then emulated by Japanese artists after the war. Being an adult-oriented series, it is natural for A Kiss For The Petals to employ it to a greater degree than would be permissible in most other works.

Is it possible for a Sono Hanabira game to be in a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio?

The artwork in A Kiss For The Petals is deliberately rendered in the standard 4:3 aspect ratio rather than widescreen as the more narrow canvas size is more accommodating to event images depicting romantic scenes with two characters on screen. Read more on this aspect of production on MangaGamer's blog at http://blog.mangagamer.org/2015/09/18/st-michael-girls-school-column-the-day-to-day-of-yuri-vol-2

I've been working on a Rikka x Sayuki story with a user on fanfiction, I've finished the first 4 chapters. I can send the rough drafts over to your email so that you can read for yourself if you want.

Please feel free to send fan works to petalsgarden@axypb.net. However, while I will make an effort to review them, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to provide feedback.

How would feel about A kiss for the petals game taking place in New York (overseas)

Though it has a strong link to St. Michael's facilities, they are not necessarily what gives A Kiss For The Petals its character. The supplementary material has expanded the story to settings far removed from the school, particularly in tropical regions. An excursion to another continent would not be without precedent.
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Can you use all of your miis or only the user mii in Mario Kart 8?

Any Mii character can be used in software that uses them as player avatars.

Is it possible for someone to make a plush version of the characters from a kiss for the petals?

Several items of fan-created physical merchandise are available for sale, notably from Kamibukuro Works https://kamibukuro-works.booth.pm/ . It is very possible for a fan creator to produce plush toys of the characters.

There is a line in the second game in which Sara references the death star. That got me thinking of the following question. Has Sara seen any of the seven Star Wars films?

The ubiquity of Star Wars around the world makes the possibility that all characters have seen all films a likely one, unless specifically stated otherwise in official material.

What are the best Wii U games to use the a kiss for the petals miis?

You may use them with any game that supports Mii characters.

Would it be fine if people give a shoutout to your website?

All websites may link to any page on Petals' Garden without prior consent.
Petals' Gardenはリンクフリーです。どのページへも自由にリンクしていただいて構いません。

Does the Japanese version of a kiss for the petals remembering how we met have the hentai scenes?

No version of Remembering How We Met contains explicit material. The original Japanese version was released for iOS and Android, and their respective markets prohibit adult content, although the romantic elements resulted in mature content ratings.

Who would you like to see in an another SonoHana- OVA?

I would like to see all characters included in a future animated adaptation.

Who is more spoiled Sara or Runa?

Runa has been shown to be capable of living independently, having built her personal fortune on her own and living without adult supervision for sustained periods of time. I would therefore answer that Sara is more spoiled as her agency has presumably assumed management of the majority of her finances for her entire career. Though she is known to demonstrate strong discipline in other areas, particularly her physical fitness, it is unclear if she could successfully sustain herself without her parents, her agency, or Kaede and her family.

Is there a way to purchase a SonoHana game without a credit card, since I don't have one?

Unfortunately, at present, the only way to purchase them without a credit card is in Japanese retail stores.

I think the only other two characters that have not been on reo ppoy radio are Rikka and Sayuki

Midorikawa Madoka (Rikka) and Sachi Yun (Sayuki) made guest appearances on episodes 98 and 99.

Same as the last two, but not as a fanfiction story, but instead as a YouTube web series.

I'm afraid I cannot provide counsel for fanfiction prospects, including video productions. I wish you luck on your endeavors.


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