Will there be a sequel to Hanahira? Or maybe a side story for Makoto and Koharu?

Hanahira was launched in 2010 as an initiative by Fuguriya to release all-ages titles alongside their standard output in response to fan demand at the time for such products, especially from women. To date, the all-ages line includes only a visual novel, light novel, and YouTube series for Hanahira and a visual novel adaptation of Yuricycle, an all-ages story featuring Risa, Miya, Mai, Reo, and Satsuki, all from adult-oriented titles. From the lack of retail Hanahira releases in the all-ages line and the success of all-ages products featuring existing characters from adult works, it is safe to assume that fan interest in Hanahira is currently not high enough to warrant further works. However, the Hanahira visual novel and its characters were recognized by Fuguriya's Twitter account in May 2016 as part of their 10th anniversary celebration.

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