How do you feel about the Nintendo Switch?

To date, the official promotional material for Nintendo Switch is focused on expected use cases, rather than any technical aspects. All information concerning specifications and upcoming titles currently being circulated is unverified by official sources, so I am hesitant to comment on them. My full thoughts on the potential success of Switch are pending the second presentation scheduled for 12 January 2017.
The single-screen form factor precludes functionally equivalent follow-ups to titles that made use of the two screens of the 3DS and Wii U. It would appear that universal portability for traditionally home console-quality experiences was chosen as its primary distinguishing feature from competing consoles, and the gaming possibilities afforded by a second display and resistive touch screen were seen as a necessary cost. One justification is that the atypical gameplay afforded by these technologies amounted to a small fraction of the total libraries of the current systems; indeed, many of the most successful titles on Wii U could theoretically be adapted to a single-screen format. While I believe the compromise of the secondary touch screen for portability was well-considered, it remains to be seen if was a wise one.

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