Tbh good lookin lady, met u few times an ur nice Brody black

Solid lol thanks Brody

tbh youre stunning and i love your hair!! sydney robinson

Thanks!! Same to you :)

Tbh - you seem nice but your BF Is a dick Kartik

Thx & nah, he's not just tries to act like one.

Thoughts on Hannah zimmer

She's a little bitch who asked for a tbh but didn't answer it so here it is

tbh don't know you but you seem nice seward_trey


Hay! 😡 were best friends ! 😉 Dylan Svendsen


@GingerWesson asks, “Are you a cat person or a dog person?"


tbh: don't think we've talked but you seem like a really sweet girl and you're so gorgeous ! I love your hair 😻 Lauren Rivera

Snap me anytime!! Thanks ❤️ you too!!

thoughts: tbh I don't know who you are. you're really pretty though. snap me sometime. Paris Holland


Tbh idk you but ur good lookin

Who dis?

tbh; you're so pretty & seem super nice :) Emma Rakimov

Thank you :)

Tbh good looking,nice an ur bf is cool:) an i heard you're switching your name to gabby😉 Brody black

I'm cooler & nah but you keep believing that 😋

That persons just jealous that your hairs down to your ass and beautiful

Thank you💗and I like it so idc

your hair looks like shit everyday

Haha it's literally natural everyday so idgaf lol

I haven't really talked to you but you're friends with Megan and you're gorgeous, you also seem super nice and fun to be around :) add me on snap if ya want Eve Truhn

What is it? And thanks!! Same to you :)

Thought: your a really nice person, and kinda funny👀 Tristin Gait

Haha thanks 😌

lol i got a new phone and wanted to surprise you

Haha I see. Snap me then

9.5! Amy Oakes

Thanks :)

so we can facetime..you'll see :)

If you don't have my number you probs don't need it ☺️

whats your facetime email/number?


Ur really beautiful😍

Haha thank you! Who's this?

Tbh I think you're gorgeous and result sweet and I think that you proably still hate me from old ass shit but that's chill

This is jaedan I'm guessing? But thank you and no I don't hate you lol I never have!

TBH-Your a nice person and you and tanner are pretty funny to watch sometimes. That better😏 Tristin Gait

Meh 😌 thx

TBH - English is a pain in my ass Tristin Gait

Great tbh

TBH- you're really sweet! happy we started talking a bit in bio and your spare! 😊 Kaitlyn

Me too!