Ask @Abd___:

tbh-abdullay tharki ,sangae? lulz! yaar ap bohat achy insaan hy *jhoot* 😂😂 jk you are too good ,its been a long time since we know eachother ,i like your company,you make people smile! that's the biggest gift you've got! stay same, stay blessed

haha nooray! thankyou, thankyou for everything you did for me. you were always there for me. you never left me alone balkay you helped me at every moment. you used to send me msgs for my ex or phir copy kr k mai usko bhejta tha. those long para msgs, those apologies, those pick-up lines.
in-short , I was nothing without you.
thanks! 😎
stay pretty, stay blessed. 😍😍🙈

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