Ask @AbdulRehman896:

If u had one day left to live, how would you live it?

I live like a young man ..💪
By helping some people i know it didn't help me but i have to do beacause there is no one after me to do it
I wanna sorry to all people whom i hurt and specially to that people whom i smash their feeling like a pieces of glass 😢😧
I wanna respect my parent but i dont have much time to it realize after time passes.some of people dont know the rank of their parents prayers 😵😭
Last thing i wanna do is to meet my crush one time after i get LATE with my name ...😇☺

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Late night thoughts?🌸

Create your way....
Let the people follow you
Be determined
And motivate yourself
If he/she can't do it i have to do it because i am not like them...😇☺
You are everything explore yourself and you found that other dont have because they fear to go where you are now..🙉
Do not listen to people because they always find a way to stop you to become you want...😦✌

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What is love?🙄 #staif

☆♡ H U M I I ♡☆
When you attracted by someone, Love is not only the word to be spoken its the word to express your feeling what you felt in other person if otherperson makes you feel that he/she really knew what you feel thats actually called LOVE
Nowadays there is no love there is fake people with fake feelings I really hate the people who love nowadays beacause everyone is using other as their sort of work or there is no Heer Ranjha stories nowaday there were the real love what thay actually did
where there is a love there is a life...😇☺
Love is an art which nobody can draw and there are very rare people who can feel it...❤
Stay blessed..✌

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