Ask @AbdullahKhouli:

I need advice! My crush said some pretty bad words to me, but later apologized when I called him out for it. I've been ignoring them since. should I forgive him?

If this was not the first time your crush did it, then you probably shouldn’t forgive him. He most likely will be more toxic to be around if you keep forgiving him and he will see it as more of a chance to take advantage of you. You might come across feelings of guilt if you ever end up ignoring him, and in that case it is up to whether you want to revoke the silent treatment. Otherwise, feel free to do what you wish.

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According to you, why do people love? Or fall in love?

There is a divide between love and romantic love. Love often comes in the form of relatives, friends, or family members loving each other. However, falling in love is often looked upon as a vague concept. There are many different main concepts that are responsible for the feelings that you might catch for another person, such as attraction due to looks or personality. Some people fall in love with others sometimes because they have no one to talk to or a person to be there for them, so they love that person because they find them to be just like them. These reasons, of course are few of the many reasons why falling in love is so widespread.

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