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2 Am Thoughts ??

The doors are open welcoming the winter air in the morning. I remember when our eyes met, how could i forget? Time erases everything, but you somehow managed to remain revelant. Maybe we never even met; we're just pigments in eachother's head.
But i quite clearly remember you came here on your own. It was a voluntary decision, and you felt at home. After you went through hell alone. I left the door wide open -
After the words i'd spoken. And the ghosts i've awoken and the sound of wolves in the closets howling and the mind parasites of the moon. I knew you were broken, and i just wanted to protect you. Be the shade to your vampiric ways.
The door was wide open, and you came here by your own. And all i said was welcome home.

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TBH: You're most handsome n unique of awl ❀ ur eyes shine like sunlight n ur lips like red colored rose..😍 n ur smile sparkles like the fourth of julyπŸ™ˆ n ur voice full of colours.. you're just Amazing n perfect! In short πŸ˜ƒ "Husan e janaan ki tareef mumkin nahi!" πŸ’•

| S H E H R E E N |
Uff Allah Itni Tareef .... 😍😍😘
Love You Sheri ❀❀

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