He ruined jon snow. 🙄

Roasted marshmallow
He should have been the king.
Just watched the finale. Have really mixed feelings rn.
The only thing i am angry about is that why did tyrion not tell everyone that jon is a targareyan and the rightful heir to the throne.
But still it was an OK ending to not the best series ever but the most popular series ever.
Long live Bran the Broken

For the love of God. Why would they ruin Jon's ruined life? He has suffered all his life. And now he goes north of the wall. Jon was the main damn character Wth.. And arya the real hero killed every single villain. And her fate is being pirate now

Exactly what i was thinking.
If they were not going to make jon the king then they should have atleast let danny live and jon could have been by her side or gotten married. Idk what the hell were the writers thnking. Atleast jon should have come out of being a bastard to a targareyan.
But still this made the ending a little bearable.

Nothing is bearable alright. Its hurting! 😡

The pain does get bearable in time.

The director should be buried north of the wall. And alive!

Its not the director only, the writters benniof and the other one should be sent to the giants and be torn apart by them. They don't deserve to be treated with burial.