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How much should beauty/good looks matter in a relationship?

She had the heart of an angel.
She loved him like none other.
He was her world, her everything.
But then reality kicked in
Another "she" came in.
She had the looks of a princess but heart of a tyrant.
He suffered a lot because he knew not the value of true love.
She stabbed him with reality knife and left him to die.
But then the "angel" came in and mended his wounds with her beautiful heart.
He now knew that beauty lies inside the heart.
And then he loved her like none other.

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What is true love?? Can anyone explain??

She was his sunshine
His moonlight
His go to person
And now he misses her like none other and it hurts when he thinks about her because he knows that he loved her truly like none other.
He knows there will be no love like hers but he is happy he had that.

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