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That’s awfully sexist :(

Yooo chill out everyone, stop judging me ffs, mazak tha yh bas and secondly, when a few of you shout slogans like "ALL men are dog", you don't mean that literally, do you? I don't think so because your father's a man too, same way, I was just metaphorically speaking, not in a literal way. Mera dil bohat sensitive hai, please stop fucking around me, let me live in peace.

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What did Haider do?

Nicest Person Ever (Bahi)
So I saw this video in which 15 year old haider with his pants on, is acting to fuck his pet cat. That video is a couple of years old and recently, when the news of a different cat whose organs were crushed, went viral, somebody who seems not to be a well-wisher of haider leaked his video, people started bashing haider assuming that he's the one who raped the cat, crushed its organs, etc. Well that's what I know, maybe I'm wrong, and no, I'm not defending haider in anyway, he's also an asshole.

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well! It's not really about giving tbh according to what you know about them. It's actually telling honestly about the first impression you had for that particular person or what you observed about that one.

Ohkayyy, then asking for "first impression" would've been more appropriate rather than tbh

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