Ask @Abraz_:

Okay seriously, I LOVE the way you insult people. I mean HILARIOUS yarr! I barely say this but all of those ''Izzats'' are being EPIC! Keep it up, Abraz 👍 P.S. That's a compliment so please meri izzat afzai na kar dena 😜

Well yeah! You diss, you get dissed! I'm a mirror, I reflect the behavior you have with me. I diss in a respectfully insulting way. :D Thank-you for the compliment, I appreciate it alot and yes, I won't diss you :D . Keep smiling! :)

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Story behind your dp?

mansi.. :)
Me and my homie @D@r!U$ were taking random shots during a bunk from every direction when suddenly this shot caught my attention. Since it was a stormy after-noon, it made this snap naturally dark and gloomy, this was exactly the kind of material I was searching for. All I had to do was add those penetrating red eyes and voila, my greatest Photograph. Thus, for the first time Abraz was revealed to the World. :D

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pahly English to shi boly jnb

ہادیہ خان
Glad tidings! I am honoured that you should present to me such an advice that shall favour me into the vast infinity of this exquisite realm that we unfittingly occupy to meet our unimportant needs and requests. Before your view of the idea of me acquiring the wisdom of such a wonderous language with triumph and grandeur, I was reduced to nothing more than an ignorant creature of the masses which dwelled meaninglessly in its own misery and abode for my unseeing pupils have widened to the shining and broadened fact that I was a worthless being with no knowledge or intellect upon any skill, let alone the grand skill of the tongue which guides to emotion and understanding of fellow creatures. I have repented from any and all flaw of the gone which has ended of my hideous past and embraced the beautiful path that you have imagined and restored for myself. I shall do all that which is required for me to become the neccessary character that you have willed in the excelled and exalted sphere of Western Literature. Undeed I was illiterate.
What I mean is "Okay, I will". Thank-you. :)

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