Ask @AbrilLopez7:

henlo there, April! :')) (btw. is that your real name? xD) how you're doing? I hope well, quite a time no hear :<

Hello how are you?!? if April is my real name xd. I'm very good thank you. I have not left for a long time. jijiji you know things about the school does not allow me to be in my social networks very active.
I hope you are well and thank you for your concerns 0w0 <3

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h o l y how can you draw so extremely good? and with so many details also! I'm jealous ;-; but I really like your art!🔥👀

Awww you make me blush!!! My draw's are so bad!! I need take a class ;-; .
Right now!!!.
I draw when i was 6 years old 0u0 <3
I like to see how people can draw me!!!
0u0 😻

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